Hexen hexen

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Damn I bought 10gs of hexen from a pretty well known source. It made it through customs…but it didnt make it through the wife.

She is angry to say the least. Shes telling me I gotta flush it. Fuck that shit lmao ima get a stash can or flip it to the homies cause I paid good money for this shit

Idk what would yall so?

I would flush 10g of baking soda

Idk bro i know firsthand how hard it is to flush precious drugs, but I also know firsthand how hard it can be to regain your girlfriend/wife’s trust.

I say flush it, ask for forgiveness, and be more open about drug use from now on. It’s not “being whipped” if you ask her for her blessing for you to rail some lines with your buddy, it’s being honest. Would you like it if she kept secrets from you that she knows you don’t like?

Probably the best advice here. If you can have open conversations about this with the wife, maybe you could find a chem you both like and can do together, that way she wont be mad and you can still get lifted.

I had Hexen ONE time. Me and my buddy just sat there taking lines every 10-20mins until we finished the whole fucking bag. We then proceeded to smoke a whole entire pack of cigs in under an hour and when the come down hit we where both very, very regretful of our decision and there was puke everywhere. Felt like shit the next day and a half after that too. Too fiendish in my very limited and retarded experience. I’d say flush that shit bro!!

This substance produces euphoria that lasts about 1 hour and strong stimulation for about 10 hours IIRC, how did you even survive redosing 10-15m….

I agree ime best aspect of it lasted around 1hr and then another hour or two of just wakefulness. Although I have gone through like 5g in a night between 2 friends but didn’t really get any negative side effects afterwards. Then again those days it’d be common for me to go up to like 6 days with no sleep in sight. The crash would just result in me sleeping a bit more than normal for a day or two but the negative physical and psychological sides were little to none. Well besides the weight loss.. that shit alongside Kratom would kill my appetite completely. When I quit using it though the weight bounced back to normal in a short while. No wd nor noticeably lingering cravings but hey results may vary

Hexen is awful. Such a shit stim. NEP is a lil better.

Glad I have plenty of amphetamine & the good analogues in my RC collection box, along with ~6g’s of MXE

Idk man, Nep is ok in my book but it lacks that extra bit of kick or rush that Hex has. Now this will vary between one person to the next but Imo Nep has a nasty side that lingers for a good while and only offers a OK uplifting effect but in a more mild prolonged manner, that would still be fine tbh but what kinda kills it for me is how fleeting the positive yet mild effects last. Yet it’s so easy to get harsh negative side effects and if you manage to do a little bit too much, which easily happens. Then your left in a horrible kinda state of mind resembling an inner sensation of agitation, aching muscles, with some desire to do more while even after knowing that Nep brought forth the negative effects to begin with which causes the cycle to start over again after you fool yourself by saying just one more..smaller this time around. But I’d imagine that if one had something to chill our with it could be a lot more positive of an exp but I tend to shy away from things like that nowadays

Hex I found to react in a much more positive manner a little bit shorter lasting but definitely the euphoric properties appeared more in your face overall. I also noticed that the dose amount was much more forgiving. I can honestly say I didn’t exp as bad of effect from Hex even after binges would occur. When stopping it’d be just gradual descent back to base. but I would note that Hex was more scatterbrained while Nep maintained that concentration aspect much better and the negative sides from Nep Reduce a bit through more exposure so I guess each have their uses. Just gotta find what works best for you I guess.

I apologize for the Nep wall of text I just had to get in on this lol but on a side note I am jelly about that mxe dude! Lol

This one right here ^

NEP lacks the rush NEH has. NEP is smoother, less rushy and not as fiendish.

NEH is the exact opposite. (Both feel somewhat similar tho)

Pretty sure NEH releases/ blocks massive amounts of Dopamine, which might explain why it starts to sucks as soon as you hit dose 3-4

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