HGH Extractions & Side Effects of HGH

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What the heck are HGH extractions?

Are they a product that can be used by bodybuilders?

Actually, HGH (human growth hormone) extractions are very rare today.


The absence of this type of drug is mainly due to developments in technology and expertise in the synthetic manufacture of human growth hormone.

We will give you the lowdown on what HGH extractions are, and provide you with options for using HGH today.

Brief Background of HGH Extractions

What exactly is an HGH extraction?

When biochemists, medical experts, and scientists first began experimenting in creating synthetic forms of growth hormone for the treatment of deficiencies or disease processes in children (and in some cases, adults), they were able to use the cutting-edge technologies of their era.

At that time, growth hormone was manufactured by literally extracting human growth hormone from cadavers.

In the 1950s and early 1960s, researchers began to find ways to treat growth hormone deficiencies by creating it in the laboratory.

This was done by extracting human growth hormone from the pituitary gland of a deceased individual.

The process was extremely complex and expensive.

At the time, that these technologies were supervised by the National Institutes of Health National Pituitary Agency.

[1] Countries around the world utilized this technology, including Great Britain, France, Australia, and Canada.

The process and the substance itself was extremely expensive and demand was high.

Synthetic HGH could not be manufactured in large enough amounts to aid every child or adult who needed it. Between the 1960s and the 1980s, tens of thousands of extreme-cases-only in children and adults were treated

By the middle of the 1970s, concerns grew regarding the possibility of contracting Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease [2], otherwise known as Mad Cow Disease, from the cadaver HGH extractions. It was at this time that other technologies began to develop.

By the 1980s, new technologies had been discovered and HGH extractions were phased out.

Today, HGH is manufactured around the world through the utilization of recombinant DNA (rDNA) technology by combining one human growth gene with another strain of DNA, such as a bacterium or a small animal cell line.

Over two dozen brand name synthetic HGH drugs are manufactured by government-condoned in regulated pharmaceutical companies around the world.

However, it’s also prevalently manufactured (often poorly) and sold on the black market.

What Does Growth Hormone Do?

Human growth hormone is manufactured in the pituitary gland.

This very small gland (about the size of the dried raisin) is located in the brain. It’s responsible for the manufacture and secretion of growth hormone.

Growth hormone also triggers activities of other hormones in the body, including testosterone, manufactured in the male testes, and in very small amounts by women’s ovaries.

Growth hormone secretions trigger the liver to produce growth factors as well, specifically insulin-like growth factor or IGF-1.

Growth hormone and growth factors are responsible for growth. This growth applies to more than just muscle and bone, and is involved in the growth, development, proliferation, and differentiation of dozens of cells and tissues in the body.

Growth hormone also plays a role in:

Cardiovascular function

Brain function

Immune system function



Before buying HGH from black-market resources, be aware that because of its popularity and use by bodybuilders and athletes without a prescription, it’s also one of the most counterfeited substances on the black market today.

A lot of it is useless, and some of it is dangerous.

Side Effects of HGH

Putting any form of synthetic HGH into the body when it doesn’t need it can contribute to a number of problems. These include:

Disruptive hormone levels that can trigger side effects in the numerous body systems

Potential for acromegaly


Difficulty sleeping, including insomnia

Nerve, muscle, or bone pain

The pituitary gland is also responsible for the maintenance, development, and secretions of numerous hormone glands in the body.

Hormone balances are typically maintained by the hypothalamus, also located in the brain, and nicknamed the “body’s thermostat”.

In medical scenarios, imbalance of hormones can contribute to cardiovascular problems.

They can also cause metabolic issues, including increased intolerance to insulin, which can result in the development of Type 2 diabetes.

Erratic hormone levels also affect mood, behaviors, and cognitive processes.

Bodybuilders injecting growth hormone are most concerned with HGH face and HGH gut – otherwise none is HGH bloat.

A protruding abdomen or rounded face and swollen joints is caused by fluid retention as well as accelerated growth of cells in specific regions of the body.

This in itself can contribute to a number of dangerous situations.

Fluid retention around the heart or excessive growth of cardiac muscle tissue can contribute to heart issues such as cardiomyopathy.

These are just a few of the side effects associated with human growth hormone. The higher the dosage and the more frequent injections, the higher the risk of adverse reactions.

Even though technology has advanced and HGH extractions are no longer done, today’s advancements don’t negate the potential for adverse reactions.

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