Glonavar Review—Cycles, Results & Price Guide

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Glonavar is a brand of oxandrolone.

It is manufactured by Global Anabolic and is available in two forms: Glonavar 10 and Glonavar 25.

Glonavar 10 is Global Anabolics’ oral form of the drug. Each tablet is white in color and contains 10 mg of oxandrolone.

Glonavar 25 is an injectable steroid, and there’s 25 mg of oxandrolone per milliliter.

Generally, one bottle contains 20 ml, and the dosage for most people is between 1 ml and 4 ml, depending on sex, fitness level, and goals.

Glonavar VS Anavar

There’s not much of a difference between Glonavar and Anavar.

Aside from some slight differences with inactive ingredients, both products contain the same active ingredient, oxandrolone.

Other brands of Anavar are available in smaller doses, as you can find Anavar pills with as little as 2.5 mg of oxandrolone.

For female bodybuilders or men who are new to taking anabolic androgenic steroids, it may be more appropriate to buy Anavar in smaller dosages, so you can take smaller doses and more easily control the amount you’re taking.

Anavar does cause virilization in women. However, most women can take small enough doses to avoid symptoms.

Virilization effects may appear at a 20 mg daily dose, although in many cases, women report virilization symptoms at much lower doses such as 5 mg.

Glonavar Results

When considering the possible results of a Glonavar cycle, it’s important to distinguish between people who are looking to bulk or cut, as the results are drastically different.

Bodybuilders and powerlifters who are bulking up in the offseason will likely find minimal benefits from Glonavar.

The active ingredient is a mild steroid and doesn’t contribute much toward lean tissue gain for men.

To compare, taking 20 mg of Dianabol would typically result in more muscle mass gain than taking even 100 mg of Glonavar or Anavar. Women who are looking to add mass are much more likely to see benefits from a Glonavar cycle than men are.

Cutting Cycle Results

For cutting purposes, Glonavar is a very useful tool. It helps you hold on to as much muscle mass as possible while you’re shedding body fat, and it doesn’t cause water retention, so you’ll likely see the weight go down on the scale while also keeping much of your muscle mass.

You may even end your cutting cycle with a slight gain in lean muscle tissue. While men see a lot of benefits from using Glonavar for a cutting cycle, women may actually see even better results.

Since it can be a lot harder for women to drop body fat, having a relatively safe supplement that helps retain muscle mass can be an extremely useful tool.

Furthermore, Glonavar helps promote total metabolic activity and fat burning.

While this is helpful for both men and women, it’s actually more beneficial for women, as their caloric requirement is often much more strict than men’s dieting requirements.


The main benefit for men taking Glonavar is that it helps you retain lean muscle mass while cutting.

Most other steroids have a lot of undesired side effects for women, and taking Glonavar provides either slight bulking benefits or cutting benefits without the extent of side effects that other steroids cause.

If you really want to see benefits without any risk of side effects however, you should try taking CrazyBulk’s Anvarol as it is designed to mimic the positive effects without any side effects.

Side Effects

Glonavar is one of the most side-effect friendly steroids available. If you take proper precautions, it’s possible to run a cycle with no or minimal side effects.

Of course, each person is different, and while most people don’t experience negative effects, it’s possible that you may experience negative side effects due to your unique body composition and health.

Both men and women are able to take this steroid with little to no side effects if taken at low enough doses.

Most anabolic steroids have estrogenic side effects, due to their aromatizing nature. Many people take aromatase inhibitors while cycling with androgenic steroids to counteract the drug converting into estrogen once they’re present in the body.

Glonavar doesn’t have estrogenic side effects, so you don’t have to take aromatase inhibitors as a preventative measure.

Glonavar does cause some slight testosterone suppression, so it’s recommended that men take an exogenous testosterone while taking it.


The price for Glonavar varies depending on where you’re getting it from and the quantity you’re purchasing.

For example, the price in India may be a bit cheaper than purchasing from another country, however, it’s important to take shipping cost, shipping time, and product quality into account before making a purchase.

The markets are flooded with fakes.

While you may save money buying from a particular country, if the country is known for fake or bad-quality Glonavar, you may want to look elsewhere.

For comparison purposes, Glonavar 10 is likely to cost approximately $105.00 for 100 x 10 mg pills. 20 ml of Glonavar 25, which is the injectable version, costs about $249.00. Keep in mind Glonavar contains 25 mg of oxandrolone per milliliter.

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