Help me bartards. Am I an idiot, or are pressed etiz pills usually underdosed?

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Previously bought Indian pharma etiz pills at 1mg a piece. Decided to buy bulk and make a solution. My goal was to make a solution of 1mg /0.25ml. My vials are marketed as 15ml, but when I used a dropper to pull out 0.25ml at a time, I was able to do so roughly 49 times before the vial was empty.

I weigh out and desolved ~47mg into the vial with PG. When I used the solution it was way stronger than the pressed pills I’m used to. 1mg is usually slightly noticeable, but this time I felt very wobbly and barely remember the hour or so before bed. It felt like I took 2-3mg instead of 1. That can’t be normal, right?

You should get either a graduated cylinder or an oral syringe with 0.1ml lines to measure out the liquid. Droppers can be fairly inaccurate.

Also make sure the powder is completely dissolved in the solution. If it’s not and there is powder sitting in the bottom of the vial then you may suck that up in the dropper and get more than expected.

The set of vials with dropper caps I got were very inexpensive, so definitely will do.

I waited a week after the chem visibly dissolved before I tried it, but I also desolved the solution with the dropper cap on the vial. I wonder if what I took was a concentrated amount that got into the dropper when I was shaking it to make it desolve.

You didn’t make your solution right. You’re supposed to dissolve the etiz, then add PG to get to the desires volume. If you just add the powder to the full volume it will throw everything off because you failed to account for the volume of the etiz

Nope. A solid dissolving in a liquid does not change the volume of the liquid after it gets dissolved. If you dissolve a bunch of salt in water the water level won’t go up.

As far as your solution goes though, it should be roughly correct. 47mg/12.25mL = 3.84 mg/mL * 0.25 mL = 0.96 mg.

So there are several explanations. It may be that your pellets are underdosed. You may not have accurately measured your .25 mL. Perhaps your body is absorbing the etiz more readily than if it were in a pellet and that’s why it seems stronger to you. Another possibility is that your scale is off.

For now I’m going to chalk it up to measuring with very inexpensive droppers. I’m going to buy a graduated cylinder to confirm, but you are correct it could be any if those things.

If you want to measure mililiters accurately, I would suggest a volumetric flash. Cylinders are ok but not great at that scale. A 50 mL volumetric flask would be much more accurate. Problem is that each flash only measures one specific volume.

Interesting. Can you explain about dissolving substance and then adding? Do you partial of the measured solvent to first dissolve? If so how do you get into solution being so highly concentrated?

If your math is on point then you have either been dosing bunk before, or your 49mg is more than 49mg. Right? My guess is your previous experience was with bunk shit. I.e. you answered your own question

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