HGH After 18 Up To 25 | Will It Work To Increase My Height?

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Human growth hormone (HGH) is a hormone that occurs naturally in humans and is responsible for cell growth, division, and regeneration.

It is this hormone that propels childhood growth and maintains organ growth during adulthood, but what happens to HGH after 18-25?

If you take it, will it help you grow taller after puberty?

Before diving into the acceptable age ranges to begin taking HGH, it is important first to remember why this hormone is so valued beyond childhood growth.

HGH After 18-20, 21-22, 23-25

HGH has been linked to:

Improved immune system

Improved recovery

Increased weight loss

Improved look and feel of skin

Improved libido

Better quality of sleep

Increased performance (stamina and endurance)

HGH After 18 – 20

Even though a young bodybuilder may be eager to increase overall build and performance, HGH may not be the answer they are looking for.

The human body produces its own human growth hormone; actually during this age range, the body produces quite a bit of HGH.

This production does not even begin to fade until the mid-twenties (after 23-25 on average.)

For this reason, it is not recommended that anyone take HGH after 19 or even HGH after 20. They should wait until they are older.

Taking HGH while the body is producing a large amount of its own HGH puts the individual at risk for side effects including joint pain, nerve pain, and risk of diabetes.

Some people think that taking HGH to grow taller at 19 will work, but results are mixed and not proven.

HGH After 21-22

Because the natural production of HGH in the human body does not begin to slow down until the mid to late twenties, taking HGH after 21 or even taking HGH after 22 may still be too early.

However, there are many natural options to boosting HGH that may be suitable for individuals in this age group.

Taking HGH after 23

The body’s HGH levels are affected by an individual’s’ activity level, diet, and environment. Because of this, not everyone will begin to experience the normal dip in HGH production at the same rate.

However, studies show that this dip can occur as early as age 23. Depending on your own circumstance you may or may not be ready at this age.

It’s important to have a Doctor assess your needs and to not take HGH without their consent.

HGH After 24-25

The period in which natural HGH production begins to decline is called somatopause. Because somatopause can occur as early as age 23, taking HGH after age 24 or 25 is a much more suitable choice than taking it in the late teenage years or early twenties.

Synthetic human growth hormone, which was created in 1985, has been used to treat growth problems in children and even adults.

HGH is often used off-label by bodybuilders, particularly those looking to increase their height and/or performance.

However, HGH is an advanced hormone and many people question when is the right age to start taking HGH.

Natural Ways to Boost to HGH After 25

Because it is not officially recommended to take HGH at a very young age, there are natural alternatives to taking synthetic HGH.

This is true whether you want to use growth hormone for height, for weight loss, or for bodybuilding.

Lose body fat: Studies show that individuals with higher body fat percentages have less HGH.

Reduce sugar intake: A study published in the Journal of Scientific Investigation revealed that increased insulin (due to increased sugar and carb intake) has a negative impact on HGH levels. To naturally boost your HGH, it’s best to limit sweets and carbs.

Avoid eating 2-3 hours before going to bed: The body releases the majority of HGH at night, and eating right before bed can dampen all of the effects of the HGH.

Because carbs eaten late at night can cause an insulin spike and high insulin levels can deter HGH, limiting food right before bed is a great way to enhance the HGH that body already produces.

Create a healthy sleep routine: The body releases HGH most heavily at night and in spurts throughout the night. To get the most benefit from this, aim for at least seven to nine uninterrupted hours of sleep.

Additionally, limit screen time before bed as light emitted from electronics can disrupt deep cycle. Avoid caffeinated beverages in the afternoon and evening.

Take a supplement: If taking HGH is not right for your specific situation, taking a pre-cursor supplement may help. Rather than supplying a synthetic form of HGH, pre-cursors assist the body in the body’s role of manufacturing HGH.

Examples of these supplements include lysine and arginine. Other supplements that boost natural HGH production include creatine, glutamin, and L-dopa. HGH-X2 is a great example of a product designed to help boost HGH.

You also have the option of naturally promoting hormones correlated with human growth hormone. Insulin-like growth factor 1 is one such hormone, and natural supplements like deer antler spray is considered to be a legal and safe way to go for promoting its increase.

Participate in high intensity exercise: A study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology noted that intense workouts naturally increased HGH levels in men.

To receive the most benefit, workout often. This increase is most notable to the high levels of lactic acid associated with intense workouts.

A quick glance in the forums will illustrate that no two people have the same exact experience with HGH nor is there a definitive “starting” age. What users can agree on is how youthful they feel and how successful each gym session is when taking HGH.

Whether you’re thinking of taking HGH at 18 or HGH after 25 for height, make sure you talk to your Doctor about it first.

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