EiPLA, There Might be Something There

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Hey guys, this is my first ‘trip report’ if you will, but as I have noticed throughout my first investigation of EiPLA, I have found the experience less of a trip per say, but much rather a similar experience to MiPLA. If you havent tried MiPLA, I suggest giving it a go. EiPLA has not had many, if any, trip reports posted to this subreddit and I feel it is my responsibility to update you guys on characteristics and aspects of this substance that might explain that. I had one tab, roughly 200 micrograms of material.

EiPLA, like MiPLA, has a short duration of action, which I estimate to be around 5-7 hours in length.

It has a quick onset, where I noticed effects and triggers manifesting at around fifteen minutes after ingesting, and a come up that lasted roughly an hour or so before ‘relaxing’ into a peak.

The similarities between this compound and MiPLA are quite apparent, with few psychedelic distortions that I had to focus on in order to notice.

I felt my heartrate elevate during the come up, yet relax once I felt a similar sensation I had before with its sister compound, a slight stimulation and pins and needles sensation that was sharp, yet pleasurable and warm.

Overall though, I feel it also shares the low potency aspect of MiPLA as well. While I was able to ascertain the effects for sure, they weren’t intense in any sense of the word. Very subtle, yet pleasurable. I think more experiments could be done, but I could see how it would be disappointing to other researchers. Thank you, if y’all have any other questions, feel free to ask! Happy researching!

Edit: grammar mistakes lmao

interesting. So even at 200ug it isn’t stronger than MiPLA? How’s the headspace? Thank you for the report

Headspace is very light, I normally have some apprehension on the come up but this was exceptionally easy. My breathing exercises I use to calm down were easy, and overall I just felt quite optimistic. It was something that I could easily do in a setting with other people, in my opinion.

Thanks for the report. How would you compare 200ug of EiPLA to 100ug of 1P-LSD, in terms of intensity and ‘magic’? Haven’t had the opportunity to try MiPLA either unfortunately.

Sadly, I havent gone that high with 1P-LSD, as I tend to like psychedelic experiences that are subtle and chill, which I find difficult on 1P. So it seems we’re on opposite ends of the spectrum lmao.

However, in comparison to my 50 microgram experiment with 1P, I found this to be of a comparable level of wonder and ‘magic’ if you will. Couldn’t stop laughing at some points, and I enjoyed watching documentaries to a degree I normally dont.

To be quite honest, I didnt find many differences between 1A and 1P, while 1P was slightly sharper it was barely so for me. So I dont believe it’s more intense than other lysergamides, but that’s also the differences between our metabolisms most likely.

The one thing I can attest about this compound other than the information I posted above, while the main peak I found was quite short, as well as the come up, the come down takes seemingly forever. I took it early in the morning, and while the main effects have definitely worn off, I find that this lingers a lot more than MiPLA.

I’ve heard that quite frequently. To be fair, I dont think I’m experienced enough with all the lysergamides to be an expert in their subjective feel, my major mojo are basic tryptamines, 4 subs, and dissos more than anything.

It is wild that we can have such different reactions to these drugs, and our metabolisms can make those experiences so different. I love that about psychedelics in particular.

I’d say the isopropyl substitution makes it similar to MiPLA, but not quite. It had some notable differences, it wasn’t quite as good at producing CEV, yet it did do slightly better at giving me OEVs than MiPLA. MiPLA also lasted a little bit shorter, I would probably say EiPLA is a bit in between LSD and MiPLA in that regard.

I have not tried LSA, but I probably would describe them as similar, to a degree.To my knowledge, LSA tends to put someone in a sedated, tired mood while this was quite stimulating. I felt like dancing, and had a bit of a sesh in the shower, when I’ve heard that LSA has a tendency to couch lock the user if anything.

In that regard, I wouldn’t state they’re similar, however they do share the similarity of having a headspace without as many visuals. The headspace of EiPLA is quite light, I didnt have a whole lot of anxiety on the come up in comparison to other psychedelics. However, I had some notable anxiety after the fact, and the anxiety and physical effects of it seem to stay a lot longer than the visuals to any degree. It also didnt feel in any way that my thoughts were ‘meaningful,’ if that makes sense of course.

It also displayed short bursts where my thought processes would change, where occasionally I would have moments where I felt like I really wanted to do something physical like cleaning or dancing, and other bursts where I just felt like taking a nap. That also could have been the fact I had been tripping for a few hours and hadnt slept amazing the night before, so I cant say for sure.

It also was also a tad shorter than LSA if I’m going off a description of it, otherwise they are kind of similar to an extent.

I tend to. I find it as something that’s fun for just having a chill day, and it’s got the distinct lysergamide feel without lasting too long. However, because it has so few visuals, on the come down it’s kind of difficult to tell whether I’m 100% sober and I dont like that aspect of it. Otherwise, I quite enjoy it, and while I normally plan out my trips ahead of time, I’ll oftentimes just pop a tab of MiPLA to make the night interesting.

That’s the best way to describe it. I’m gonna have to do it a few more times, it’s kind of difficult to discern. I might have felt anxiety towards the end due to some external factors, and I also tend to do my psychedelics in combo with a dissociative which helps. I might give it a trial with some DXM, as I’m receiving some powdered form of it soon and a favorite combo I had with it was two tabs of MiPLA and 700mg of DXM. If EiPLA lasts longer, it might be better suited as they’ll both peak at the same time.

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