Ephylone (N-ethylpentylone, bk-EBDP) 1st Pass Vape Test

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I had a dream last night, it went something like this:

Before conducting the experiment on N-ethypentylone (bk-EBDP, ephylone) the oil burner was torched to a red glow to remove any possible carbonized methamphetamine residue. Both parties have a stimulant tolerance due to consuming app 100mg ea MDMA 6 nights prior to the ephylone, and some methamphetamine 3-5 nights prior (more on this in retrospect below). Both parties have been sober and refueling/resting for the previous 48 hours.

06:51pm (+00:00) ~ To a 19mg crystal of bk-EBDP, two drops of a 86% VG / 14% PG / 6mg nicotine solution (M3 from northland vapor) were added to facilitate vaporization, & reduce possible burning (as well as improve flavor) of the compound. Preloaded the experience with some music: Bassnectar – Reflective, Pt. 4. A regular lighter was held low beneath the oil burner & at first the crystal did not react but some smoke was slowly forming in the OB. The lighter was raised a little higher so the solution started to bubble, at which point the crystal rapidly dissolved into solution. Upon 1st inhalation an immediate +1 was observed, I could feel an instant hyperactivity as well as a slightly increased heart rate. 3 or 4 more inhalations were taken from which no further discernible change in consciousness was observed so the OB was passed to my wife. She took one nice inhalation. I asked if she noticed any immediate effects to which she commented, “No, not really.” Then less than a minute latter she commented, “Well the lights ARE a little more interesting.” I look up to my ceiling where there are various trippy lasers & swirling lights projected & I see what she means. A smile immediately permeates across my face!

07:05pm (+00:14) ~ Serotonergic activity is observed in both myself & my wife. There is a slight fuzziness under my eyes & across my jaw to my temples. I notice a definte increase in bruxism, it is not extreme in any measure but present none-the-less.

07:08pm (+00:17) ~ Since the cat has decided to catch a very curious interest in the OB & there is still a sizeable puddle of amber muck in it, I decide to take a few more hits. After 2-3 mild hits not much is happening re: the puddle of muck so I move the lighter slightly closer to which it immediately goes black. The black hit is a burnt throat hit but produces an instant boost to the stimulation & slightly unfocused vision present. Bassnectar is over & the next album in the que is Shy Fx – Raggamuffin Soundtape. I nudge my wife who is falling back asleep & ask if she would like another hit. She says sure so I warn her it might be burnt & she takes a mild hit which she replied that it didn’t taste burnt so although the puddle is now a very black blob in the bottom of the OB I do take another hit & she is correct it just tastes like the ephylone with a mild menthol characteristic from the vape juice, it does not have that burnt charcoal taste of my previous hit.

07:23pm (+00:32) ~ I ask my wife how she is doing & she says she knows it’s supposed to be more stimulating yet her eyelids feel heavy & she feels really dreamy & the lights are definetely looking better. I am also experiencing the heaviness, a slight rolling if you will similar to a low dose of MDMA. There is really mild bruxism & nystagmus present but nothing in the way of that induced by MDMA. I attempt to go for the OB again but really I just want to close my eyes & breath to the Shy FX. It feels good & there are slight chills rolling over me. I’d give it a +2 at this point.

07:30pm (+00:39) ~ I lay down with my eyes closed & Shy FX is causing some really nice chills to push through my body. Music appreciation is definitely enhanced at this point. The bruxism & slight serotonergic face fuzz has decreased slightly but seems to pick back up if I sit up & try to do anything like type. This is furthur impeded by our methcat (she’s a tweak freak) who is starring at us both & seems to want in on the action as she is now climbing on my wife. This is the only meth-cat-i-own, she was rescued a few months ago from my neighbors who were raided & carted off to jail for robbing a bunch of stores at gun point & during the raid the police brought out a coffee table full of syringes, heroin, & methamphetamine & commented, “Watch out for the junkie booby trap!” as they laughed & carried the table past us. She adopted the moniker methcat due to her previous owners known predilections as well as the fact that she is a fiend for plastic baggies & wrappers. She will scurry around the house picking up any plastic bags lying about & we constantly have to combat her digging plastic out of the garbage & chewing on it. We assume this fetish came from eating the residual left over meth in baggies at her previous owner’s apartment, but we can only assume. She did also eat a piece of tinsel after Christmas which we latter found up wrapped in her feces to which my wife replied, “What a party pooper!” But I digress, I feel very nice, a constant +2 yet I do crave something more.

07:44pm (+00:53) ~ Thoughts are slightly scattered, feeling stoned though I haven’t smoked anything containing THC. I had to ask my wife a few minutes ago to produce the word “fetish” because I could not for the life of me think of that word. It came easy to her but I am struggling with language a little. I decide to try to knock out this bowl, or try to at least get the most out of what is left in the OB before it is rendered a useless, burnt piece of trash. Having little luck I switch to a single flame torch & the music is now on Seven Lions – Ophelia Volume 1. The torch is only a little more effective for me against the black dot in the OB but I do get one final, tiny hit which tastes like ephylone. I pass it to my wife who tries to get a hit & replies, “No, it tastes like a grill.” So it looks like this is the end, not sure if we will redose yet on this particular report.

08:05pm (+01:14) ~ The nystagmus & bruxism have almost faded to nothing at this point. There is still some residual fuzziness under the eyes & across the top jaw to the temples. Laying on the bed I alternate between eyes open watching the light show on my ceiling & closing my eyes & just enjoying the music. My eyes definitely want to remain closed to which I feel a cool, calm contentedness with slightly cool palms & some chills in my body. Every time I pull a hit off my modbox & exhale I get a renewed chill as well as when I sit up to type. Motion seems to greatly exacerbate the chills & they feel very welcomed & make me smile. I can’t imagine being on the dance floor due to the heavy sedated nature we are both experiencing but moving about does greatly enhance the peripheral effects of the compound. I don’t have the energy to get up & dance or anything but bobbing around on the bed to Seven Lions is creating some amazingly pleasurable rushes despite having a stimulant tolerance going into the experience & splitting the bowl between myself & my wife. My wife agrees even though she is not up bed-dancing with me. I am causing the bed to bounce & vibrate which is causing increased sensation & chills through both of our bodies. I get up to relieve myself & feed the methcat so she leaves me alone. The walk to the bathroom was a fun, stumbling foray in the dark. I clean the OB with some 70% isopropyl & q-tips & am able to get the majority of the ash out with only a few black charred lines & spots which are easily vaporized using the directed flame of the torch. To my surprise there was more ephylone in the OB than I thought. Hitting the sides with the torch produced some billowing clouds which left the bedroom reeking of the bk-EBDP. My bad!

08:50pm (+01:59) ~ The effects have all but dissipated leaving just the slight fuzziness under my eyes & along my top jaw. Any chilling at this point is due to the fact that its a balmy 40 degrees here in the mountains, although I feel warmer now than during the peak of the experience. It’s just my finger tips are cold now due to the drop in temp from the high of 58 earlier in the afternoon. I wish I had my BP cuff & thermometer handy for this report but alas, the batteries are all dead. I switch the music to The Velvet Underground – Loaded D2 (outtakes & demos) & drop in another crystal, this one weighs 17mg. I proceed to drop another two drops of the vape juice on the rock & vape away. Our technique has really improved since the first try, between the two of us we are pretty much able to kill the OB with just a few passes and a very negligible charred residue. Methcat is back in the room, climbing all over my wife like she’s her personal jungle gym, purring with her exuberant fear of missing out. Me & the wife both comment that it’s definitely more stimulating now, more of a “wake me up” as my wife put it.

9:11pm (+02:20) ~ Some mild chills have resumed as well as a discomfort in my stomach but that could be due to the garbage lunch I had (McD NoMoney) as well as the Gatorade I just started drinking burning my gut, I can’t ascertain that the ephylone is the cause of such things. The vast majority of the effects seem to be just a fuzzy warm glow & more of a tightness in the chest, which my wife said she also experienced on her last hit which is why she passed on another one. She said she seems “nice, some chills and just watching the sky, I mean ceiling, with a glow.”

9:20pm (+02:29) ~ Unimpressed with only a slight bump up in effect from the first dose, I decide to try out some VR so I strap on the Lenovo Mirage Solo and play around with watching Anthony Walsh break some waves, which was breathtaking. Then I ride the Superman rollercoaster at Six Flags to which I exclaim outloud, “OMG, this is almost orgasmic!” Coming out of the loop & going into the bends the VR ride wasn’t as disorienting or mildly nauseating as it has been on previous views, instead I got a chilling tingle running down my body and that “I gotta go PEEEE” feeling you get when actually riding a rollercoaster! Very impressive! Since the redose lacks the UMPH of the initial dose but something is still there, this would probably be a good way to spend the rest of any active effects above the +1 range if I were flying solo. I toy with a few VR360 LSD simulations from Symmetric Vision (search youtube for his channel) but these just make me want to trip so I abort and let my wife play with the headset for a few.

9:54pm (+03:03) ~ Things have been a steady “slightly over +1”, +1.3-1.5 I would say. Unlike the first go, I run the torch along the sides of the OB milking it for its last few puffs before deciding it is, I fear, toast like an OB is bound to be after vaping any cathinone, and especially pyrovalerones. The OB will most likely hold that cathinone taste so thank God we’re in Methland, America where our weed is legal and OBs are cheap as hell and at nearly every smoke shop and head shop around! Nothing noticeable results from the final go, still at the same +1.3ish I’ve been for awhile now. I can confirm that redosing is pretty much a waste and will only, just like orally, extend any peripheral stimulation and not necessarily add to the experience enough positives to justify it as others have also reported. Upon looking down at my phone I realize there is some slight visual distortion, a mild breathing that I also notice when just starring at the keyboard. If my mind were more preoccupied I probably wouldn’t even notice this attribute or dismiss it entirely as just a PHPD residual from decades of psychedelics, but it is not, it’s definitely an effect from the ephylone as it wasn’t anything predominant going into the experience.

10:30pm (+03:39) ~ The wife fell asleep and methcat is being a pain in my ass demanding food again, so since hunger has descended upon me too I guess it’s only right I feed her as well. I go to the kitchen and make-a-some-me-a-chichi (mmm, prison food). Upon returning the wife wakes up and says “that smells good” so being the good, loving, obedient husband I am, I take cue and go back to the kitchen to make her one. I am back to just a +1 now, almost all the effects are gone but I couldn’t fall asleep yet without a benzo. We enjoy crushing Cool Ranch Doritos ontop of our chichis and methcat returns as well. She heard the Doritos bag crumble and thought “oooh, is that plastic” and returned to scope out the scene. My wife tells her to chill so she climbs on her before sticking her ass in my wife’s face and sits purring and tripping off the ceiling visuals too. My wife says she still has some chills, things are still “soft” visually, and she seems more stimulated (despite having just nodded out for a spell) than before and overall is surprisingly happy. As for myself, well the chichi is f’n banging, the Lime Cucumber Gatorade is hitting the spot, and I’m surprisingly happy as well. The only chills I’m getting are when up and moving about, it’s primarily just a stimulated afterglow.

11:12pm (+04:21) ~ My wife gets up to go to the bathroom and looks down at the lights projecting up from the floor and screams, “Lasers! Ahhh, fuck!” Oops, don’t look down into the lasers, safety first! I ascertain I am pretty much at or about baseline now. “Agreed,” says my wife. Though I’m not feeling any stimulation I can’t attribute to the fact that I’ve been chain vaping ejuice from the modbox for awhile, I am not falling asleep without a benzo. The good news is there is still a general mood-lift & feeling of well-being so I have no desire to benzo to bed nor mix and match any other compound with the experience. We decide a movie would be an appropriate finish to our evening so we settle on the Terry Gilliam film “The Man Who Killed Don Quixote” as neither of us have seen it yet. My wife curls up and I ask if she is going to fall asleep. She says, “No” and giggles so I take that as a no as in yes. Nestled between a few frats I can hear the college kids outside raging. If I were a younger man I’d go join them right now, what with the moodlift & whatnot I DO kind of have an urge to turn it UP a notch. Instead I put the movie on and settle in beside my wife.

02:00am (+07:09) ~ The movie is over now but to back up a bit, at around the halfway mark my wife had fallen into a sound slumber and I was feeling pretty hungry again. I got up to make some more food, which is out of character for me on most chemicals, especially stimulants, psychedelics, or empathogens. I normally have an aversion to food on them and simply desire the experience plus hydration. This has been an easy compound to eat on and seems to even facilitate the hunger, especially now in the dwindling hours. I returned to bed, ate, and finished the movie to my pleasure! I love Terry Gilliam, he can do little wrong. I’m still glowing but assuredly tired now so I put some music on. In the passing out queue we have Amon Tobin – A Handful of Dust and Tycho – Waypoint (2018 Burning Man Sunrise Set). I settle in and fall asleep sometime during the Amon Tobin album.

04:02am (+09:11) ~ I awake, partially due to asscat/methcat jumping on me and screaming for food, who I immediately push onto the floor, but also due to the fact that I’m rolling around in bed hotter than a priest in a whorehouse. My wife, who has been soundly asleep the whole time, is giving off major heat beside me. I feel like I’m sleeping next to a furnace and I was having some crazy wicked vivid dream about, ahhh, lost it already. Something about missing school because I was dipping out to smoke drugs or something. Which in itself is an odd recurring theme in my dreams since I graduated top of my class and even *gasp* went to college on a partial scholarship. I never dipped out of high school to smoke drugs. I didn’t start smoking drugs until right after high school, the only drug I did in high school was LSD, I didn’t even smoke weed or really drink alcohol until after I graduated. Yet I have a recurring fear of screwing everything up & failing to graduate because I just don’t go to senior year because I was up high all night and decide to continue taking something until I realise I haven’t been in school for awhile and won’t pass finals simply on my attendance. Do any other 4.0 students have this absurd nightmare? Tycho is still spinning along on the speakers and I notice I haven’t been asleep that long yet I feel like I slept all night. A little peckish too so I eat half a cinnamon muffin my wife had made a few nights ago on a meth binge and get up to feed asscat/methcat. I notice upon returning to bed it’s not as hot in there as I had assumed. I’m rather cool, well comfortable now. I don’t really feel like going to bed despite a few “get up and go to work” yawns. I decide to pack a bowl of Snowball nugget from the growhouse my father-in-law oversees and chill out and hit my modbox while Tycho finishes the set. The herb provides a smooth, even high and I’m aware that what I was describing as the afterglow is almost completely gone at this point. I’m simply content now but not ready for bed. I kill some time by putting the Mirage Solo back on and playing a bit of the VR game Horizons. OMG that game is sick AF, I’m cheesing again, if my grandfather were here he’d jest, “wipe that shit-eating grin off your face!” I’m pleasantly a little more than a few puffs of nugget now, it seems to have called back a slight pinch of the afterglow. I can see into the living room and the blacklight, soft red glow from a table lamp, and the flashing strobes of LED lighting lining the shelf of the turntable and amp produce an alluring charm. My wife wakes up and we discuss our general “goodness.” I make the comment that I probably talk about asscat/methcat more than the ephylone. We smoke a little more pot, and my wife asks what time it is. “Uh, probably 4:30.” It’s 5:24 in reality, fuck my sense of time! We decide to finally crash out watching A Magic Trip.

I won’t recommend an oral dose yet. My experience has ranged from 20-80mg but with significant methamphetamine use around that time. I want to run a few trials with zero amphetamines floating around the system and proper documentation with a bp cuff & thermometer before settling on a sweet spot. The 60-80mg range did produce a long lasting residual stimulation, kind of like the after effects of a higher dose of methylone where you are awake and your heart is racing and your skin feels kind of tight but other amphetamines were involved hours prior to those experiences so I haven’t done an official assay of just the ephylone yet.

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