Dwayne Johnson Steroids–Is The Rock Natural?

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Did the rock use steroids?

Two years ago, Dwayne Johnson confessed to using them at age 18 to combat chronic depression.

More recently, however, all of the indications are that Dwayne (the Rock) Johnson steroids use ceased in his teens.

He has continued to deny the use throughout his awesome wrestling career that segued into a TV movie acting bonanza.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is the biggest action movie star of America’s current generation and a WWE legend.

His struggles and triumphs on his road climbing the athletic and acting road’s rocky terrain to get to the industry’s mountain top are well-documented.

Dwayne Johnson The Rock Steroids

Dwayne Johnson supplements and rumors of the rock steroids are sadly fodder to the youngsters who are fans following his workouts, exercise feats and acting stunts with hero worship.

However, in his interviews he insists rumors of Dwayne Johnson steroids are all fallacy – a lie.

Critics and body building experts often insist that Johnson’s amazing body measurements are the results of several steroid compounds.

Of which those soothsayers even name as being part of Dwayne Johnson’s “twenty-cycle” in which he regulates his performance enhancing drugs.

However, in a time and industry wherein he is no longer competing on a national or international level, it defies logic that Johnson would fraudulently deny such use, when he is now a private professional actor.

It is to the actor/athlete’s credit that he even wonders if they actually do have beneficial effects, and continues insisting he is steroid free. This is a bolster to the youth wanting to be like Johnson.

The scientific community has declared steroid use, particularly long term dependency, as being devastating to the human body as a whole, contributing to severe illness and even death.

Usually celebrities are caught with the the compounds in their system before they make a statement either denying or pleading guilty.

The world of acting and professional athletes is bettered by those who will emphatically deny dependence and even discredit their benefits.

Steroid Use Dangerous Side Effects

Many medical institutions such as Mayo Clinic and university research clinics have described many side effects to even short term steroid use.

The longer term of a person’s use to promote growth of muscle and tissue, the more likely he is to suffer side effects of wide reach and destruction:

Mental and emotional confusion and aggressive behavior

Muscle tensions and difficulty managing required exercises

Digestive disorders

Cardio disorders and heart issues requiring treatment and control

Loss of weight control and requirement for constant body building exercise

Steroids are often prescribed to combat inflammatory diseases of the lungs and limb joints; the abusive use for body muscle can cause irreparable lung and limb inflammation without relief.

Dwayne Johnson even took steroids for depression. The FDA recently issued warnings regarding consumption of products advertised as for body building and labeled to contain the drugs themselves.


The warnings list liver damage and pancreatic dysfunction.

They also may cause the the shrinkage of testes/male infertility in men, female masculinity in women and male breast development in children.

In addition, they may cause other serious long-term adverse health consequences in men, women, and children.

Shrinkage of the testes and male infertility

Shortness in growth of children

Adverse effect on blood lipid levels

Increased risk of heart attack and strokes

Addiction and Treatment

One of the strongest reasons men and women will continue using steroids even when endangering their lives and careers is they feel very good about themselves while on them.

In the effort to quit, as with other addictions, emotional collapse and depression usually hampers the rehabilitation.

Relatives and close friends can assist in the rehab of steroid addiction by being responsive and also being cognizant that the depression can lead to suicide if untreated.

There are medications and therapies to counter the suffering while rehabbing yourself. It is imperative that these avenues be part of the recovery process.

If you or a loved one is fighting steroid use, or if they are using it without admitting the danger it represents, you can contact helpful sources in major hospital clinics and addiction centers.

They can help you help yourself, and assist your loved one in following the lead of professionals such as Dwayne Johnson (the Rock) steroids avoidance, who still stands by his declaration that he does not use performance enhancing drugs and does not even believe in them.

his is creditable, because the rock on steroids would be earth shaking! Helpline Centers are located across the USA and specialize particularly in addiction rehabilitation.

Their website contains valuable information for the sufferer and family alike. Avail yourself of that information before you let another day of drug abuse threaten your life or that of a loved one.

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