Equipoise Cycle Length, Dosage & Stacks (For Beginner Gains & Results)

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Dosage recommendations offered by bodybuilders for those wishing to create and customize their own Equipoise cycle vary widely.

Equipoise (Boldenone) is seen as an example of an anabolic steroid which carries considerable versatility.

There are some who consider it a bit more adaptable than even Testosterone.

Some suggested cycles that include Equipoise, otherwise known as Boldenone undecylenate, are not intended for beginners.

The key is to learn as much as possible about Equipoise and the benefits, results, gains, and side effects that come with it.

The same applies to potential side effects.

How To Take an Equipoise Cycle

An Equipoise cycle can involve use of Equipoise by itself or be stacked with other substances.

Equipoise is a veterinary grade steroid. It’s manufactured from a metabolite of testosterone called dihydrotestosterone.

Dihydrotestosterone is classified as an androgen or another hormone, like testosterone, that is responsible for the development and maintenance of male sex characteristics.

For bodybuilders, that means:

Enhanced anabolic or tissue building (muscle) potential

Retention of lean muscle mass gains

Increased production of red blood cells – red blood cells transport oxygen and nutrients to the muscle, increasing health, stamina, and endurance

In bodybuilding circles, Equipoise is believed to keep the same body building potency as Testosterone while showing far less Estrogenic and androgenic actions.

But there is not really a consensus on the usefulness of EQ in the communities of people who regularly incorporate steroids into their bodybuilding routines.

Supporters of Equipoise have the tendency to promote a reduced incidence of side effects.

Equipoise opponents say that a user has to spend more cash for a man-made derivative of Testosterone which has precisely the same amount of power as its parent hormone.

These opponents believe EQ is a waste of resources, especially since there is a host of other derivatives which have been given anabolic strength ratings many times higher than Testosterone.

Dosage Recommendations

Equipoise is perceived to provide the same anabolic benefits as testosterone, with approximately half of its androgenic properties.

Before developing an Equipoise cycle, do be aware that although Equipoise is rated low in its estrogenic potential, it can, and does contribute to a number of estrogen-like side effects for users depending on individual reactions to it.

The undecylenate ester that modifies the base drug boldenone offers a relatively long half-life, so it doesn’t need to be injected on a daily basis. Average injections range from 200 mg to 400 mg weekly.

An Equipoise cycle for beginners may opt to divide that weekly dosage into two or three evenly spaced injections while an experienced user may inject all of it at once.

Dosage may also increase or decrease depending on other substances combined with it. For example, you may take a Testosterone Equipoise cycle or combine some other form of steroid, sometimes even two.

Following is an example of one Equipoise stack found online:


Testosterone cypionate




The Equipoise and test cycle dosage recommendations for this one would be quite extreme for a beginner, with a suggested dosage of 600 mg on a weekly basis, accompanied with 500 mg weekly injection of testosterone cypionate for 15 weeks.

An Equipoise cutting cycle included the following components:


Winstrol (stanozolol)



N2Guard (liver protectant)

This cycle also recommends 600 mg weekly of Equipoise and 50 mg Winstrol daily (for the first eight weeks), and daily use of the liver protectant, Cardarine, and Aromason throughout the cycle.

The higher the dosage and the more drugs incorporated into the cycle, the higher the risk of side effects and adverse reactions. It should be noted that when Equipoise exceeds roughly 400 mg weekly, estrogenic side effects will usually develop.

Equipoise Only Cycle

The problem with this cycle is that it will shut down natural testosterone production.

You’re better off to not take it on its own, but rather to stack it with some form of testosterone.

Do: use caution when developing or customizing a steroids cycle. Even using anti-estrogens and aromatase inhibitors do not always prove completely successful.

Don’t: forget that Equipoise is an animal grade steroid meant for use on 1,000 plus pound animals. Even at low doses it can cause unexpected and undesired side effects

Equipoise Cycle Components

Equipoise, at least among intermediate and experienced steroid users, is often stacked with a number of drugs including other synthetic forms of testosterone.

It’s often combined with use of aromatase inhibitors, anti-estrogen drugs, selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs), and liver protectants.

Equipoise cycle components are a matter of choice with bodybuilders. Beginners often rely on the advice and recommendations of other bodybuilders who are more experienced. Use caution with dosages.

Individual factors have an influence on how well (or not) various components incorporated into the stack will behave. Such factors include:

Age – the body metabolizes any drug differently as we age

Gender – females metabolize drugs at different rates than men

Height versus weight (overall body composition) – in medical scenarios, prescription strength drugs are often recommended in dosages based on weight

Metabolism levels

Do: compare recommendations and charts found on numerous online websites and forum board discussion groups. Look for those associated with your level of experience; beginner, intermediate, advanced.

Don’t: increase the dosage because you don’t see results immediately.

Side effects & Adverse Reactions

Side effects as well as adverse reactions are a strong possibility with use and overuse of any anabolic androgenic steroid, and more so when using a steroid designed for animals.

Use of drugs to reduce estrogen and androgenic side effects of an Equipoise cycle are not always completely effective.

Do: watch for side effects such as:

Bloating (mainly visible in the face and abdomen)


Fluid retention – while bodybuilders often don’t mind this side effect because it adds to the appearance of larger muscles and overall physical stature, fluid buildup around vital organs can interfere with their normal function.

Don’t: ignore side effects. Serious complications may arise and cause long-term damage to body organs and entire systems.

Equipoise cycle results may provide bodybuilders with the benefits and gains they’re looking for, but usage often comes with side effects.

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