Ears bleed after snorting RC’s

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Hello everyone, this is my first post in this subreddit and i would like to ask if someone ever experienced this.

So the Case is, a friend and me ordered some 4F-MPH and 3-FPM which came on Tuesday, we met on Wednesday and testet the stuff. Everything seems like it was the RCs we ordered. It was my first experience with RCs & My dumbass snorted everyday since then but never more than common doses, no mixtures and i was able to sleep , eat and get my shit done. Today i snorted 40 mg of the 4H-MPH , 10 of the 3-FPM and 10mg “normal” methylphenidate. Since a few Hours i got this awkward feeling in my ears and sometimes it hurts a little little bit. So i looked, and there’s blood, in both ears. I’m reading confusing stuff in the Internet so i thought i try it here. And yes, if this dont stop i definitely go to a doctor.

My main Question is , can this happens from Snorting drugs in generally? I also had to sneeze everytime i snorted the RCs but this never happened before with other Drugs. Maybe the blood come from building up pressure in my ears by holding my nose when i sneeze? I’m confused.

EDIT: I thank all of you guys for your answers. Helped me a lot. I definitely have to look for a other consuming form!

Yes damage can be caused to the ears when snorted. Ear nose and throat are all connected in quite an incredible way. Makes since, might be wise to not snort anymore

Dude I know how much fun snorting shit is, used to be my go to until I developed a deviated septum, that surgery and recovery was FUCKED. Never wanting to go through that again so now I stick to oral or sublingual

200% worth the surgery but it was hell, it was mostly recovery from it as my nose had stints and scans and funk blocking me from breather out of my nose whatsoever. For two days I could not properly breath at all through my nose which if you ever tried is hell. Lips were chapped, impossible to eat/swallow. Overall a very gross and not fun recovery but being able to breath through both nostrils is a million times better in the long run

Drugs like 3-fpm are extremely caustic and this could’ve cause your ear drum to become slightly perforated. You should see a doctor regardless because if it becomes infected you could potentially lose hearing.

Are you scratching / putting your fingers in your ears because they hurt? You could have scratched/scabbed your ears, and are bleeding because of that.

No, ive done it with some tiny clear stab and was carefully af when i did it. Washed out with water after but it feels like it keeps on bleeding. (Not completely out of my ear but it’s definitely there)

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