Drugs to avoid?

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I had a 4-ho-met trip yesterday where I had very very violent thoughts. I realized how fucked my mind really is, and why sometimes I’m scared to look in the mirror. I still had a good time, but these thoughts were a bit troubling. Ik know not to ever take PCP, but is there other drugs I should avoid? I think on psychedelics I’m ok, cause I’m in control of my actions.

And before anyone asks, I’ll talk to my therapist about this. I’ve always known I’ve had a violent side, I just have never actually been violent

I think your mistaking some weird ideas you had on trips and think they are somehow appart of you.

We all have weird even violent thoughts even when sober. The difference between that is someone who wants to act on these things is your well aware that its wrong and not a positive thing soo with that in mind choose not to act on it plain and simple and your not that. Best of luck the human brain can be a hard hurtle to get over but we all can!

“Half of the time that we believe we are thinking, we are actually listening”-Terrance McKenna…..Brain/conciousness=Generator & reciever of “thoughts”

I am assuming none of the 93 upvotes have ever delt with prisoners that have psychological issues? All they did was think about an action until the one time they acted….

Edit: would you would let your child around someone that has only THOUGHT about molesting a child?

PCP isnt like you think from the media. If you are having weird/ violent thoughts though you might want to stay away from most drugs, especially psychedelics and dissociatives.

Intrusive thoughts bro, a lot of people have them, it’s normal. Think of the mind as a radio antenna, picks up signals from anything broadcasting. Think of all the violent media society is constantly broadcasting, though TV, games, ads, etc. Think of our own repressed animal urges. It’s no wonder some have these crazy thoughts pop in from time to time. Doesn’t mean there is something wrong with you or that you’re a bad person, just obviously dont ever act on them.

I realized this instinctively at a young age before social media exploded. I lost all desire to consume TV, movies, mainstream media, popular music, and video games when I was about 20– not coincidentally the period of my life where I explored a lot of psychedelics. I didn’t view it as a spiritual decision at the time, more of a disgust reflex, but now in hindsight I realize it very much was.

Whatever you let in will become a part of you whether you desire it to or not. If you write things down you don’t believe you will eventually start to believe them. This was a technique used by the communists on American POWs in Vietnam to great effectiveness.

Well if you’ve never had self control problems, then it really does not matter how agressive you may be. You can absoulutely try pcp if you were to start low and have the mindset that you’re in controll. I don’t however belive that you are a agressive person, just that you see yourself as too agressive

If you think you’re safe with psychedelics you are sadly mistaken. I’m not gonna try and change your mind but I can guarantee you are not one of a kind.

Like others have already said, intrusive thoughts while tripping is a hell of a thing. It doesn’t look like anyone gave you a straight answer so I’ll give it a shot. This is all IMO

Any deliriant (DPH, Datura, etc)

DXM shows some signs of deliriant like hallucinations but it’s not a for sure thing, still best to be avoided

Most RC dissociative should be avoided as your response to them isn’t all that consistent person to person, I would think that things such as ketamine would be okay at COMMON doses

For psychedelics avoid high doses, it is rare for people to have violent responses and it is easily avoided by staying within common doses

Stims and benzos would be fine but binges and long term chronic use should be avoided even more (benzo blackouts, stim psychosis)

Most if not all RC should be looked at with skepticism due to the lack of information on them, if used stay within common doses.

Realistically, you were tripping and had an intrusive thought, but if you’re genuinely worried about having a violent response on a drug stick to common/low doses. Stay safe

Careful on the laxatives

Go easy on yourself

Don’t be worrying too much about the mad shit you think about when you take drugs, you’re on drugs FFS, chill, it’s just your mind fucking with you, fuck with it back and refuse to listen to anything but positive thoughts next time consciously, knowingly tell it to fuck off, laugh at it, make fun of it, call it an idiot for thinking like that, don’t let that bastard get one over on you.

Someone in my building threw bikes, slammed windows and doors and eventually threatened worried fellow tenants with knives held between his fingers like Wolverine. He then tried to break down the door to come at us when we fled. He’s stated he only had alcohol and has been living here for over four years without any sign of trouble.

OP, please verify with your therapist that these thoughts are likely intrusive and not something you would act upon before having high doses of drugs. All it takes is one incident.

I get what you’re trying to say, but the problem is the demonization of the male instinct in society has made it so many can’t control it because they don’t understand it. Aggression can be a virtue when it comes to things like business negotiation or defending yourself or your family. But without a strong moral and ethical grounding there are nearly infinite opportunities for it to be a vice.

Honestly, this sounds like a not abnormal reaction to psychedelics, but I also personally notice the psylocibin analogues give me weirder thoughts, actions, or side effects than lysergamides. If I take shrooms, I usually go unresponsive with no memory multiple points in the trip. 4-AcO-DMT didn’t do that to me, in fact, that was how I figured out I was doing that on shrooms, because I would tell my friend, “At this point, if I were on shrooms, I’d blackout right now.” However, at the end of the trip, there was this huge body load, and my heart felt very heavy and strained. I’ve never had things like that on any lysergamides. So you might just not tolerate it well, but it doesn’t sound too abnormal.

That said, I always tell people to avoid ETH-LAD. My friend took two tabs and went into serotonin syndrome, and she did not have any other psychoactive drugs that night. I’ve read a few other reports of bad reactions on ETH-LAD. I also took it a few times before her, same batch too, and they were some of the best trips I had. However, I won’t take it ever again because of her. So, maybe be cautious with that one if you feel like you have violent thoughts on psychedelics.

It was more of a joke in response to the post title (big pharma = bad). I didn’t mean for it to come off flippant. My apologies.

And yeah, I know very well that Prozac can increase chances of mania.

Have you any experiences with RCs that alleviate depressive episodes or depression generally?

As other people said, you are not your thoughts. It’s just a hard thing to control and you don’t wanna drive yourself crazy trying.

That being said, as others said pcp isn’t like it’s portrayed in the media but dissos can get manic easily. I had a very dark time in my life where suicide kept crossing my mind and I was fucking around with all sorts of drugs because I kind of gave up. One night took way too much 3 meo pcp and overdosed, tried to kill myself and ended up in the hospital for nearly a week

if you aren’t in a good mind state, I’d stay away from it. My case was extreme but it’s a powerful drug, really anything unrelated can be easy to fuck up with. If you aren’t in a good state of mind to begin with, talk to someone and put the drugs down until you figure shit out.

I’ve accepted in gonna use my whole life, but knowing when to take a break is a beautiful thing.

Noids from what I hear (other people I have met warned me against them).

You really shouldn’t be too hard on yourself. I think violent thoughts are a really common thing. Not healthy at all. But not something to be scared of. That’s just my opinion. These thoughts are just symptoms of overwhelming anger and are usually a result of trauma from when you were a child. You shouldn’t feel guilty, they’re your personal thoughts. You’re not acting on them.

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