Halotestin HGH Stack Dosage & Adverse Effects

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A Halotestin and HGH stack might strike some as an unusual cycle.

But advanced bodybuilders and powerlifters are including drugs that are not necessarily steroids, and that has led to some experimenting with HGH in their stacks

Placing this commingling of drugs in the context of advanced users makes sense because steroids on Halotestin’s level are downright hardcore.

HGH (Human Growth Hormone), on the other hand, has anabolic properties but is not actually an anabolic steroid.

Growth hormones are naturally occurring elements that are generated in the pituitary gland and have been tapped into for medical purposes and later appropriated for athletic enhancement.

The combination of synthetically manufactured steroids and HGH has reportedly provided substantial muscular gains for workout enthusiasts.

But the risks associated with these types of cycles has motivated the same veterans that might experiment with a Halotestin and HGH stack to shift to alternative products.

Embracing a health and fitness lifestyle has far more in common with safe alternatives than dangerous side effects.

That being said, a Halotestin and HGH stack might be something that long-time steroid users experiment with to get over the hump when their bodies grow accustomed to even hardcore drugs.

By understanding what these drugs do, how they might interact and the inherent risks, seasoned athletes can make an informed decision about trying a Halotestin and HGH stack cycle.

What Factors Go Into A Halotestin & HGH Stack?

In practical terms, this stack would be best utilized by competitive weightlifters gearing up for competition.

Both Halo and HGH are considered powerful drugs that have a very short potency lifespan.

Powerlifters may cycle the 5mg Halo tablets during a 4-week cycle at 10mg per day to start.

That dosage generally increases to 20mg daily at mid-cycle.

Halotestin is already a risky steroid, so dosages higher than 20 mg a day is really playing with fire.

The HGH combination requires a daily injection because the synthetic growth hormone’s potency can be as short-lived as 5 hours.

Due to the high cost of pharmaceutical HGH running upwards of $1,000 US for 100 units, morning injections on key workout sessions may make sense with small daily dosage that last two weeks.

The strategy behind Halotestin and HGH stack goes to tapping into raw power and fast recuperation.

The stack also tends to be low in water retention, by comparison, and that helps athletes who need to make competition weight.

The bad news is that “Halo” is not angelic by any stretch of the imagination and synthetic HGH carries side effect baggage as well.

How Does Halotestin Work?

If you are a Marvel Comics fans, the Incredible Hulk might be a good reflection of the effects “Halo” has on the body and personality. It is pure power and aggression.

Although the illegal steroid has a tremendously high anabolic rating of 1,900, it does not work like a lean tissue builder.

The rating should indicate that it would be comparable to taking Anavar or Winstrol. That simply is not the case.

Halo acts in a fashion similar to Anadrol in many ways. It appears to react like a strong androgenic once processed in the system.

It tends not to generate high water retention like Anadrol. That has made it more popular with physique athletes for non-competition cycles.

It does generate some bloating. The synthetic hormone tends to have a shorter potency than Anadrol also.

Like Anadrol, Halo works be ramping up red blood cells that deliver oxygen and vital nutrients directly into the muscles.

This reduces recuperation times and augments muscular endurance. Basically, users may be able to workout longer and harder and be fully healed sooner.

Halo is generally considered a stop-gap drug that lifters incorporate for competition cycles although 12-week runs aren’t uncommon.

As a “hardcore” steroid, Halo can compromise a fitness enthusiast’s health and wellness in ways others in its class may not. That has added to the trend away from drugs to healthy alternatives that mirror the effects of steroids without the nasty side effects.

How Does HGH Work?

In the bodybuilding and powerlifting circles, HGH is often considered the high-priced drug many wish they could afford.

It was first developed form the pituitary glands of cadavers during the late 1950s.

That process led to contamination and illness and it was banned.

Efforts to tap into HGH at the source proved unsuccessful and it was later made through DNA manipulation.

HGH is a synthetic product today and does have significant side effects. In that sense, it has many of the same pros and cons as manufactured steroids.

Synthetic HGH can help bodybuilders build lean, cut physiques by ramping up the metabolism and shortening recovery times.

It also has a wide range of medical benefits and has been prescribed to treat HIV, burn victims and muscle wasting.

What Are The Dangers Of A Halotestin & HGH Stack?

When HGH first hit the market, there was a myth in the bodybuilding subculture that it was natural and had no side effects.

In reality, it is a synthetic drug and the potential side effects include:

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Swelling of the ankles and wrists

Thyroid production decreases



Respiratory infections

Joint pain

Halo, on the other hand, can turn lifters into the Hulk, in a bad way.

The most concerning side effect attributed to Halo is roid rage. Yes, that’s a very real thing.

The same aggression levels that help workout warriors power through tough reps doesn’t go dormant after leaving the gym.

Riod rage has been likened to an altered state where otherwise reasonably people turn violent and confrontational.

The inherent dangers of running cycles such as a Halotestin and HGH stack are reasons why many people have embraced the fitness lifestyle by turning to alternative steroid products that are safe and risk-free.

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