HGH Online—Risks of Buying Somatropin For Sale

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Before buying HGH online, it’s important to take the time to research.

Research manufacturers, price comparisons, and of course, comments or feedback left by previous users of the type of HGH you’re interested in.

Don’t be shy if you have a question.

There are lots of people in bodybuilding communities online who are willing to share their experience in detail if you ask.

Details matter, so look for testimonials on bodybuilding forums that move beyond vague statements about “killer gains” and address:


Cycle duration

Results with regards to weight loss, improved energy, or muscle mass increases

Side effects

Don’t assume all synthetic HGH, or Somatropin, is created equal.

Before You Buy HGH Online, Do Your Homework

It’s easy to buy HGH online.

But experienced bodybuilders are also aware that HGH also happens to be one of the most counterfeited performance-enhancing products available on the black market today.

New users should buy with caution.

When shopping around, take into account a number of factors about the person or company from whom you’re buying:


Geographical location



About Ingredients

Today, it’s easy to manufacture counterfeit drug packaging, labels, and even prescribing or dosage information such as that found from legitimate medical sources.

When purchasing any product from underground labs or black-market resources, it pays to use caution.

The same applies to the HGH itself.

Genuine, pharmaceutical grade and high-quality HGH manufactured by pharmaceutical companies that are government condoned and controlled, and inspected in regard to manufacturing processes, is some of the best HGH you can buy today.

Unfortunately, it’s not legally available without a prescription and it’s very expensive.

The underground manufacture of HGH is a lucrative business for those who make it.

Whether they make it in their garage, a basement, or an underground lab marketing and promoting itself as a legitimate “pharmaceutical lab,” there’s no shortage of businesses trying to make a quick buck.

How can you tell the difference? For one, legitimate, government-condoned and inspected pharmaceutical labs will not sell prescription-strength drugs to bodybuilders and athletes.

The medical community at large does not condone the use of performance enhancing drugs such as growth hormone, growth factors, or anabolic androgenic steroids for non-medical purposes.

Another difference is price.

Growth hormone used in medical treatment scenarios can be exorbitantly expensive. The manufacture of synthetic human growth hormone (somatropin) is a complex and expensive process that utilizes recombinant DNA technologies.

Cautions Before You Buy HGH Online

Recombinant DNA technologies require precision and expertise.

Underground labs are able to procure a number of the components for their products from third-party resources, many of which come from Pakistan, India, China, and former Eastern Bloc countries.

Black-market goods are plentiful in such regions, but so too is a difference in quality as well as ingredients.

Most of the HGH bought online by bodybuilders today, regardless of geographical location, comes from China. In turn, China manufacturing companies producing HGH for athletes get their supplies from many of these black-market resources.

This can result in ingredients that are:



Sold as one thing when it’s something else entirely

Inconsistent in regard to milligram strength

Not properly mixed or measured

Bodybuilders who buy HGH online from even a single supplier can experience different results from their products.

For example, numerous complaints following purchase of two or more batches of HGH from one supplier have been posted stating that one batch worked better than the other, or not at all.

This is because of the inconsistency and lack of oversight for product quality.

What Else Do You Need to Know About Purchasing HGH Online?

Depending on your geographic location, buying HGH online can be quite simple or a little more difficult depending on local legalities.

The legal ramifications of having illicit substances sent through mail services to your home or business varies by country.

In addition, HGH purchased online can take on a number of forms.

Most of it is available in powdered form that must then be mixed with bacteriostatic water or some other liquid solution.

Some suppliers offer the liquid dilute or solution to be mixed with the powder. Others don’t.

It can often be difficult to determine an appropriate measurement and mixture. Dosage can also be tricky depending on the HGH product you’ve purchased.

The same applies to the quality of the product you received.

Some testing kits are available (also online), but these home kits tend to only identify specific to substances.

Many of them have found that HGH purchased online isn’t HGH at all, but hCG because it looks similar to HGH.

About Safety

Some bodybuilders who have taken their product to a legitimate lab with more advanced technologies for testing have discovered their product contaminated with dangerous fillers including but not limited to brick dust, baby powder, and dirt.

Note: Never use product if it’s cloudy or milky, or if you see particulates floating around in the liquid. High-quality, genuine, and safe HGH is clear.

Side effects do come with use of HGH; even in medically supervised scenarios. These can range from mild to severe.

Always start at a low dosage to gauge how the body reacts to it.

Last but not least, any purchase of HGH online should never be made based on cost.

Check with bodybuilding website forum board discussions to learn how others feel about the reputation, quality, and efficacy of their HGH purchase. There are no guarantees when it comes to your purchase of HGH online.

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