Does anyone know if flubromazolam, In the form of a pg based solution, is able to be vaporized with a vape pen?

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I was just wondering. Already made a 3 mg / ml solution , 7 ml in all, but I’m not sure if it’s actually vaporizing or if it’s burning or what. If so, what wattage is optimal for vaporizing it. I have ~500 mg or so left so I’m not too worried if that was a waste because that was actually the amount I ordered, this vendor just happens to be pretty damn generous and my powders have always arrived 50% overweight, and tablets have always arrived either twice or three times the potency they were supposed to be or there were loads extra.

It’s too bad this guy only sells benzos, because in my years spent ordering substances off the dark net, I’ve never encountered such a great vendor (on every level- the stealth is the best I have ever seen, it’s ACTUAL stealth in the truest sense of the term, the product (never had a bunk or even just mildly weak batch), the weight (never underweight, ever. In fact I read through all of his reviews on a certain market before it was permanently closed about a month ago (supposedly “transferring their services” to some other market or something, who knows) and the ones who decided to comment while leaving their feedback all said they got extras or it came very overweight), and his communication is CRAZY great for it being just one person (but as of recently, two; he hired someone to help him out) getting alll these orders ready to ship, and responding to buyers’ questions)

Anyway sorry for going off on a tangent, that dude is just great. So anyway has anyone had any luck vaporizing f-lam? I was under the impression that you can vape anything that is fully soluble in propylene glycol. But I’m thinking I might be wrong. Idk. Just want peoples experiences.

Also, if anyone knows the actual bioavailabilities for different routes of administration, that would be of great help. I’ve looked and I can’t find anything.

You won’t be able to dose accurately and you will surely end up in a blackout. I have yet to read a positive report on vaped benzos. Just stick to oral.

No idea if this chemical can be vaped this way but I’m curious how you did the math for your dose.

Orally this chem has a threshold dose of about .25 mg, so assuming that vaped threshold is near this (or maybe half) then you should try to figure out how much you’re vaping per hit in order to reach that dose.

I don’t know if it can be vaped, mine came in alcohol solution. Drink it. Best benzo out there lasts so long! Into the next day

Same with diclaz u just need to take a strong dose like 4 or 5mg. Fluaplrazolam makes my next day miserable and tired all day. I bought some flub and stashed it. Too powerful

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