For those who have broken through on DMT: Have you ever had a drug-free experience that gave you similar feelings (not visuals, or insights necessarily, but euphoria-related feelings)?

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I eat tinfoil so I know I get enough magnesium, my irons just a regular black and decker no water in it currently so it doesn’t get anything wet accidentally but other then that it’s ready to go, and I literally drink paps blue ribbon all day so you know my piss is clearer then the toilet water

My mag, iron and hydration levels were fine when I was regularly experiencing dizziness upon standing up. Turns out I had low sodium levels. Increased my salt intake and the problem went away entirely. Quitting weed helped as well.

I feel like sleep deprivation is one of the most underrated things that is talked about when discussing these types of mindsets. Not like stim induced, ive been up for 4 days type, but more of just staying awake well past when you should’ve slept.

Multiple times in my life I’ve legit had insane, almost transcendental experiences where I would enter a trance like state and almost nod off, but get really into the depths of my consciousness. Don’t really know how to describe it but I definitely know it’s something that I enjoy but is completely incidental and can’t really be forced

fasting and sleep deprivation increase my creativity tenfold.

Backstory, I am not a naturally musically talented person. I cannot play any instruments, my musical skill lies more in the technical side of things like mixing, master, and engineering. But I do love to create music, it is my main outlet for expressing myself and my feelings.

It actually becomes a positive feedback loop where I’m so creative and engrossed in FL Studio that the thought of eating or sleeping don’t even cross my mind. Using my ecig with 1.5mg/ml (about as little nicotine that you can buy in premade juice for the non-vapers) juice means I can take in nicotine at a slow and controllable rate to help cover the natural urge to eat some food and pass tf out.

I know it’s not healthy, but it’s become and integral part of getting my mind ‘out there’ and being able to bring remnants of that place back and put it down in listenable form. I try to create well rested and satiated but it’s so much less efficient that it’s kind of demoralizing.

Why would I spend 3 hours struggling to finish this song, when in 8 hours I can reopen FL and bust out exactly what I’m looking for in 30 minutes?

When I have studio sessions where I’m working with my homies I try to pull an all nighter the night before. When it comes to clients and recording/mixing/mastering, sleep is necessary as it is an entirely technical process, where sleep deprivation is more of a hindrance than a help.

Unrelated to your post, but relevant to OP – One time I had a full blown DMT trip in my dream. I’ve only done DMT twice. The first time I blasted off but never broke through, and the second I never even blasted off. Felt more like a 10 minute 10 strip. I think at the time I was torn over how intense the experience the year before had went, so I wanted to dip my toes rather than dive in.

The interesting part is that in my dream I managed to go FURTHER into the experience than I ever did ACTUALLY SMOKING DMT. Because I had experience blasting off before, and had heavily researched smoked DMT and the experiences involved (plus a little bit of lucid dreaming experience), I felt comfortable and aware of the situation in my dream. I knew that the break through was coming. I felt the threshold approaching, and as I crossed the threshold to the other side, I awoke.

This dream was about a month ago, and I haven’t smoked DMT since August 2016. It was so bizarre that I’m still not quite sure what to make of it.

That’s a really interesting experience, thanks for the write-up. Sleep deprivation is some weird stuff. I remember listening to an NPR podcast a few years ago that covered the topic and it piqued my interest. Every human sleeps (at least I’d hope) yet relatively few of us have pushed beyond 96 hours of deprivation without the use of stimulants. That’s pretty wild in and of itself.

I’ve never gone beyond 48 hours without sleep but I’d love to attempt a longer run at some point. To be completely honest, it kind of scares me.

Only once, and it happened a few days after an actual DMT breakthrough for what it’s worth. I was meditating and stared to feel extremely relaxed, then realized I was falling asleep but while consciously aware as it happened. I saw a tunnel with a white light approaching, and it felt just like the DMT rush as I got towards the end. I was in such shock that I immediately woke up, and this was the only time it happened.

Not long afterwards, I read that Tibetan monks learn how to fall asleep consciously and lucid dream so they can practice mindfulness in their sleep.

Lucid dreaming is the most awesome human experience I think anyone can have. But it’s hard to do. I’ve only forced myself into it twice and that was after doing a lot of research and learning techniques. Only one that worked for me, but was still really hard was getting into deep meditation right as you’re waking up from a deep sleep.

It’s so hard because you’re only half conscious to begin with so remembering to start meditating immediately is nearly impossible and if you do remember, most the times that focus will wake you fully up and you can’t go lucid.

That’s my experience, totally worth looking into and maybe reading a book on the topic. There is a ton of bullshit out there, but you’ll find a couple gems.

Absolutely. Yoga and meditation have taken me to states of awareness that are amazing and feel so clean and true since it’s you and your experience alone.

This is actually known as Wake-Induced Lucid Dreaming, or WILD. I’ve managed to have a few of these, and yeah the transition can wild. For me it feels like everything is shaking and I’m in a loud, turbulent wind tunnel. Usually I get too excited and wake back up, but it can lead to some really vivid lucid dreams if you manage to navigate the transition calmly.

I’d say the closest would be an amazing night with my friends, when we could all get together and hang because we lived close. One of those special nights where you laugh so hard you almost piss and everyone is in a good mood and just having a great time. The feeling of contentment and love and you just don’t want it to end. I’d say that’s what DMT feels kind of sort of like to me. Like warmth and home.

These are not drug free experiences but personal experiences using drugs.

I’ve mentioned this on another thread and I’ve broken through multiple times both with and without MAOI. I’ve had several other drugs experiences that could certainly compare to a DMT breakthrough. One being IVing large doses of MXE, this will put you in a trance like state where you’re completely unresponsive for up to 20 minutes and it can be an interesting, fun experience but also a negative one, similar to a trip the settings is important. I described it as seeing time as it actually was, no longer linear but spaced out on a board, similar to a very distorted chess board, and you could see the timeline of individuals and objects. MXE trips will have you feeling like a live animal once you come down like your frontal lobe is disconnected for a period of time. Another experience that could be said is similar is taking an edible then low dosing 1-4-B. This is similar because it’s also a dream like state where you’re incredibly lucid. I’ve done this twice and had a great experience in a lucid dream state that felt like a very long period of time to be dreaming. DMT breakthroughs are quite unique in their experience and it’s hard to compare a lot of things to it but those are my personal closest experiences.

Did you IV alone? How the hell did the needle not break apart. Would you say this level is available through oral consumption?

One time I shit in a bag and then lit a rich person’s car on fire with it.

I’d give it a solid +++.

Shoulda seen the look on the guy’s face when he realized I wasn’t actually a valet, and got hit by a car after running into traffic chasing me. Classic!

Not good for your brain either way. Wim Hoff breathing method is about the only legit way I’ve seen hyperventilation used. The method stops the continuous oxygen feed eventually unlike holotropic

Sure, well I’ve only had one full-blown breakthrough and from what I can remember it was EXTREMELY fast paced accompanied by the strongest feelings of happiness I had ever felt. The only other times I’ve even gotten close to that amount of power and euphoria was skydiving.

The spiciest food I’ve ever had (Maine’s Binga’s ‘08 Fire wings) gave me hallucinations, visual, mental, insane, the second hottest (Karavalli, Latham, NY – lamb phall) gave me the most euphoric experience I’ve ever had, and I’ve tried almost every drug…. there’s a reason heat-heads exist. I am one of them. I’m growing over a dozen varieties of hot peppers this summer. Always chasing that natural high. Cheers!

Edit: added karavalli location

I thought I was going to have to call an ambulance after the wings. It was a horrific 24 hours. The phall had no ill effect whatsoever. I think it has to do with the preparation where the phall was a well spiced dish and the wings were just designed to ruin someone’s life…

I find that it interferes with my ability to concentrate sufficiently to reach “access concentration” which is the threshold to the jhanas. This blockage lasts at least a week after smoking, sometimes much longer if I had a lot.

Meditation has caused me to stop smoking.

Meditation is free Ayahuasca that goes even deeper than that, as this is something you earn and cannot be replicated. Once you get there is because your mind is devoid from doubt and clouth, you are free from the chains of the past and the uncertainty of the future and you become a fucking tree standing up in the present. Nothing in this world,not even the cleanest drug ever made will give you that. And it feels just as good. And the best thing is we are all capable of getting there by virtue of being human, it just takes your very special time.

But man, one of those states have been way more profound and gratifying that whatever dirty stupid chemical the human has come up with, be it DMT and what have you. Meditation is the rave of the decade for a reason.

DMT is wierd and I can’t really say it compares to anything, Never done Ayhuasca but a DMT breakthrough is something else, their are psychedelic visuals but at some point “visuals” are more like fully fleshed out landscapes and entities. It’s almost like when a K-Hole takes you somewhere but it’s entirely psychedelic tinged and almost like you just popped into a different place.

If you look into history you will see images of the Acia bush all over Europe and Asia and south american cultures created ayuahausca, it’s pretty weird and dmt makes me think there’s something extra to psychedelics.

Once when I was about to pass out I heard the exact same ringing and I felt like I was falling and I got body sensations and euphoria similar to DMT and I saw strange white symbols then there was a loud bang and I shot awake and I still heard he DMT like ringing for 20 seconds after waking up

Pretty sure it’s EHS or something but thought I’d add this in even though you didn’t ask for visuals lol

Sleep deprivation seems to bring out introspection as of late after using DMT. It’s almost like my thought pattern has a rhythm and when it slows down for long enough I’m almost baseline egoless like I’m on dmt and can space through thoughts. Only 2+ days though.

Shane Mauss told a great story on this podcast (Pete Holmes – You Made It Weird) about when he felt he was starting to die from an oxy overdose. He said it was exactly like a DMT trip and he realized it was because his heart rate was near 0 and he might have been od’ing. It’s a great listen if you’re interested.

I think he talks about being admitted into a psych ward too, after going crazy from too much LSD. I really love the guy and his stories are always amazing.

I have had two dreams that were more intense than any drug experience, and I did oral dmt with im’ed ketamine. I couldn’t even begin to describe both those experience, one was absolute hell though until I woke myself up. I have gotten very strong wonderful experiences at a Pentecostal church, but so far, not at the level dmt or ketamine.

I get frisson really bad (but it feels great) and one of my many trigger songs was played during my first and only DMT trip. I get shivers just thinking about it and if I’m in the right mood it will be an all encompassing euphoria. Usually bring me to tears.

Since I started meditating I regularly experience, in and out of deep meditation, experiences that I can only compare to psilocybin and DMT.

While things like meditation have benefits and can make you feel good, anyone telling you that it is even close to dmt is full of shit.

The DMT state is unachivable without dmt

painting graffiti illegaly. It‘s a fucking rush when you go street painting , anything could happen and you are just wired for the moment. Cars coming you are running into your hiding place, seeing cop lights 2 streets away fucking booking it. And then seeing your bombing the next day just makes me grin from ear to ear.

Yoga. No shit, man! I’ve felt that overwhelming physical and emotional sucker punch. All the happiness and all the sadness because of the infinity you are part of. I mean, DMT is dope, yoga as well is dope, whatever makes you less of a cunt and more connected with everything, that’s ok.

Just today I had a DMT like experience in a dream. I was at a very strange gathering – neo baroque-ish party – and a Woman offered me a drink of her wine. I had a feeling it was not just wine, but I figured that I wanted to try it anyway and that I could still spit it out. As I drank, whatever the liquid touched went numb and I almost instantaneously started having a psychedelic experience.

What really got me is how intense the experience was and how real it felt. No idea how that was possible

The way people in my old church used to fall over and speak in tongues they would twitch and act “drunk on god” after the experience. And made them giggly and shit. It was Assemblies of God Christianity for those who don’t know what I’m talking about.

But it mimics when people fall out on 5-Meo or regular DMT. And I can say as someone who went to church a lot but doesn’t now DMT was the closest to a “religious” feeling that I ever got in my life.

My theory is that they are meditating similar to monks and that triggers something in their brain and release something perhaps DMT that causes those religious experiences.

Yes. I was meditating for 4 hours a day and seeing a really good psychiatrist while integrating my zen studies into my actual way of being and beyond a conceptual level. The shrink was more of a witness that helped me validate my newfound sense of self against previous thought processes and helped me put more faith into my process and own capacity to accept love.

I had a really great day this one day. Awesome interactions with everyone, meditated a lot. Did some yoga. Felt at peace in my place in the universe, as a part of the universe and was starting to see in everything its true nature and me my own. Then my brain told me I was full of shit, just a disingenuous hippy faggot. I told myself that that was just neural chatter and that it would pass, that my nature is empty and there for had infinite potential and that any one thing I was telling myself was a subjective story and not an absolute truth. Then my brain started to fall apart. I couldn’t form thoughts hardly, I was on the brink of tears, almost auditory hallucination like things happening. My shrink told me that I was experiencing extreme cognitive dissonance and that the two opposing belief systems were at odds against each other and pulling my brain functions one way and the next. I accepted this and went home and cried like I had never cried before. I walked and balled, but in the best way possible. I found myself within myself. I was slung into this amazing headspace of utter presence. I was hear and now and it was beautiful. For about 6 hours it felt like I had taken the cleanest acid and that that realm of being was always there. It was amazing. And since then it’s as if my equilibrium has shifted permanently away from the self destructive cycle of self hate and something knocked on my door of self love that I closed off long ago. The wrapping on that door reverberated through my entire being and woke me up.

But that initial “natural trip” was the best and most intense experience I’ve ever had, times on drugs included.

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