First time etizolam dose

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Recently got etizolam. Never done a benzo before. I got them to use if a psychedelic experience turns too dark but I want to try one just to try one. They are 1mg pills. What dose would you guys recommend?

My first time with Etizolam, I took either 1mg or half a mg and ended up taking a nap while on meth.

Don’t expect to feel much different on it, you’ll just get drowsy and sedated in a non-specific way. Don’t redose cause you don’t feel much from it.

I need up to 5 of non pharma etiz to get me to sleep after a long night of psyches, but only about 2 after some late day stim binging.

I’ve recently started pushing the boundaries, and had like… 2 shots of vodka the other night after the 5mg for my psych comedown. Blacked out 100%, didn’t do anything retarded mind you and all was well, but I will now take the “don’t drink on benzos” advice completely seriously lol

Personally I found etizolam more recreational than alprazolam – as the other guy said alprazolam is about twice the potency, but I found 2mg etizolam to be a lot more fun than 1mg alprazolam.

I found higher doses of alprazolam to be more sedating and hypnotic. But I think a lot of this comes down to individual body chemistry – there’s a few people in this thread that say 1mg etizolam made them pass out – for me, 1-2mg just made me want to walk around and socialize…

not freaking out at all.

i just dont see any advance in telling someone to take x(x) mg of any benzo/thieno.

you can find informations about dosage all over the place.

its never bad to take advice and/or another moment to overthink if trying an addictive substance is a good idea.

and i literally dont know anyone who doesn’t „regret“ their decission (to a certain point) when it comes to benzos/thienos.

or, lets say it the other way round. i dont know anyone who took a real advantage from them (except when it comes to epilepsy or axiety etc)

though i gotta admit they (especially etiz) give you a pleasant buzz. /can help you in herapeutic dosages (&intervals)

but in terms of staying safe i have to repeat that i wouldn’t recommend to take em at all…

yet i did not want to trigger/attack anyone

I don’t regret getting my stash of benzos. I do get a benefit from them about once a week when I have to do a quick turn around from working late then having to get up super early for work. Without quick acting etiz I wouldn’t get much sleep because I get anxious when I have to get up early after working late, and it prevents me from falling asleep. I’ve been using etiz this way for a few months with no tolerance, no withdrawals and no problems. I do not abuse etiz, or redose. That’s where the all problems arise, from abuse.

I was once you asking all these questions, no I won’t get addicted, this and that…. 2 and a half years later I would do anything to neverrr have touched them. They became a crutch for me and I couldn’t break the cycle. 1 day a week became 2… 3… 4 etc. Please do not use them as others have stated. Hoping you didn’t order too many even if someone recommends them for psych killing trips. I just hope you have strong willpower.

but basically test potency take like a quarter to a half and see how you react.. alot depends on body chemistry. For example, I didn’t feel anything until 3 mg (I’m a big dude/gym guy). It’s an effective solution and all and I have no room to talk but I can advise it’s not a wise route to go down as you prob know. Even during psych killing trips, you might end up addicted… there is no telling. It really is hell on earth. I would look into something else. I see where you are coming from believe me, but I’m just looking out for people/trying to prevent another benzo addiction. It truly does creep up slowly, wish I would have listened. Keep in mind I have a natural addictive personality coupled with a bit of anxiety

2mg, that should give you a nice little buzz and give you a feel for it. Don’t make a habit of it though (they are pretty addictive), and be careful mixing with alcohol/opioids etc.

Obviously be somewhere where you can fall asleep/lie down if you need to.

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