Does the UK RC scene still exist anymore, or is it completely gone?

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I used to be into research chemicals, initially as legal alternatives to illegal drugs, but later developed an appreciation for the different chemicals and they’re different effects and uses. Anyway, since the Novel Psychoactive substances ban has made all research chemicals illegal (look up the law though, it is ridiculous. It makes anything that has a psychoactive effect that isn’t alcohol, tobacco or a listed medicine as illegal, but that’s beside the point), I am wondering if people in the UK are still able to use research chemicals illegally, or if the scene has completely died out now.

Not asking for sources, just curious if anyone from the UK know of people getting research chemicals and if the scene has just moved underground.

Not from the uk but I think you guys are forced to either try ordering of a international site or go on tor and find what they have there.

I’m assuming your aware of the blanket ban

I’m from Canada but had a real interest in the early days of the UK RC scene. I started out on the EDIT forums then they shut down due to too much heat with people talking about consuming the same products they were selling “not for human consumption”, went over to Champ Legals then he had to shut down because he was selling mephedrone on same site as the forum so we split off into Fuckled and I think Legal Highs Forum. I liked the Fuckled crowd more and we had an MSN messenger chat and we’d go on webcam, do drugs together online and chat shit literally for days fucked on mephedrone and GBL and MDPV and phenazepam etc. Those were the fucking days. It was so juvenile, but still amazing memories.

Most of us became heroin and cocaine addicts, but that window of time between 2008 to 2011 I’ll never forget. The UK RC scene was wild!

No ‘arm done.

Possession isn’t illegal, neither is selling and importing if it’s not for human consumption. Ordering from the eu is relatively safe, maybe someone will get in trouble soon but enforcement of the blanket ban seems minimal.

I understood the blanket ban meant selling is definitely illegal – obviously all legal UK vendors shut down on the day the law came into effect. i assume buying and possessing is also not legal?

“The act makes it an offence to produce, supply, offer to supply, possess with intent to supply, possess on custodial premises, import or export psychoactive substances; that is, any substance intended for human consumption that is capable of producing a psychoactive effect.”

It’s similar to the US analog act, which is effectively a ban on everything, but if it’s not being sold for human consumption it’s a grey area that is kinda tolerated or ignored. The same loop hole exists in the UK blanket ban.

“Snow Blow”, random cath shit sold on the streets. Had some furan some to me as MDMA once. Fake press RC benzos in pharma benzo outfits.

Then the odd committed true researcher who knows how to find what they want.

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