HGH 2IU Per Day—How Many IU of HGH Should I Take a Day?

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With HGH, dosages can range from 2iu per day up to 8iu per day.

Which dosage is right for you?

We’ll get there, but let’s start with the most basic question:

What is HGH?

The body naturally produces human growth hormone (somatotropin), and production peaks around maturity in the early twenties.

It is estimated that from age 21- 61, the body’s production of HGH falls by up to 80%.

Since the creation of synthetic HGH, athletes and bodybuilders have found that taking HGH also improves strength, endurance, and overall performance while soothing symptoms of aging.

However, there is not a one-size-fits-all dosage for HGH.  Learning about various dosages and their effects is a good starting point for any individual considering taking HGH.

Benefits of Taking HGH 2IU Per Day (Up To 8IU Per Day)

As a prescribed medication, HGH can treat medical conditions such as growth problems, Turner Syndrome, and muscle-loss due to HIV and AIDS.

Off-label, individuals who use HGH take it with the intended goal of improving athletic performance.

HGH has the power to promote a number of benefits that bodybuilders strive for.

These include:

Boosted energy

Reduced fat mass

Increased lean muscle mass

Improved recovery time

Side Effects Of Taking HGH

As mentioned earlier, HGH is an advanced hormone.

While lower doses may be taken indefinitely, higher does are more likely to lead to an increase in side effects.

Common side effects of taking HGH include:

Pain: nerve, muscle, or joint

Edema: increased fluid levels in the body that leads to swelling

Carpal tunnel syndrome


Tingling, especially in the hands

Increased cholesterol levels

Increased risk of diabetes

Increased risk of cancerous tumor growths

Risk of infection or disease (if illegally-obtained HGH products are contaminated or poorly manufactured)

HGH 2 IU Per Day

Depending on the gender of the user as well as the reason for taking HGH (i.e. as part of a hormone therapy plan or for increasing athletic performance), dosages can vary a bit.

For instance, long-term therapeutic dosages tend to be lower in general with men taking an average dose of 1-3iu while women frequently are prescribed less than 1iu.

However, for both men and women using HGH for performance, the dosage increases across the board. Common doses for athletes:

Men: 2-4iu per day

Women: average of 1-2iu per day

HGH 3 iu – 4 iu per day

Women tend to be more susceptible to the side effects of HGH, particularly jaw growth and an increased risk of carpal tunnel.

However, if a woman (especially a bodybuilder) is seeking intense growth, a woman could take a dose of up to 3- 4 iu per day.

Note: Once your daily dosage exceeds 2 iu, split the injections into two doses.

For example, if you are planning on 3 iu per day, take two injections of 1.5iu.

One injection should occur in the morning and the second should occur in the late afternoon.

For those seeking to use HGH injections for more than weight loss purposes, a dosage of 4 iu per day is a good place to start when muscle growth is the end goal.

In fact, many forums showcase individuals who are pleased with a daily dose of 4 iu.

2-4 iu is the most common dose for male athletes.

The above doses (2-4 iu) are very safe and offer the following benefits:

Increased fat loss

Improved recovery

Sustains the rejuvenation traits of HGH: these are the “fountain of youth” effects which Include healthier skin and improved libido

HGH 5 IU Per Day

Once daily doses start trending up towards 5 iu per day, the emergence of side effects becomes more common.

A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine highlighted the effects on the body of different HGH doses.

Dr. Rudman noted that a weekly intake of 16.5 iu (split into three doses per week for a total of 5.5 iu per day) was the turning point for increased side effects.

HGH 6IU – 8 IU Per Day

While lower doses may be suitable for therapeutic settings or women athletes, men may opt for a higher dose.

Doses of 6-8 iu are particularly popular with bodybuilders looking to substantially boost the growth of lean muscle mass.

If doses exceed 8 iu, it is extremely important to be watchful of any side effects such as tingling or numbness in hands, joint pain, or swelling.

How to Schedule Daily Doses

To avoid overwhelming the pituitary gland (where HGH is naturally produced) it is recommended to not take HGH injections every day of the week.  Common schedules include:

5 days on, 2 days rest

6 days on, 1 day rest

Ideally, take HGH injections on training days.

Split the daily dose into multiple injections: many users prefer one in the morning with the second dose in the late afternoon / early evening


Unless HGH is prescribed as a long term treatment, in which the duration is indefinite, a course of HGH for performance enhancement, must be thoughtfully planned.

The course length does not change based on the dosage.

Additionally, intermittent usage will not produce any substantial results.

For fat loss and improved recovery: a 16 week course produces satisfactory results

For intense growth in an anabolic setting: a 6 month course is ideal.

There’s no denying that HGH is a desirable hormone for both casual users (wanting to lose weight and replenish dipping HGH levels) and athletes looking to improve performance.

Regardless of your desired dosage, a healthy diet and proper training will work in tandem to help you achieve your goals.

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