eth-lad vs. 4-ho-met visuals?

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Yo, buddies. So, me and a friend have used 1p-lsd plenty of times (I’ve easily handled doses at 150, 200, 250, 300, and 500), and we recently got our hands on some eth-lad, which is supposed to be a fair bit more potent. My friend in particular has been wanting a more ‘visual’ experience, and while we haven’t gotten around to trying the eth-lad just yet, we heard some good things about 4-ho-met and I was wondering if anyone could give input on how the visuals might compare between the two, if they’re even comparable at all. Mostly trying to settle on if it’s worth getting for the visuals at all. Thanks in advance my guys

Lysergamides aren’t very comparable to tryptamines visually, it would be a similar difference as between LSD and mushrooms, and about visual differences on those two you can find a lot of stuff online.

I like both very much. 4-HO-MET has amazing visuals and is ideal for sitting outside and admiring the view. ETH-LAD is in my experience more geometrical, which I like. It also has a wider range of effects, more headspace, a bit more bodyload, more energy. I plan to go hiking on it some time soon. On the other hand, 4-HO-MET and nitrous is my favourite combo. But I haven’t tried ETH-LAD and nitrous yet.

Metocin cevs blow eth lads out of the water. But eth lad does have beautiful tracers and after images. Depends on what your into in a way it has became apparent to me that lysergamides have a quicker medicinal value than tryptamines. I was on mdma as a teen so i may need the phenethylamine ring to get the most out of the 5ht2a partial agonists. You know 25i nbome is more similar to lysergamides than tryptamines are

Not very similar. 4 ho Met is far more visual at a relatively low dose. Eth lad can be as visual as most lysergamides but isn’t known for its visual factor like ALLAD for example. They are kind of the opposite end of the psychedelic spectrum in my experience. I’ve done both about 6 times each and eth lad is like a more physically taxing, speedy lsd, 4 ho Met is a very mellow,gentle, and visual mushroom like experience. Eth lad is going to last as long as lsd, 4 ho Met will only last 4 hours. I’ve taken up to 250 ug of eth lad and it is a very useful substance in its own right and 100 ug was ideal for a day spent at a music festival. 4 ho Met is the only tryptamine I’ve ever researched that I’ve always felt like I could have dosed slightly higher and had a good time. It is very clear headed but visual at the same time.

I found 4-ho-met to be very speedy

I wouldn’t call it speedy, I felt more energy in my muscles but not a go go go that I associate with “speedy”

I can see that being the case for some, it’s a psychedelic, people will react in vastly different ways, but comparatively speaking vs other tryptamines it’s been the most consistently gentle and mellow.

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