HGH Kick in Time—How Long Does it Take to Feel the Effects of HGH?

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Knowing HGH kick-in time is important.

Contrary to what the media would have you believe, Human Growth Hormone is not a steroid.

But HGH kick in time is still a relevant question to get the most out of steroids and synthetic growth hormone.

Naturally created in the human body, this hormone’s exogenous form is used by bodybuilders to promote muscle growth, cut fat, and improve recovery time.

And it has one big benefit to anabolic steroids:

It’s harder to detect, which is why many bodybuilders get away with reaping its anabolic nature without getting caught.

But it is possible, and knowing how long it takes for HGH to kick in and its effects on your body is important for a proper routine.

However, we suggest that you take the safest routine: natural alternatives to boosting your HGH levels that mean no worrying about detection and adverse reactions.

HGH Kick In Time

We know you’re wondering how long it takes for HGH to show results, but since it’s not a steroid it can’t be classified as a long- or short-ester.

So how exactly do we determine when HGH kicks in?

Well, taking a look at the results in others and their experiences is a great start.

Many bodybuilders claim that expecting to see HGH results after 1 month is reasonable.

But everyone is different:

Others claim that they feel its fat burning effects within the first three to four weeks; some claim to feel stronger joints right away; others say that they haven’t noticed effects after months.

When it comes down to it, determining how quickly you’ll see results from HGH is tough because it has such vast effects on the human body.

HGH results time also depends on the person, the quality of your product, and your training regimen.

The most reliable HGH brands are:









At the end of the day, when you do see results they will take the form of massive muscle growth, faster healing, and decreased body fat.


Now, determining how long it takes HGH to get out of your system is another story, but an important question to answer.

As we mentioned, HGH detection is much more difficult than anabolic steroid detection. However, it’s still possible.

For exogenous HGH injections, the half-life is around 3.8 to 4.9 hours, meaning you can expect it to be out of your system after about eight to ten hours.

However, many of the effects of HGH are due to its ability to increase levels of Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1 (IGF-1), a protein with numerous anabolic effects.

This means that even when it’s out of your system, your body could still be reacting to the effects of heightened IGF-1 levels.

For detection time, one study found that after 24 hours, HGH levels in urine should return to normal.

But here’s the thing:

Depending on the efforts that you make during your bodybuilding, HGH levels in your urine can increase dramatically if you’ve supplemented.

Ultimately, avoiding this hassle can be accomplished by just using natural supplements that boost HGH levels. These supplements will also reduce the chances of adverse reactions, which we discuss below.

Adverse Effects of HGH

Supplementing with exogenous HGH can have many adverse effects on the body. Although HGH results pictures will probably show you its positive effects, there’s another side to this hormone.

These side effects include:


Swelling of arms and legs

Muscle and joint pain

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Increased insulin resistance

These adverse effects are no joke, and without proper usage can lead to serious problems with your body.


But like we said, there are natural solutions:

HGH-X2 is a natural alternative to exogenous HGH that is created from lepidium meyenll, mucuna pruriens, crataegus oxyacantha, and 2-amino-5-pentanoic acid.

Using this completely natural formula, HGH-X2 works to trigger HGH release from your pituitary gland just as synthetic, exogenous HGH does.

The difference is this:

It’s safe, legal, and will show you results within 30 days. That means no worrying about whether you have a quality brand, or if the supplier your purchased from is legitimate.

This is the best way to take growth hormone, because you’re not directly putting it into your body—you’re using natural ingredients to boost your HGH levels indirectly.

With more HGH in your bloodstream, you can expect a boost in protein production that works hand in hand with its other effect: a boost in muscle growth.

But that’s not all:

It also pushes your body to use its fat reserves, ultimately paving the way for great lean muscle gains and increased recovery times.

“This stuff is nothing but great,” said Brian Gieg. “Feel young and super strong, I think every bodybuilder should order this stuff, it’s no joke.”

So how can you get results like Brian?

Simply take two capsules daily with water around 20 minutes prior to breakfast. Use it for at least two months for the best results, with a 1.5 week break in between cycles.

Of course, this must be in combination with a proper diet and training regimen if you want to see the absolute best results.

While the HGH kick in time can vary greatly, using natural products like HGH-X2 is much more reliable and can give you rapid, quality results.

Don’t put your bodybuilding results in the hands of luck and exogenous HGH—invest in a reliable, legal solution in the form of natural supplements.

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