Has anyone tried 5-IT I guess I accidentally tried it, If you tried it how did you feel, how comparble this to anything?

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How do you accidentally try something???

Well, I bought Amhetamine Powder, I live in Europe, My friend picked up by purchasing online and when he saw another somebodies Amphetamine but in Pill form, there was 10 yellow little pills(THOOSE WERE ALSO AMPHETAMINE) And WHITE BIG 1 So he gave me all that in hands and took some too, I THOUGHT WHAT IT CAN BE


It felt Like MDMA but less, then I Had no idea and Started to research

Like “Mitsubishi” pills (LOGO was on the pill)

And discovered there is 5-IT can be in thoose

I have 4 variants what it can actually be in this pill



3.MDMA but in Low dosage So I just didn’t feel much I Was addicted to MDMA tested for a 1 year and 1 month in Pill form (Like once in Friday) I just got bored from it and stopped of caurse with some “fuck me up” wythdrawal So I probably had low effect of MDMA because of Tolarence

4.Amphetamine (And I had strong placebo for myself)

5.Any else substance


There’s effect on wikipedia of 5-IT, they’re too much the same what I felt

So what do you think?

so you took an unknown pill and decided to identify it with a random substance without any sort of tests?

5-IT’s effects on wikipedia are pretty broad, they could be applied to basically every single stimulant out there

Yeah, i received it in pellet form not long before it went public in the UK. Not 100% sure what the dose was, but there was tens of thousands made and the same ones still went on sale.

was all well and good for a little while, felt like an aMT comeup, then i started getting chest pains and losing minutes to hours of what i was doing and swiftly ended up in hospital.

it felt like what I imagine an aMT overdose would feel like without much of the visual factor.

Did you feel like Anger or Kind of Disorientaion

Do you agree it was MDMA like come up with unique feelings?)

comeup was not MDMA-like at all imo.

In the end I was very disorientated, to the point my friends called an ambulance for me.

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