First DPT Experience 50mg Trip report

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This is my first ever trip report.

Snorting DPT was nowhere near as bad as snorting MDMA or Amphetamine. Though, I can imagine snorting a higher dose would be more difficult, and it would be really hard to get addictd to this stuff as is blocks the fuck out of your nose. My girlfiend suggested we watch TV while waiting for the the effects to take place to which I said yes. She left the room and made popcorn. While this was happenning the usual side effects of triptamines were starting to happen, I needed a shit. I dont know why this happens but I always come up while having a shit, but this is a good time to get a feel for the drugs. I finnished my poop and slumped on the bed, I suddenly got this very heavy feeling in my body like I was being pushed onto the bed and the visuals kicked in way more. I didnt want to watch TV anymore, it got a little overwhelmed so I decided to cuddle my girlfriend. I could feel my heart rate was super high which felt weird with the heavy bodyload. I could also hear a low energy vibration in my head and it felt like the whole world was slowing down.Breathing exercises helped alot and calmed me down. What people say about DPT being a darker version of DMT prior to the trip I thought they meant that the headspace would be harder to handle but not really, it was vissualy darker deep purple and dark green was the main palete . The paterns I have a hard time describing but definitley similart to DMT or psilosybin. Closed eye visuals felt like I was engulfed in a different world but definitley not a breakthrough. The peak was very short similar to that of pharmachanga, and the heavy feeling went away as fast as the visuals did, I ended up watching TV and went to sleep easily with some melatonin and a blue lotus flower joint. Overalll my experience was very beatiful I cant wait to try a higher dose and feel what a DPT ‘breakthrough’ is like. Once my nose is less blocked.

Good TR.

PS: you have to poop because the majority of your serotonin receptors are in your digestive system

It’s crazy but is actually true. Recent research has actually shown you can improve some people’s mood by changing the balance of their gut bacteria with probiotic rich foods. That’s not just some wishy-washy holistic health crap either. There’s solid clinical evidence. I listened to a whole episode of the Radiolab podcast about it.

From Wikipedia serotonin page:

“Approximately 90% of the human body’s total serotonin is located in the enterochromaffin cells in the GI tract, where it regulates intestinal movements.”

“90% of total serotonin” yes that is the case but NO serotonin receptors. Serotonin active receptors, the 5ht receptors are strictly in the brain. Not in your ass etc. Yes serotonin is responsible for controling your bowel movements etc but it’s controlled from the brain, where the serotonin is sent from the bowels.

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