Ejoying clonazolam for the first time! (Trip report-ish post)

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Some time ago I got my order and immediately made a solution for volumetric dosing. I didn’t start experimenting yet because I wanted to do some more research before trying it, I’m glad I did!

So today is the day!

I took my first dose (160-ish ug (or 0.65ml of 200ug/ml)) at 19:00.

T+0.45: Enjoying a nice buzz, visually somewhat the same as alcohol but only when moving my head. My body feels nice and relaxed but at the same time not really heavy. I’m watching some dutch cabaret on netflix and really enjoying myself.

I’ll report back in about an hour or so

T+1.50: Pretty much the same but a little more intense. I noticed i started typing way slower and making more mistakes, this drug defenately taking it’s time but i like it, it’s not immediately in your face.

I’ll report back when something changes

T+ 3.30 Smoked a joint with a friend while going for a walk, enjoyed weed more than normally.

T+ about a day As you might have guessed nothing really changed. Went to sleep at a reasonable time and woke up slightly confused after sleeping for about 9 hours. Had a productive study session today!

Had an enjoyable experience, don’t think i’m taking anything more than 250ug anytime soon, but might try it again this weekend.

Here’s my trip report with clonazolam. T 0:00 Ingested .5mg clonazolam. Passed out. T 3:00 Woke up a few hours later, slurring my words and stumbling when I got up. Fun.

Use it sparingly and with as much caution as possible. Be prepared to have a hefty tolerance to all benzos for a few days after each use. The possibility for significant wd effects with a single use is real, 3 seizures in my small group of benzo using friends. 2 of which had never had any physical wd effects from any benzo use prior. The potent binding affinity to gaba receptors is not an exaggeration. In reports from its initial testing done years ago pharmacologists kept it from the market for this reason. I get shit for sharing this all the time because yes it’s an effective and potent long lasting benzo, but it has a real dark side if you don’t use diligence.

Yes. Withdrawal effects are almost impossible to avoid, most are going to be mental such as rebound anxiety, but it is possible to have a seizure after a single use, I had read it was possible and thought I understood benzo wd pretty well but a friend of mine had a seizure after using it twice with very little prior benzo use. I had multiple seizures coming off of c lam but I had extensive benzo abuse in my past so I’m not the best control group. I’m not at all against drug use just really want to stress how strong this benzo is in comparison to even other very long lasting benzos.

Diclazepam is my favorite rc benzo because it is nearly identical to diazepam and is very effective as well as controllable. It and etizolam are probably the most manageable to use as needed.

Flubromazepam is probably my favorite all time rc benzo but it’s hard to find anymore flubromazolam is a completely different animal – insanely hypnotic and long lasting but still less potent than c lam.

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