Drostanolone Propionate 100mg Dosage Cycle To Get Lean & Ripped

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Drostanolone propionate 100mg tablets can certainly provide a number of attractions to bodybuilders and athletes.

However, before use, it pays to do some checking.

More commonly known as Masteron, the anabolic androgenic steroid is known by a number of names depending on country of origin.

Drostanolone is the base drug, while the propionate term defines modification by an ester.

It is manufactured from dihydrotestosterone, itself a metabolite of testosterone.

Drostanolone Propionate 100mg Benefits

Will 100 mg of Drostanolone propionate make much of a difference to a bodybuilder?

Yes, it can, but it must be used appropriately.

Drostanolone propionate 100 mg dosages for a beginner may be sufficient to produce results within a few weeks, depending on the individual.

Known by the brand name Masteron, the steroid is known to provide a number of benefits, especially during a cutting cycle.

It’s not rated as particularly strong as a bulking agent. Be aware that any benefits as well as side effects are closely associated with the quality of the product as well as the expertise of the manufacturer.

Drostanolone propionate has the potential (as an anabolic androgenic steroid), to:

Enhance strength

Improve endurance

Provide greater viscosity or hard appearance of muscle

It is not known to provide dramatic gains in lean muscle mass or to prevent cachexia or muscle wasting.

Masteron Enanthate VS Propionate

Technically, Masteron is actually only Drostanolone propionate and not Drostanolone enanthate.

But the name Masteron is established in bodybuilding communities, and Drostanolone enanthate is often referred to as Masteron enanthate.

In terms of the chemical composition, the difference between these two variants is exactly the same difference between testosterone enanthate and testosterone propionate.

An enanthate ester is attached to the basic structural hormone, which in this case is Drostanolone. This bond takes place at the 17 beta hydroxyl group.

Perhaps most relevant to bodybuilders, Drostanolone P. has a half-life of 2.5 days requiring more weekly injections. Drostanolone Enanthate has a half-life of 10 days.

Side Effects of 100 mg of Drostanolone Propionate

Drostanolone propionate is not reputed to be a relatively strong anabolic androgenic steroid, so 100 mg won’t typically contribute to any side effects. As dosages increase however, so too does the risk for developing side effects.

Just because a drug is not particularly known to aromatize or convert testosterone to estrogen doesn’t mean that it can’t, or won’t happen, because it does. Genetics, diet, age, and other factors can influence such activity.

Depending on other components mixed into a stack with Drostanolone propionate (100 mg or higher), an anti-estrogen drug may be incorporated into the stack to reduce the potential for estrogen-like side effects.

This is a matter of personal preference, results, and severity of side effects.

Usage by Women

Women are advised to use caution as Drostanolone propionate 100 mg or in higher dosages does have the potential for virilism.

Virilism (virilization) in women triggers male characteristics that include:

deeper voice

enlarged clitoris

growth of hair on the face or unusual places on the body

smaller breasts

disruption of menstrual cycles

complete cessation of menstruation

Some of the side effects of virilism in women are irreversible.

Such side effects can occur even at lower dosages, and the irreversible damage is possible even when the drug is discontinued at the earliest onset of negative side effects.

Cardiovascular Side Effects

As with any anabolic androgenic steroid, Drostanolone propionate can also contribute to cardiovascular issues.

High blood pressure and changing levels of cholesterol in the body can contribute to a condition known as atherosclerosis.

What results is narrowed arteries that increases the risk of clots, strokes, or heart attack.

Another common side effect of steroid use is suppression of endogenous or body-produced testosterone.

This triggers testicular atrophy or shrinking testicles because they are no longer manufacturing testosterone. Suppression can also lead to decreased sperm production, lower sperm quality, and negatively influence fertility.

Some side effects and adverse reactions can occur in individuals regardless of dosage.

Drostanolone Propionate Dosage

As mentioned, taken by itself and at the Drostanolone propionate 100 mg dosage, side effects are not typical. However, the higher the dosage, the increased risk of developing side effects.

On average, an experienced bodybuilder can inject anywhere from 100 mg to 400 mg of Drostanolone propionate strength solution per week. That breaks down to a 100 mg dose of Drostanolone propionate every other day.

Some bodybuilders decrease dosage to 50 mg daily to prevent side effects – with varying Masteron cycle results.

Women using Drostanolone are recommended to stick to a 50 mg per week dosage to reduce the potential for virilism. The 50 mg a week dosage is also divided into smaller injections every two to three days.

Where To Buy Drostanolone Propionate 100 mg

Drostanolone propionate (100 mg in a 2 mL solution) is no longer available as a prescription product. Therefore, those looking to use the steroid must look to underground labs and black-market resources.

Because the majority of Drostanolone propionate is manufactured on the black market, do be aware that counterfeit and contaminated or inaccurately measured product is rampant.

Plus, it’s easy today to manufacture labels so you can never be sure of what you’re getting.

A number of bodybuilding websites warn that a majority of the Masteron 100 mg product available today is fake, containing very little steroid of any kind. Buyers may end up getting a steroid they didn’t bargain – or pay – for.

Before turning to Drostanolone propionate 100 mg per milliliter product, proceed with caution.

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