Find The Best Primobolan Prices Online [Authentic Supply]

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Primobolan price points vary.

Bodybuilders looking for quality and affordability are recommended by other performance users to take the time to do some comparison shopping.

These comparisons are not only related to price however, but any number of other factors that include supply versus demand, location, and type of injectable or oral Primobolan for sale.

That is said to help determine the best place to buy Primobolan.

Primobolan Price Points

There is pharmaceutical grade Primobolan for sale (i.e. Bayer, Schering), and underground lab quality.

A number of underground labs will quote a Primobolan price and offer cheaper deals if ordered in sets or bulk orders.

Others offer lower Primobolan prices than a competitor, but add higher shipping and handling costs.

Geographical location of the seller may also influence costs. Expect a wide range of Primobolan prices.

Costs can also depend on milligram strength, oral or injection form, and the number of tablets or milliliters of solution.

Prices can vary widely between sellers offering the same product.

Average Primobolan price points are similar to those found below:

Primobolan Depot – 1 mL and fuel (100 mg per milliliter) – $16-$27

“Primobol” (Methenolone acetate) tablets – 60 tablets (50 mg per tablet) – $180

Primobolan Depot (Methenolone enanthate) – 1 mL vial (100 mg per milliliter) – $15 (on sale)

Primobolan tablets – $180-$190

Another seller offers Primobolan oral tablets (100 tablets, 10 mg per tablet) – $109

Primobolan in a Nutshell

Primobolan, or methenolone, is a synthetic or laboratory developed variation of testosterone. It is typically found in oral tablet form as well as an injectable solution.

The tablet form is often known as methenolone acetate, and the injection solution is called Primobolan enanthate. Primobolan price will differ depending on which type you want.

Oral steroids are not as popular as the injectable form due to the risk of liver strain or toxicity. Some oral anabolic androgenic steroids are quite harsh on the liver, while others don’t post much of a risk unless dosages climb excessively high.

When looking for a good Primobolan oral price, remember that cost doesn’t equate to quality.

Primobolan Benefits

Primobolan rates close to testosterone in its anabolic properties, with about half of its androgenic potential.

This makes it a favorable steroid for bodybuilders and athletes looking for accelerated muscle mass growth, strength, and endurance, but without the side effects often associated with strong androgenic steroids.

Androgens encourage the development of secondary sex male characteristics. While this can boost male hormone levels and potential for growth, can also trigger aromatization in the male body.

Aromatization or conversion of testosterone and estrogen in the male body occurs when testosterone levels are higher than normal. This can contribute to typically female-type side effects such as:

Gynecomastia (development of male breast tissue)

Water retention/fluid retention – some bodybuilders don’t mind this, as it adds to the appearance of “bulk” in the body, as well as weight gain


Bloating is most commonly noted in the abdomen and the face.

Primobolan Potency

Basically, anabolic androgenic steroids that have strong anabolic potential and reduced androgenic strength are favored.

For example, compare the anabolic and androgenic properties of several popular steroids used by bodybuilders and athletes around the world:

Testosterone: 100/100

Trenbolone: 500/500

Primobolan 90/<60

Equipoise: 100/50

Generally speaking, the higher the anabolic potential and the lower the androgenic level, the more preferable for bodybuilders.

When looking for a good Primobolan price, be aware that Primobolan/methenolone acetate is no longer manufactured in the United States or many other countries around the world.

For this reason, it can be more difficult to find, which will also have an influence on cost.

Where to Buy Primobolan Tablets

A number of underground labs and non-government condoned nor regulated pharmaceutical companies around the world manufacture anabolic androgenic steroids for sale to bodybuilders and athletes without a prescription.

A number of these underground labs and companies are quite well-known and some have a better reputation than others. Bodybuilders purchasing Primobolan from any UL accept the risk of ending up with a/an:

Expired product – many of the ingredients used to manufacture illegal anabolic androgenic steroids come from third party sources around the world including Pakistan, India, Mexico, and Ukraine, among others. These “middlemen” often substitute their own ingredients before passing components onto a manufacturer.

Counterfeit product claiming to be Primobolan when it’s something else.

Contaminated – some underground labs are known to not only substitute ingredients, but to cut their products with dangerous substances that include but are not limited to brick dust, dirt, sugar, and other “fillers”.

Product that is not the milligram strength as advertised.

A number of steroid test kits are available from steroid shops, but some are only able to identify the specific compound being tested and do not identify other components in the product.

The only way to make sure that you’re receiving quality Primobolan is to have the product tested at a legitimate lab.

When purchasing from foreign sources, take the time to research. Research involved for Primobolan in any form focuses on more than Primobolan price considerations.

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