Flap and etizolam comparison

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I obtained some flualprazolam solution and want to compare dosage and effects to etizolam. I find 4.2mg of etizolam to be slightly sedating with little euphoric effects, seems to wear off in 4 hours or so, and good for quelling anxiety.

I’m wondering how that would compare to flualprazolam in terms of general subjective effects and a possible idea of what a recreational dosage and anxiolytic dosage may be for me.

Thanks for any help!

So Flualprazolam is imho a very interesting thing due to the fact that it’s extremely depended on the user and dosage.

Some report potent hypnotic effects, whereas others note a quote enjoyable Xanax like effect (albeit with a longer half life AFAIK). Additionally, and don’t quote me on this cause I read it online as a report that Flunitrazolam seems to somewhat change effects depending on dose, and thresholds are tiny. And to my surprise I could somewhat reproduce this, where 0.1mg are subtle, 0.25mg mood lifting and noticable, 0.5mg euphoric with a side of sedation sometimes, and >0.5mg being sedating. (I seem to experience almost no hypnotic effects from most benzodiazepines)

But keep in mind:

it’s one of the most potent substances

don’t underestimate half life ( Etizolam is short acting) since it can have effects hours after consumption

For me, then, 0.25-0.3mg can be a pretty fun day, lasting from morning til evening. Barely any negative effects, and smooth come up and come down.

Etizolam are great for a night out, or short events, and won’t last all night and morning.

If you want, be conservative (both amount and dosage) with Flualprazolam and keep half life in mind.

2mg of flup had me zombie mode for 3 days straight and I’m big

Also theirs a site called tripsitter that compares the quantity’s of the chem

Flap is less euphoric, much more sedating and blackouts are more common….I like Etiz better

I concur completely, also Flap lasts much longer!

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