Good RCs for Anxiety?

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I have crippling generalized anxiety, and I have to take random dipstickso. What are some RCs that won’t show up that are good for anxiety?

All drugs will do is make your anxiety worse when sober with the exception of dissos and psychedelics. The best bet (still a bad bet) is to have one psychedelic experience and a few dissociative experiences. Then move the fuck on and integrate those experiences into your life. Put drugs away until you’re better. Start with meditation and exercise and if that doesn’t help, seek therapy. Whatever you do, don’t touch benzos. Even if you don’t become dependent (you probably will), you will still be worse off than if you had never touched them at all.

I already have. I was on them for 7 years, but they took me off of them, and now nothing else is helping, so I am looking for something that will.

Your best bet is to talk to a doctor and get on something like Zoloft if you’re thinking long term. Zoloft has worked wonders for me personally, but if that doesn’t work there are other options as well.

Straight up, generalized anxiety is the #1 red flag suggesting a person should avoid psychoactive drugs completely.

Edit: Seriously…consider going to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. You are likely to meet very welcoming people that also struggle with anxiety.

I figured out a way to force that integration…

Drop acid at 6pm after a day of well rest, don’t sleep at all, “wake up” at 6am… Have your coffee, and just stay awake until your normal bedtime, and go to bed.

You know how acid (generally) has such a slow onset that you actually need to check with your senses to know whether or not it’s currently taking effect, making for a gradual comfort build with the full trip..?

I’ve found out, accidentally, that staying awake through the trip AND afterwards, until you’re completely sober…

Still going about your day like normal, you’ll notice that the slow comedown from that trip will have that gradualism effect of making you more comfortable with that reality with the gained degree of slight enlightenment and extra interpersonal knowledge…

Makes you way more comfortable with the knowledge in & of itself, AND integrating it successfully in your life…

I figure, shit… We stay awake for our entire come up, because that’s part of the drug’s experience. (Unless we decide to lay down for a nap with a tab in our market tunes for a good upon waking up)

So, we should stay awake for the ENTIRE comedown as well… At least, IMO.

So I soldier on, and I forget NOTHING that happened during any of those types of trips, either… BECAUSE of that.

I find that going to sleep only when you’re somewhat sober sort of creates a memory wall when you actually fall asleep, and then wake up from sleep… Making it hazy and difficult to recall and string together and to genuinely problem solve in a medicinal way.


Fast 24 hours before the trip

Drop at 6pm, do what you gotta do, start your next day at 6am… Continue activities as normal. (You can eat lights snacks to sustain energy, but only fruits and fresh vegetable and water)

Bed time at your normal time.

You’ll be able to use your trip in a much more meaningful way this way.

Interesting, but long term integration is way more involved than forcing something like this. Also, not everyone is cloudy the day after a trip, it’s more so about actually making long term behaviours that positively affect your life. by staying up for one night and remembering your trip clearer than normal doesn’t really prove you’ve actually integrated anything useful for the long term.

I would not recommend this method for anyone really, not only is LSD stressful on the mind and body but so is not getting enough rest. Doing this could potentially have negative affects for a lot of people, I can’t see this method working well for anyone in the long term.

It’s not long term.

Just the most “medicinal” way to go if using it as a pure religious sacrament.

Akin to the 40 day & 40 night fast. Except less extreme.

A double all-nighter is perfectly doable, I however usually just skip the first 24 hours awake, but always pull an all nighter regarding the schedule I mentioned.

Might be a little raggedy at the end of it, but it’s much easier to integrate all of the gained knowledge and perspective this way.

You can alternate whenever you use that style, but honestly it makes it extremely easy… You carry each and every memory, thought, happening, action and etc.

When you slowly and slowly adjust from the high to completely sober, with no sleep, then adjust next day’s bedtime for normal, the events and memories from the trip are almost engrained into your memory in a working fashion that lets your mind cope with it much easier than just going to bed still slightly tripping, falling asleep, then just waking up with an “Oh shit, now I’m back here” feeling that a good portion of people get…

It melds the tripping state to your sober state because you’re awake the entire time you watch the mind state from the trip slowly meld back into the “normal reality” that one might usually use

Lmao dude I’m sorry but I don’t see this working for anyone. Just because it worked for you doesn’t mean it’s some kind of wook hack. Recommending stressful situations for treating anxiety is such a poor practice, for the sake of harm reduction people should not do this.

In fact I would say it doesn’t even work for you because you admitted it’s not a long term solution. “Alternating” doing this does nothing towards training your mind into positive behaviours. Learn to do it with out the drugs and tell me how that goes.

Yeah if I fast 24 hours then stay up over night i will pass out the next day or be horribly ill until I sleep. The combination of low blood sugar, hunger, and sleep deprivation sounds torturous.

Usually on a dipstick Etizolam will work. It won’t show up on standard 4 sticks or shit like that because it’s a theinodoazepime. If the test is high quality 10 panel or lab run etc then a diazipine will show up

I don’t like to say it but it would be a benzo of some sort like etizolam or diclaz. On the non RC spectrum mirtazapine works for me with ksm66. YMMV.

Diclaz I am pretty sure shows up on testing and I have heard mixed answers regarding whether or not etizolam shows however mirtazapine surely would not show plus it has the benefit of being able to be used long term whereas with benzos one has to deal with addiction and tolerance issues.

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