Does weed changes it’s properties after regular disso use?

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So as a lot of you may know, weed changes it’s effects for a lot of people after trying psychedelics. Would disso use change weed the same way the psychedelics changes it? What are your experiences?

Weed is mimetic of any drug you use regularly. I’ve even experienced “roll-like” experiences with weed shortly after using MDMA

If I do a psychedelic and then smoke weed the next day it’s like my high has a little bit of an LSD influence. Same with MDMA. I’d imagine diss drugs would do the same as ketamine is dissociative and I feel the ket in a similar way the next day if I smoke.

Yes I thought I was the metabolites still in my system and the weed just bringing out those feelings. For me marijuana increases my senses so yeah if I tripped yesterday I could still feel the acid when I smoked cuz the half life.

I’m aware taking a drug and then smoking doesn’t change THC in any way. But taking drugs can affect my high the next day.

Idk, thats what I always asked myself, here’s why: When I was like 16 and a DXM user every few months, 300-450mg on a lightweight dude and really had never panic or such when tripping on it with headphones on and enjoying making my own CEVs to the music. If it got overwhelmed I just could open my eyes and felt safe.

When I smoked weed I totally flipped out, my whole vision switched to something that felt soo fake and scary. Stupid paranoid thoughts “damn this is just movie and i’m not even the director just a remote-controlled actor..and my “friends” that are in front of me are just background actors too like they are not real humans.

Thank god it went away after months, I tried to realize that the more I’m reading about this and other stories, it just makes it worse. For me, the key was to just to stop thinking about it, dont read about it and try to accept it because I can’t change it anyway, and the more energy I put in it the more it will manifest/solidify. That’s just my personal opinion/theory and not advice.

Now was the whole thing because I just smoked too much, or/and was also a labile anxious type person (not too terrible like having to deal with panic attacks sober, more like always had issues with myself/dealing with others type shit.. idk in USA u would probably easily get diagnosed as GAD with it from what I’ve heard) I’ll never know the answer if DXM played a role, but other stories are always interesting to hear.

Yes labile people shouldn’t touch drugs in general, but well they are probably labile for a reason, or maybe don’t even realize how unstable they actually are, it’s a good advice but who really follows it, especially young people. Until they realize they made a mistake like in my case. I’m never touching weed again and strong psychedelics in general, because I know I got problems and have friends with psychosis and don’t ever want to be in their shoes or in my old few months worn shoes again. I must say I smoked too much because I was a dumb 16 year old idiot who was easily influenced by a general image of this drug, like in my subconscious I was probably influenced by all my surroundings, people smoking around me, media / rappers like bro weed is just so chill 420 type shit, so that of course also played a part.

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