DPT vape juice cartridge?

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So I’ve been considering following a DMT juice recipe (1g DMT: 1ml some kind of terpene stuff) but using DPT after freebasing it instead, and putting it into a quarts cartridge, any thoughts if it’ll work or not? From what I’ve read it should be vapeable, albeit supposedly with an awful taste. Sadly, I haven’t seen any posts that confirm if it works in pen form, so I’m a little hesitant to drop the cash into this project. Have any of you successfully done something like this? If not, are there some other tryptamine RCs that would work better for this purpose?

Yeah if you have the right mod it could work. If your properly dissolve the DPT salt the PG should allow it to be evenly distributed. I personally wouldn’t do this, but if you have enough to play with it would be cool to hear your results. You should heat the PG when dissolving the DPT it should help. Heat it by putting the salt and PG in a glass jar, placing that jar in a pot full of water over the stove.

DPT’s boiling point is ~387.4 degrees fahrenheit. DMT’s is ~332.1. This should work, however it’s best to get a variable temperature sub-ohm mod rather than a dab pen.

If you want to vape BT dosages, forget it.

Why? Already for DMT you need a very sophisticated setup to be able to vape enough to BT. But for DPT you need about 2-3times the dosages…

Just vape it in pure powder form, with an according atomizer (cup, donut, plate, …) or by direct e-mesh vaping. But freebase it first.

DPT is way less problematic to vape in pure form than DMT, as it doesn’t have the strong creep away effect. But it’s the ugliest taste wise…

From my research it seems to be a bit of unexplored ground. On one hand, I’ve heard that vaping DMT is the nicest intake experience. The taste will be bad but no where near as bad as the melted plastic scent of the plain DMT powder, and it’s convenient/discrete.

On the other hand I’ve heard it’s harder to accurately dose with a vape pen, and that it can be tougher to break through (or according to some impossible to break through at all).

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