DNP Steroid WARNING–Can It Really KILL You?

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As far as bodybuilding drugs go, DNP, which isn’t a steroid, is pretty controversial.

And that’s saying a lot, given the fact that steroids and substances used to bolster performance in athletics and bodybuilding are frowned upon and can get you banned from your sport.

But DNP has gained its reputation for another reason: it’s a very powerful fat burner.

Too powerful in fact—its strength is so high that it can actually kill you.

All drugs and steroids used to complement athletic performance come with some risk, but DNP goes above and beyond in this regard.

So is there any reason at all to use this compound? We’re going to go over it below and help you understand why you should stick with natural alternatives when it comes to fat burning.

Is DNP a Steroid?

Like we said above, DNP, also known as 2,4-Dinitrophenol, is not a steroid.

It’s an organic chemical compound that is unmatched in its ability to burn fat.

We’re not just saying that either: there’s no other drug on the planet that is known to burn fat as fast as DNP does.

For bodybuilders, this sounds like a dream for those cutting cycles where you need to cut down on the fat and tone up your muscle for that chiseled look.

However, it is very dangerous and illegal to use or purchase.

But it wasn’t always that way: DNP used to be a legitimate medication and was one of the first fat loss drugs to hit the market.

Of course, after its dangers became apparent, it was removed and made illegal in 1938.


You might think that because of its risk that no one is using DNP anymore, but some still seek it out online and use it for its extreme fat burning properties.

If you’re looking to buy the DNP drug, your only real option is online sources (BUT we highly recommend avoiding this drug at all costs).

Many sites that sell anabolic steroids will also have DNP for sale, but just like other sites similar to them, the quality and authenticity of their products can vary.

There are DNP 100 mg capsules and DNP 200 mg capsules out there, although price range depending on the supplier.

Just remember this: legitimate sources will never take PayPal.

They will also offer encryption, and likely be talked about in online bodybuilding communities.

If you’re going to buy DNP online, really do your research on the source. However, we highly suggest against purchasing it, as on top of the risks of online purchases, it’s a highly dangerous drug.

DNP Dangers

Some people get great results from the drug DNP: not everybody is going to die or be harmed using it.

But the risks are just too high.

As a fat loss agent, DNP increases the body’s internal temperature, which in turn boosts metabolism and fat loss.

Using DNP, some users on forums have reported losing up to a pound of body fat per day, which could translate into as much as twenty pounds of fat loss in just a few weeks.

This isn’t including other kinds of weight losses involved, such as water eight.

DNP is so strong, though, that its benefits quickly become its dangers.

As opposed to other drugs that promote fat loss, DNP actually directly burns body fat, leading to massive, but dangerous, losses in fat through high levels of lipolysis.

Some of the potential side effects of DNP include:


Fever, sweating, and flushed skin


Rapid breathing


Skin lesions

Nausea and vomiting


Damage to the heart or nervous system

Ultimately, the risk of death from the DNP drug is too high, as you risk increasing your internal body temperature to dangerously high levels that will kill you.

So what are the alternatives?

Natural Alternatives

The before and after DNP results for bodybuilding are what drive people to use it, but there are other ways to accelerate fat loss.

Clenbuterol is one such option, and another drug that can increase your body’s core temperature to boost its metabolism.

But even this synthetic drug is known to affect thyroid function and cause other side effects including jitteriness, headaches, and nausea.

Your best option is a natural alternative like Clenbutrol, which can also help you burn fat but in a safe, natural, legal way.

Clenbutrol Review

With a formulation of garcinia cambogia fruit, guarana seeds, with citrus aurantium peel, and vitamin B3, Clenbutrol increases your body’s internal temperature and boosts metabolism.

These bodily effects translate into an increased ability to burn fat for energy and promote an environment that opens up the door to a chiseled, lean physique.

With fat loss such a sought-after result for bodybuilders and so many synthetic drugs coming with unwanted side effects and dangers, opting for a natural supplement like Clenbutrol is your best bet.

Like you saw with DNP above, fat loss isn’t always positive, but using natural ingredients you can be sure that you’re losing weight at a natural pace and not putting yourself in danger.

And here’s the kicker: Clenbutrol also increases the flow of oxygen into your lungs, which increases your cardiovascular performance and gives you the ability to endure longer bodybuilding sessions.

All this without posing dangers to your body.

While not a steroid, DNP is still used by some bodybuilders to burn fat quickly.

However, we strongly suggest against its usage, as it’s essentially a poison.

Burning fat is one of the components of an effective cutting cycle, but burning fat to the degree that the so-called “DNP steroid” does is just unhealthy and leaves too much room for damage to your body.

Do yourself a favor: stick to safer synthetic fat loss drugs like Clenbuterol or, even better, invest in natural alternatives like Clenbutrol.

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