Etizolam dosage given my apparent tolerance?

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This isn’t a regular dosing request, I take sedative medication and seem to have some sort of tolerance to benzos from the two cases that I’ve tried them. I take guanfacine, which essentially sedated you by inhibiting epinephrine and norepinephrine. As I understand it, the benzo class works differently. I have tried triazolam .5 mg and lorazepam 2mg. With the triaz, I barely got any visual effects, and just got really tired. Combined with my meds, I fell asleep about 45 mins after dosing. With the lorazepam, the effects were even lower (possibly because I skipped my meds). I got funky visuals during the peak of the “trip”, which basically comprised of weird jelly vision when turning my head, as well as things moving/breathing with my eyes somewhat closed during the nod. I’m used to nodding from the meds I usually have, but this was different. I felt a much more lucid sort of drowsy feeling, and didn’t feel tired or a desire to fall asleep. I had some strange thinking and brain fog, but aside from the aforementioned issues thats it. Both had some amnesia, but I can remember what happened for the most part if I just try to remember.

I have some etizolam 10mg/mL solution on the way, and I’m wondering how much I should probably take in order to feel the effects without blacking out and going retarded. I understand that you have to balance it, and ive just found that my body might inherently lean towards a heavier dose. Don’t worry, I won’t be using this with other drugs unless I do research. I’m just looking for something halfway between sedative and inebriating

Benzos do not do any of the things you are talking about. Stop using drugs.

Well I’m not going to so if you don’t have any dosage tips then go elsewhere. For the record, this general experience happens every time I use a benzo so idkwym

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