HGH Color Tops Reviews | Blue, Yellow, Red, Black, Gray & Green

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It sounds like rhyme; blue top HGH, red top HGH, green top HGH, yellow top HGH.

Oh wait, there’s more… black top HGH and brown top HGH…

What are all these HGH colors all about?

Years ago, legitimate, government condoned, and medically based pharmaceutical research and drug manufacturing companies developed various forms of HGH.

They devised a system to distinguish manufacturers through the color of the tops on the vials of injectable solution.

Reviews of HGH Color Tops

It didn’t take long for underground labs to mimic the same process in an effort to legitimize their products.

Today, bodybuilders find HGH marketed as:

Blue top HGH

Green top HGH

Yellow top HGH

Red top HGH

Brown top HGH

Gray top HGH

Black top HGH

Due to the plethora of counterfeiters and an explosive growth of underground labs, mainly in China, bodybuilders or athletes looking to purchase HGH truly have no definitive idea regarding what they’re getting in regard to quality, ingredients, or efficacy.

What Does HGH Do?

HGH or human growth hormone is responsible for growth and development of long bones, muscle, and cells in the body. It’s a hormone that makes things grow.

Normally manufactured by the pituitary gland, human growth hormone or endogenous growth hormone is known as somatotropin.

It plays an influential role in a number of body functions including but not limited to:

The aforementioned bone and muscle growth

Digestive processes

Metabolic functions

HGH Use by Bodybuilders

HGH is not an anabolic androgenic steroid, but it’s often used by bodybuilders to accelerate growth of muscle tissue.

Bodybuilders often turn to HGH from China, Mexico, India, or Thailand, marketed with specific phrases such as blue top HGH, or gray top HGH. Is there a difference? There used to be. Not anymore.

Legitimate human growth hormone contains 191 amino acids connected in a chain. It’s often described as 191aa.

In medical scenarios, HGH utilizing rDNA technologies means modifying a human growth hormone gene with a strain of Escherichia coli, a bacterium. This is an expensive and precise process.

In recent years, underground labs (ULs) have created a different product known as 192 aa.

Not only is it cheaper, but it’s a lot easier to manufacture. Unfortunately, that product is not legitimate, synthetic HGH, and it can be dangerous to your health.

Real VS Fake HGH Color Tops

What’s the difference between the 191aa and 192aa version of HGH?

In recent years, an increased amount of 192aa has been found in products marketed as yellow top HGH, black top HGH, and the other colors as well.

If you purchase blue top HGH because it’s marketed as the best, or red top HGH because it’s promoted as the most potent, you may not be getting what you think you are.

Because the 191aa chain is identical to the growth hormone manufactured by the pituitary gland, the body accepts it.

The same cannot be said of the 192aa HGH because it’s been modified through the addition of a methionyl amino acid, which changes its structure.

Because the body doesn’t recognize that substance added to the amino acid chain, the immune system rejects it. For most, this results in welts at the injection site.

The only way to make sure you have pharmaceutical grade HGH is to have the contents of the vial tested through a reputable lab that has the technical capabilities to do so.

What happens if you inject the 192aa version of HGH into the body instead of the 191aa version?

Side Effects of HGH

The body’s immune system is designed to attack foreign bodies. The 192aa version of HGH is not natural – it’s foreign to the body.

The same applies to any 192aa version of HGH regardless of what color top that vial has.

The rejection to a foreign substance can confuse the immune system and negatively influence the body’s response to its own HGH. This increases the likelihood of long-term health issues.

Other side effects associated with any UL-produced HGH (blue top HGH, red top HGH, etc.) are possible.

Such side effects are not always a dosage-dependent. Because growth hormone affects multiple body systems, it can affect the liver, the intestines, the heart, and interfere with and disrupt those same activities and functions.

One of the most visually noticeable side effects of HGH is acromegaly, which defines a condition of unbridled growth of bone, muscle, and connective tissue in one or more joints in the body.

This condition is most commonly noted in the wrists, the ankles, or the facial structure.

Acromegaly can cause permanent joint damage, limiting the range of motion and function.

Caution with Colored HGH Tops

Bodybuilders should be aware of marketing ploys that will promise anything to sell their product. Blue top HGH may have a greater reputation than black top HGH, but today, there’s really no difference.

Resist the temptation to purchase HGH merely because it’s marketed with a certain color top.

Counterfeits, low-quality product, and even substituted product are found in HGH colour top vials marketed as growth hormone when it isn’t.

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