GHRP-2 Reviews, Benefits & Side Effects

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Many GHRP-2 reviews on the Internet only look at one aspect.

However, this review covers everything.

That includes results, benefits, dosage and side effects.

It also includes how this growth hormone secretagogue affects bodybuilders and reviews of suppliers.

In case you’re wondering what “secretagogue” means, it’s a word that refers to something that helps induce the secretion of something.

In this case, GHRP-2 helps promote the secretion of growth hormone.

GHRP-2, which consists of six amino acids, starts off by stimulating natural growth hormone production in the body.

It also assists with the production and release of ghrelin. Ghrelin helps naturally increase growth hormone release by limiting the release of somatostatin, a hormone that reduces your body’s growth hormone release.

Ghrelin also causes a slight increase in appetite.

Since GHRP-2 helps your body naturally increase growth hormone production, there are many health and performance benefits, which we will discuss shortly.

GHRP-2 Reviews: What Are the Results?

Many of the reviews will agree that your results with GHRP-2 depend on what you’re using it for.

If you’re trying to bulk, GHRP-2 only will only offer minimal results.

On the other hand, if you’re starting a cutting cycle, GHRP-2 is a useful tool that helps you lose body fat much faster than with just diet and exercise.

Taking GHRP-2 also offers many benefits that aren’t directly related to bodybuilding.

However, there are indirect results for bodybuilding.

These effects can have a big impact on your quality of life, resulting in better workout sessions, increased motivation, and improved recovery.

For example, having elevated levels of growth hormone help you enjoy a long, deep night’s sleep. The better quality sleep you get, the more your body can repair your damaged muscles from training.

People who are bulking and taking GHRP-2 in combination with anabolic steroids or other compounds will be pleasantly surprised upon realizing that their appetite is in full gear.

GHRP-2 makes you more hungry than usual, and this comes in handy when you’re trying to put down your fourth or fifth meal of the day.


Benefits for Athletes in the Off-Season

GHRP-2 has a slightly positive effect on muscle growth, but it’s much more useful for gaining muscle mass when stacked with performance-enhancing compounds.

Increased levels of growth hormone in the body help increase the effects of other performance enhancers.

Also, an athlete using GHRP-2 during an off-season bulking cycle is likely to gain less body fat, even if he or she is eating at a calorie surplus to promote muscle growth.

Benefits for Bodybuilders On a Cutting Cycle

Using GHRP-2 during a cutting cycle is when this peptide really shines.

Having a high level of growth hormone in the body greatly assists with fat loss. As previously mentioned, GHRP-2 does cause increased appetite, but it’s a subtle effect that most bodybuilders will be able to resist without much discomfort.

Benefits That Impact Everyone

Elevating the amount of growth hormone in your body also helps out in the following ways:

Increased metabolism

Faster recovery after training

Better sleep

Stronger immune system

Healthier skin

Bones and joints become stronger

Increased IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor 1), which helps with recovery

Sermorelin GHRP-2 Reviews

Sermorelin, which is sometimes referred to as GRF 1-29, helps promote increased levels of human growth hormone.

Sermorelin consists of 29 amino acids versus the six found in GHRP-2.

Dosage/Side Effects

Generally, GHRP-2 is taken two to three times per day at a dose of 100 mcg (micrograms) to 300 mcg per injection.

The recommended dosage changes depending on the person and his or her goals. Some people take much larger doses, but there’s not much evidence pointing to the benefits of this.

It’s highly recommended that GHRP-2 is taken with a (GHRH) growth hormone–releasing hormone to maximize the effectiveness of the peptide.

GHRP-2, which comes as a lyophilized powder, should be stored in a dry, cool place. To reconstitute the powder for injection, mix it with sterile bacteriostatic water or injection-safe sodium chloride.

Once the powder has been reconstituted, it must be stored in a refrigerator or other cold storage until further use.

As mentioned, hunger is a side effect of GHRP-2, but most people should find it a manageable symptom.

Elevated levels of cortisol and prolactin is also a possibility, and the risk grows when you use higher doses, such as more than 200 mcg per injection.

Tiredness and lethargy are also common when you first start using GHRP-2. Some of the other common side effects include: tingling, water retention, decreased insulin sensitivity, and numbness.

Even with these side effects, GHRP-2 is one of the more mild growth hormone-releasing peptides. Other GHRPs like GHRP-6 have more severe side effects.

GHRP-2 Bodybuilding

When using GHRP-2 for bodybuilding, you can expect a faster recovery time between workouts and the ability to retain lean muscle mass while cutting.

GHRP-2 also provides an increase in bone density, which could help reduce the chance of an injury while you’re lifting heavy.

Reviews of Suppliers

There’s a good mix of companies US-based and foreign-based companies selling GHRP-2.

GH Peptides advertises that it’s products are made in the USA, and a 5 mg vial from this company with a greater than 99 percent purity rating costs $20.

Peptide Sciences also sells US-based peptides. You can get a 5 mg vial of GHRP-2 from this company for $23.

If you spend a certain amount of money, the company gives you 30 ml of bacteriostatic water for free.

Most GHRP-2 reviews probably won’t mention this, but any reputable company that you’re considering purchasing from will tell you that all of these products are not meant for human consumption.

It’s forbidden by US law to purchase GHRP-2 with the intent of using it on people or animals. Furthermore, GHRP-2 is only meant to be handled by qualified, licensed professionals.

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