Everything but no motivation ? 2-FMA

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2-Fma works great but only if I’m motivated( I can still focus and have energy but no motivation) Adderall works even if I’m not motivated. So I’m asking is there anyway possible for fixing this issue.

I’m just gonna jump straight to the topic:

I have ADHD, and I use fma to treat my symptoms (hard to explain why not just use pharma meds).

Anyway, I have taken some addies multiple times( through DNM). and with adderall, I am REALLY motivated. Take the pill, open my book, and here you have it; 4-6 hours of non-stop studying.

It’s not something even normal. I get so much into the work to the point that I get SO mad like really mad if someone interrupted me while I’m studying.

With 2-FMA, it’s even better, I get like 10 hours of studying without a break, but… ONLY IF I AM ALREADY MOTIVATED, otherwise, I only get some energy, and sharp focus. And can easily be interrupted.

I don’t have the right word in my mind to explain it, but how can I make 2-FMA motivate me without spending half the time watching “you can do it” motivational videos ?

I have tried Semax with it but it made me really anxious and studied like “oh no oh jeeez I have no time left”

4-fa + 2-FMA combo ? Ideas ? Thoughts ? Anything would be helpful.

I tried 2-fma as well, I had to take a food handlers permit test online, and I ended up taking 100mg 2-fma and it still didn’t help me focus on it. Its not really useful for focusing but it does provide you with that artificial alertness feeling.

I ended up taking some Vyvanse I had left from a script and got everything done, and made it to work.

4fa would probably be much better for studying but I imagine it would be far too harmful to use daily. I really regret not getting it instead of 2-fma just to try though.

Meth will work but it’s too panicky and toxic to use in place of Adderall/Vyvanse too. I recommend against using it, highly.

You’re kinda out of luck if you can’t get the standard amphetamine/methylphenidate based meds it seems, and they don’t give them to adults very often for whatever reason.

Yes. I titrated upwards rather than just a doing 100mg rail though. I didn’t get much from it even at that dose so I stopped at 100mg.

I should really probably stop mentioning doses incase someone else reads my posts and thinks its okay to take whatever I write on here.

Like erowid says, 15mg can be extremely stimulating to a first time user, but tolerated users can do as much as a gram per day and more. Start low and slow.

20mg was my target starting dose w/ 2fma, weighed out on a mg scale and all. I even did an allergy test with it before trying 20mg, I was very scared to try a real RC.

I had tolerance from doing meth daily at the time so it took a lot more to get any effect whatsoever.

going beyond 25 mg. gives me random head splitting migraines originating from the back of my head, happened twice already with 50 mg. had to clutch my head like a ball for half an hour then it randomly went away, I’m kinda scared of 2fma now i never had that with Adderall, I have a feeling 2fma is not good for brain circulation i felt like if i had gone running or picked up something heavy i would have had a stroke

Honestly, 2-FMA was really the game changer for me.

The only thing that I really wanted but didn’t get it from 2-FMA, was the “push” or the “need to do something”.

I can only sit still and don’t move if I’m already motivated. Otherwise, I get really distracted by everything.

But it is really amazing how only 25mg makes me stimulated the whole day.

It felt exactly like adderall, but lacks the “push”.

I don’t know much about 4-fa but was advised against this combo by a fellow researcher who has been in the scene for wayyy longer than I have. He said that the 4-fa can be quite caustic and really all you need is 2fma. You don’t want to fry your brain up.

I just wanted to chime in and say that I have ADD as well, and 2-FMA is an amazing chem to research. IMO I feel that 2-FMA is pretty solid by itself and according to my buddy, longer lasting. If I were you I would just stick with the 2fma… it’s been a godsend for me, but I can see the curiosity at the same time. Just my thoughts for the night.

Thank you.

I do share the same thoughts on 2-FMA, too.

But since you have ADD, you can understand and feel me, on how it’s really an issue for forcing yourself to study.

It’s just SO damn easy on adderall.

You’re not a loser. Obviously I don’t know you, but it’s not healthy or helpful to think about yourself like that. That sort of talk has a way of becoming a self fulfilling prophecy. Everyone has their own path and circumstances that lead them to where they are and a lot of that is out of their control. Comparing yourself to others isn’t really fair to yourself and it’s a recipe for psychological problems and unnecessary suffering. You just shouldn’t judge people like that, especially not yourself, and especially not in such a binary, one or the other, win or lose, way. You’re still trying, you still care, and that’s what matters.

Drugs can’t do everything for you. Also, if you are diagnosed with ADHD just get an adderall/ritalin script.

You are right. I don’t live in the US neither. I can’t tell much about ritalin, since I haven’t tried it yet. The only available version we have here is 30x20mg extended release, for a pretty high price, doesn’t worth it. You could try 2-FMA with a different dose, consumed with an oral capsule (I don’t know what ROA have you tried). If it still doesn’t work like you want it to, try speed (amphetamine) in oral capsules, ordered from a TRUSTED DN vendor. Or, you can try different RCs (this is more safe, since you don’t need the DN for it, and the purity of the substance is always high (if you order from a trusted RC vendor). Ordering adderall from the DN just doesn’t worth it, and it isn’t safer than amphetamine powder, since there is a high change of getting pressed pills.

This is true but ADHD meds are supposed to give you attention and focus like a normal person. What I mean is that you will need to put some effort from your part, sure, studying motivated as fuck from the euphoria is nice but I would say it’s not really realistic.

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