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Hi, after some on line research this compound peaked my interest and got some from my usual provider. As I don’t have the means to measure accurately the doses needed I went for the pellets instead of the powder form.

From my reading I came to the conclusion that the oral ROA is less desirable, mainly because of longer onset time, too long duration and possible heavy bodyload, nausea and such so my plan is using it nasally. I know binders on the pellet are not ideal but they are so tiny there’s not much of them.

So, here’s where I need advice from anyone experienced with the substance. My plan is to take it on a 10 hour techno event where I’ll be going on my own so no friends to look after me or to avoid me being punched in the face if I get to annoying, which I don’t tend to, but I don’t know the substance.

With 1P-LSD I don’t get the energy to dance, get tired quickly, music appreciation is nice but headspace gets confusing, duration is not enough and I am not in control that much, is DOC different in this aspect and a good alternative to it?

Any imput would be greatly appreciated.

I always take it orally, the duration is amazing. Peaking until 7-8 hours and then there’s a gradual transition into a peaceful and zen like state that is very nice, but still active. DOC keeps me going all day, it has like this almost manic push that makes everything incredibly enjoyable.

Not to mention the almost orgasmic bodyhigh that is especially present during the first half of the trip. I never had any problems with nausea or an annoying bodyload, but it’s hard to sit still and just chill. Although some magnesium and a vasodilator help quite a lot with that.

Personally, I think that DOC shines most when you take it when going on a big hike, because for the first few hours physical activity is needed because you’ll have quite a lot of excess energy. And the mental clarity, pleasurable bodyhigh and long duration makes it perfect for an activity like that.

I’m no big fan of taking psychedelics at raves, it’s OK but I feel you get so much more out of your day/night just going sober or on something else, and taking the psych another day. Anyway, DOC is easygoing, clearheaded and warm, but can be very intense, don’t let it fool you. Might not be the best idea to take it a rave first time 🙂

As for the duration, snorting it will only reduce the duration by a couple hours. If you want to fully experience DOC, take it somewhere in the morning of a beautiful day and go with the flow.

If you want energy and just a fun night dancing, maybe consider a stim, empathogen or a low dose of a fun disso. I know some people like tripping at raves, but it’s strange, you notice and feel everything, and you’re often too distracted to really get into the music.

Hey, thanks for the imput.

I’ve done low dose tryptamines at music events with great results but the duration is not enough.

Was considering taking 6-APB too since it lasts longer than MDMA but I’m really curious about DOC as I haven’t been able to test it yet. Will be having some ket for the tail end either way.

What’s your preferred dose for oral DOC? What about the comeup, how rough is it in your experience?

3 – 4 mg

Come up isn’t rough, very gradual, like all phenethylamines, maybe if you take 5+ mg which are high dosages, especially if you have no tolerance, don’t go that high on your first time.

My first time was 2.5 mg and it was an extremely euphoric and visual experience. If you really insist on taking DOC at the rave, don’t take more than 3 mg, and take it a couple of hours before leaving for the party. That would be what I’d do at least, it’s DOC, you’ll have a great time

The comeup from synthetic and cleanly extracted mescaline hcl is quite the rough one. I didnt find the comeup on 2ce to be very pleasant either. But, we are just talking personal experience here. Although, most seem to agree with me on mescaline. And, then again, not a lot of people have tried real, classic mescaline.

Edit: These days at least. Ik millions have tried it.

Come ups are rarely very pleasant, but I never experienced any nausea or panicky feelings on DOC. 2C-E is quite the same for me, it can take quite a long time to really get going. Never had mescaline though (soon, very soon…..)

My point was that the comeup is typically more stretched out and longer than say tryptamines, which makes for a smoother transition into the psychedelic state. There are for sure phenethylamines that can be rough bodywise.

I wouldn’t take a drug for the first time at a rave. You never know how you’re gonna react and shit might get weird. Especially since you don’t have a tripsitter.

Agreed to this..when I was younger I threw caution to the wind and dosed without a thought and looking back I was lucky that fate worked in my favor after many close calls. Nowadays I do quite a few test runs with a chem before I feel comfortable being in public

For the record, I have vaporized DOC in the past and I argue that although I do not know the damage, this is the ONLY way I would ever do DOC again, due to the heavy bodyload and nausea that others seem to have not experienced, but was pretty consistent with me across several batches. Onset is about 30 seconds and you peak within 45 minutes. Trip lasts about four to six hours.

Compulsive dosing won’t work. The tolerance hike is real with this one. You don’t go into a psy-think headspace though. It’s similar to an amphetamine-type high but with very strong visuals.

Edit: additional details

I’ve seen vaping DOC mentioned a few times recently. What doses have you used? Perhaps starting low and potentially titrating after 90 min might be a good approach.

This was in 2013 when I did this. I used one of those aluminum vape things that are for cannabis concentrate, you know, the ones that take the tiny jars at the very end as the bowl. I loaded up 1mg initially and almost vaped it all in one hit. I remember the taste distinctly reminded me of amphetamine. Nothing happened after about 15 seconds to a minute, so I loaded 2mg on top of that and hit it in one go with the torch. The onset is very sudden and strong, startling in my case (there were no reports of DOC being vaped at the time, only one of DOB, which was my inspiration) but more delayed than the onset of other vaporized substances.

Oh, sounds intriguing. I would have guessed that 1 mg would be a large dose vaped. If/when I first try this I will probably start at half that.

I haven’t tried DOC at all yet, but the duration makes vaped seem much more feasible for me. Eventually I’ll probably try both ROAs.

Thanks for getting back to me.

Give it a minute and thirty seconds or so to hit you. Maybe even a minute longer than that.

With the amount that I vaped that time, the visuals came on very strongly. It was 4am when I did this, and I was supposed to be getting ready for work, not researching. My uncle had just died a few days prior, and my first visual was the bottom half of my face growing intense facial hair and turning into the bottom half of his face while I was looking in the mirror. The OEVs and CEVs that followed that first one were unbelievable compared to oral dosing.

I fell asleep after about an hour, enjoying those CEVs, and when I arrived at work around 7am I was only mildly high and fully functional. I vaped about 2mg more that evening and deemed it a waste due to tolerance.

Absolutely. Enjoy!

Wow, it’s hard to imagine falling asleep after that! It seems like an impressively self-destructive decision to try it so close to work! (I’m not judging, just commenting. It’s not as if I haven’t ever made any self-destructive decisions.)

I’m thinking about giving this a try on a hike this summer at some point when the weather is nice and I have no tolerance. Perhaps I’ll use a pseudo-changa (or whatever the term for infusing it on plant material would be) so I don’t have to worry about dealing with a vaporizer on a trail with my likely sober friends!

I would make sure to set aside a good 30sec-15min in the porto-john with your favorite porntube. Trust me. I was feeling quite juicy on DOB if you know what i mean. Or find a nice person that doesnt mind a litral 5sec quickie.

5.5 mg oral lasts about 24 hours and 7.7 mg oral lasts about 36 hours, so dose accordingly. It’s remarkably clearheaded and safe so there’s not really anything to worry about. I don’t remember any nausea or body load on the comeup of DOC, but DOM sure does kick my ass on the comeup and DOB has a body load the entire trip.

People say lots of drugs last less time with snorting, but I never found that to be the case for 2C-E, 2C-T-2, and 5-MeO-MiPT. Boofing DOM and LSD were also the same as oral. I can’t snort blotters else I would try snorting DOM or LSD. I’m really just skeptical that snorting DOC increases potency and reduces duration based on my experience with other psychedelics. But hey, go for it man.

I dont think it does perse. It cuts comeup time for sure but the actual experience is shorter. Really it all depends on what you consider the beginning and end of the experience.

Intranasal administration removes the uncomfortable 1-2 hour comeup that unfortunately is very characteristic of DOC. It doesn’t have much effect on the trip once it’s started.

However, DOC is a very dense powder (at least in the form I’ve seen it), and even small variations in dose will have a significant impact on the effects. So I would be very careful going there, because that means you can’t dose volumetrically.

Just recently insufflated around 6mg. Really visual, everything melts inanother and very strong neon colors, but had still visuals even after 24h. For me clearly the DOx with the least bodyload. But DOM gives me more euphoria and more amphetamine like effects.

I think one problem might be, that if you have a slight drip, this will be like administering orally.

Thanks all for the advice and your unvaluable experience, I love this sub. The event is later this month so I still have time to think about it, I’m really tempted though!.

I do have a scale very similar to the one linked and it’s very nice but wouldn’t trust it in the sub 10mg range, the volumetric dosing in ethanol and evaporation method didn’t even cross my mind at the time of buying. Powder is cheaper by dose but it’s sold in bigger volumes and some pellets are cheaper, buying a lifetime supply without knowing if I like the chemical is too risky.

What about hidration, is it critical with DOC? Does it make it hard to urinate? Is drinking some alcohol, like a couple of mixed drinks or some beers with it too bad? Don’t think I’ll be jacking in a portapotty, sounds fun but I bet there are long queues waiting to use them and don’t want to piss people off. A partner for sex would be awesome but that’s not gonna happen either.

I have large exp with DOC and know quiet a few tried. Go low for time it’s prone to anxiety specially first times and has certain body load. I advise first at controlled and confortable setting, and 1.5mg to 2mg max and when already confortable 2nd trial got to 3mg. Have benzos, at least THC/CBd. Its nothing like lygergamides and 18-24h duration can be too demanding even though it’s not very psychedelic headspace.

Ok, quick update.

Some days ago I did an allergy test, scrapped one of the pellets with a blade, chopped and snorted the small amount. No adverse reaction was noted.

Today I felt adventurous and decided to take orally about half of that previously scrapped pellet. They are stated to be 2.5mg each so let’s say it was 1mg DOC.

What I got was threshold effects at best. No weird comeup, some mild moodlift and body high at first and physical stimulation that still lingers vaguely 12 hours later.

I’m starting to thing these pellets might be underdosed and that I sould have gotten the powder form.

What I learnt from the experience is that I must up the dose a lot to reach what people describes they achieve with this substance, a full pellet or even one and a half as there wasn’t the least sign of psychedelia with the amount I took today.

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