Halotestin & Testosterone Stack | Safest Doses & Cycles For AGGRESSIVE Muscle Growth

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Hardcore weightlifters willing to take the sport to the extreme may find themselves on a cycle that stacks Halotestin and Testosterone.

Drugs such as Halotestin and Testosterone are neither for beginners nor the faint of heart because they can have powerful effects and consequences.

Steroid cycles and stacking has become part of the modern era of weight-trained athletes.

Following a first-time use, athletes discover that taking two or more anabolic or androgenic drugs seems to have a greater impact than the same dosage of a standalone product.

The sum can be greater than the parts.

In terms of athletic gains, stacking drugs can help make bodybuilders bigger, stronger and develop increased greater muscular endurance.

The flip side to running a Halotestin and Testosterone stack is that the sum can be greater than the partswhen it comes to the dangerous side effects.

That’s led many veteran strength and physique athletes to adopt steroid alternatives that jack up the body’s natural ability to get bigger and stronger.

But those who are determined to cycle Halotestin and Testosterone, these are some of the pros and cons. By understanding how the two drugs work, interact and the inherent dangers, you can make an informed decision.

What Factors Go Into A Halotestin and Testosterone Stack?

Halotestin generally comes in 5mg tablets and Test is an injectable that runs 200-250mg per ML.

The oral-injectable stack is common and this one is more oriented toward strength gains. That makes it a darling with powerlifters preparing for competition.

A 4-week competition cycle may start off with a 2 ML shot of Test weekly and 10mg of Halotestin daily.

If you look online, you may find bodybuilder recommendations for 10-12 week cycles on Halotestin. But Halotestin is so liver toxic that we don’t recommend it.

You might use Test beyond the 4 weeks, but the stress to the liver that Halotestin can cause means 4 weeks should be your maximum on that drug.

Competitive cycles tend to ramp up into high dosages quickly, and are the riskier ones.

This stack could increase at the 2 week mark leading right up to the show. A powerlifter might add 1ML to the run and 1 tablet daily as well.

We don’t recommend taking more than 40 mg of Halotestin daily. In fact, the safest place to be with Halotestin is in the 10-20 mg range.

Post steroid therapy will be needed as the body will likely shut down its own production completely.

Many will incorporate other drugs such as Deca or Dianabol depending on experience and goals. A Halotestin and Testosterone stack alone tends to be relatively low in water retention by comparison, which helps lifters make their weight class.

While this stack may provide a competitive edge, the old saying about the bill coming due holds true.

How Does Halotestin Work?

This anabolic/androgenic steroid has been around since the 1950s and has enjoyed modest popularity among bodybuilders even though its rating seems to favor lean tissue building.

Halotestin (Fluoxymesterone) has an anabolic rating of 1,900 and a lower androgenic rating of 850.

That should indicate that it’s the type of steroid that could be used in a cutting regimen. That hasn’t been the most prominent use of Halotestin.

Like Anadrol that rates high on the anabolic side but actuals delivers massive androgenic effects, Halotestin favors strength gains.

This drug, like Anadrol, causes the body to ramp up its red blood cell count and that helps carry oxygen and nutrients into the muscles. The delivery system is a key factor in making muscle gains.

Despite the drug’s scientific indicators, it does not reinforce the lean tissue growth one might expect. Like Anadrol, Halotestin is a raw power drug.

The feeling of strength it creates can be turned into real gains on every movement in the gym.

Users see their bench press poundages go up. Squats, deadlifts…add another plate. From a purely goal-oriented perspective that all sounds fantastic, right?

While it may be true that hardcore lifters can channel that sense of Hulk-like strength into the gym, it can also spill over into everyday life in dangerous ways.

Again, that’s another reason why many old school lifters switch to healthy steroid alternative products that don’t have a huge downside.

How Does Testosterone Work?

Testosterone is widely considered a base steroid that others are stacked on top of.

The injectable often finds itself mixed into syringes with anything from Deca Durabolin to Parabolin brands. In terms of steroid stacks, think of Test as the foundation that bodybuilder put down.

There are several different types of Test but the primary ones are Cypionate and Enanthate.

These baseline drugs are considered middle of the road in terms of strength and tissue building. Neither has an extreme anabolic or androgenic rating and that makes them suitable to use in a cycle geared in either direction.

The practical difference between Cypionate and Enanthate is that veteran steroid users find that Cypionate has longer potency in the system.

Considering that a drug cycle usually includes a shot once or twice each week, that idea may be more myth than reality.

Both types of Test work by increasing the level of hormones in the body.

By injecting synthetic hormones that overwhelm normal levels, the recovery and nutrient delivery process is heightened.

Steroids only work if a strong effort is put into exercise and a nutritional diet is followed.

They aren’t magic beans, just enhancers. Test users that put in the work often report gains of 10-20 pounds of mass and increased strength levels across the board.

What Are The Dangers To A Halotestin and Testosterone Stack?

Consider that Test is a common illegal steroid and sale and possession can land you in cuffs. But, determined gym junkies may be willing to take that risk.

Consider that no doctor is going to write you a prescription.

That means the drugs purchased from a gym dealer may have been concocted in makeshift lab or someone’s basement and could be contaminated.

Now consider the side effects.

Testosterone comes with the commonly understood side effects that include water retention, acne, headaches, distorted cholesterol levels, high blood pressure and gynecomastia (Man Boobs).

Now throw Halotestin into the mix.

Halotestin has a gym nickname, “Halo,” and it is anything but saintly.

Like Anadrol, Halo is considered one of the most dangerous drugs for roid rage.

Ask a seasoned powerlifter and they’ll tell you that roid rage is not a media myth. Halo and Anadrol are useful in the gym because that extreme aggression can be directed at the weights. Pain equals anger when taking Halo and the rage can grow exponentially.

The problem with drugs like Halo and Anadrol is that users cannot turn the rage off after leaving the gym.

Many find themselves in an almost altered state doing things that are far out of character. The health and aggression issues are some of the reasons that many people have switched to steroid alternatives.

These supplement lines augment natural systems in the body and help gym-goers make gains without the risk a Halotestin and Testosterone stack presents.

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