Gabapentin analog

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750mg 4-methylpregabalin earlier this week. Dosing went like this:

00:00 +300mg

01:30 feeling relaxed +150mg

02:30 not much change +300mg

04:00 body was feeling very warm, tingly, numb. Mostly in the joints and legs. Depth perception was off making things seem wavy and walls were breathing. This stayed steady until i fell asleep

07:00 sleep

15:00 wake up and still feel good in my legs and joints. I was more outgoing and social at work than i tend to be.

The effects lessened throughout the day and subsided completely at about 24:00

Effects lasted much longer than anticipated. Unfortunately there was one negative side effect, urinary retention. It didnt make it impossible to pee but really restricted flow.

Thats it

I agree its with the effects described besides urinary retention. It is not more potent than lyrica it seems. Its likely around the same potency. It was ‘designed’ to have less side effects which seems partially true. The ‘side effects’ though led to some of its euphoria and recreational character. As in wobbly vision and motor impairment. And sleep inducing effect.

Do any of y’all have any idea if/when it goes bad? My husband’s ex was a hoarder with Munchausen syndrome and when clearing out the last of the shit she had stored here, we found a HUGE bottle of on brand Gabapentin, which, for my no healthcare having ass, is potentially a game changer for consistency of quality of life. It’s at most 8 years old and was stored sealed in a dark, dry place in the attic. It gets fairly warm and cold through the year where we live (Portland, OR), but nothing extreme.

Figured I’d ask while I’m here lol

So how was it compared to Pregabalin? If you have used that one .

To me pregabalin is like a mix between MDMA/Alcohol/Speed, or something like that. What i mean by that is that the “feel ” of the high is like a mix between all of those, Not as intense. But has some minor effects wich are pretty Close to those.

With Euphoria, I also tend to talk alot more/ get more energy.

I usaly do like 900mg pregabalin minimum the times i do it, wich is like 3-5times a year. What would be a dose simular to that?

I’m interested in knowing what motivated you to try the analogue? Even though it’s prescription only in the US, you can buy it from online pharmacies without legal risk since it’s not a controlled substance.

I like new experiences and povidimg knowledge about poorly researched compounds can be very beneficial

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