Help regarding disso and benzo use

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So long story short I bought way too many drugs for a good weekend with the bros. Sadly they left me behind because I’m too weird for them I guess 🙁 .

I’ve been kinda depressed and this 2f-dck I have is very magical stuff. I’ve gone through 2 grams these past 2 days and they have been kind of a blur but my depression feels a bit better.

It’s just I have a very addicting personality and I feel like this 28 gram of 2f-dck is going to fry my brain if I keep up my usage. What should I do? Flush it? I’m honestly tempted.

If not flush, can someone inform how much 2f-dck I should consume maximum a week and maybe I can spread out my doses ? Any help would be appreciated

You have an addictive personality but you bought an ounce of an easily abusable drug?

It’d be a shame to flush it but you’re probably just gonna snort it all and then your depression won’t be cured when it’s gone.

Drugs won’t cure depression. People on the internet can’t give you reliable advice on treating it either.

It was supposed to be a fat party but like never happened. They even said they would pay some money to help me out on the drugs I provided but nah I’m pretty sure they just did not want to do that

So yeah if I was in your shoes I’d make a nasal solution, buy a nasal sprayer off Amazon, and only use it to keep away shitty thoughts.

Still this is super risky without professional help because you could end up doing more damage to your mind without proper therapy and self control.

Good luck, stay safe, and don’t just blow the ounce super fast! It will fuck your memory and possibly make your depression worse!

And.. why? Every time I used etizolam along with MXE it ended up in me blacking out and entering this trance like state where I’d be drooling and staring off into space for hours (according to my horrified girlfriend at the time who found me like this multiple times.. no wonder she left me lol)

In my experience, if you have a large supply of any substance you can’t refrain from, flushing is definitely the way to go. You’ll probably regret it, but not so much as you’d regret using it all. This doesn’t sound like a particularly vicious substance, in fact, I’m curious if what you have already taken might help with the depression- ketamine showing so much promise in that regard.

Yes that’s why this 2f has been a godsend. Really considering flushing it I know I’ll feel so much better

Better listen to your gut feeling then. Maybe deep inside you know you need to be fully present for awhile. Besides, the beneficial K effect are supposed to be pretty long lasting. That gives you some time to consider it.

Don’t flush it. Sprinkle it on your lawn or a neighbor you hates lawn or some shit. Or just a random field in the middle of nowhere.

why the fuck are you getting downvoted? there really are a lot of cunts on reddit

it’s not going to fry your brain. but it can definitely produce long lasting changes in plasticity and neurochemistry, and especially if you’re depressed, antagonising ndmar too much for extended periods of time will definitely worsen things. HOWEVER tho i think most disso can be used quite effectively as antideprassnts, as you already noticed. my advise is to try using sort a therapeutic dosing regimen, where you only take threshold doses. but if you do, i advise taking a t break first and completely abstaing from recreational use.

if you are not able to use responsibly, theny yes, flushing it will be the only options, or sell it if you can. before you flush it sent it to me pls lol

as for the benzos, QUIT AS LONG AS YOU STILL CAN. are you already dependant on them? if no, then please for the love of god quit immediatly.

Send it to me, I’ll dispose of it safely for you

Yep I have a filter I can put them through that will process them and then release what they break down to safely in the toilet. Can take awhile but it’s worth the trouble to help someone in need.

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