HGH Pills—Do Human Growth Hormone Supplements Really Work?

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Are HGH pills effective, or are they a waste of money?

First, it’s important to differentiate between HGH produced by the body and synthetic HGH created by laboratories to treat growth hormone deficiencies.

Then there is the question of what types of exogenous HGH are available? Creams, sprays and injections can be purchased with a prescription.

What about other forms of HGH such as pills, generally defined as nutritional supplements.

Unlike HGH injections, which virtually always require a prescription, HGH pills can be purchased over-the-counter legally.

Do they all work the same?

Are HGH Pills Effective or Not?

HGH pills can be effective, but it depends on their ingredients. For example, human growth hormone manufactured by the pituitary is constructed of 191 amino acids.

A supplement designed to support the pituitary should also contain as many amino acids as possible.?

Some HGH pills, depending on manufacturer, contain a dozen or more amino acids.

These are effective in triggering certain activities and functions in the body. HGH pills can indeed promote positive benefits, though they will not be as strong as prescription strength injections of synthetic growth hormone (somatropin).

What kind of amino acids should you look for in HGH pills? Just a few include:

L-arginine – boosts immune function but benefits connective tissues and aids in repair and healing of damaged tissues. It also plays an important role in muscle metabolism and acts as a vehicle for the maintenance of transportation and storage of nitrogen, which promotes muscle health and endurance.

L-glutamine is prevalently found in muscles. The free amino acid is also known as brain fuel due to its conversion into glutamic acid, which is responsible for a number of cerebral functions.

L-glycine prevents degeneration or wasting of muscle tissues by boosting levels of creatine. It also improves energy due to its ability to provide storage for glycogen, as well as its ability to enhance function of the central nervous system and aid in the repair of damaged tissues.

L-lysine is required for protein synthesis, including that of muscle. It’s often recommended in the treatment of a sports injury.

L-ornithine aids in the secretions of growth hormone, enhancing metabolism and reduction of body fat stores. Ornithine is synthesized from arginine.

L-tyrosine is also involved in metabolism and acts as a precursor for neurotransmitters like dopamine and norepinephrine as well as adrenaline. This activity promotes functions of the nervous system.

Each of these amino acids does provide nutritional benefits and encourages certain functions in the body.

HGH injections purchased from underground labs and other black-market resources is expensive, and can be dangerous because it’s among the most counterfeited products sold on the black market today.

For many, HGH pills are a safer albeit slower method for producing increased muscle mass and development, stamina, energy, and all-around support to many of the body’s organs.

Different Types of HGH

Endogenous or body-produced human growth hormone (HGH) is manufactured by the pituitary gland in the brain.

Growth hormone promotes numerous activities in the body, not the least of which is linear bone growth, bone strength, and proliferation or division of cells. Proliferation of muscle cells triggers growth.

Synthetic HGH manufactured in laboratory is known as somatropin, and may be recommended as a replacement for growth hormone not manufactured in adequate amounts by the body’s pituitary gland.

It contains a similar structure as that of endogenous hGH (somatotropin) down to its 191- amino acid chain sequence. This type of HGH produces the same effects in the body as endogenous growth hormone.

HGH pills are typically found in sports nutrition stores and online shopping venues. These pills are generally composed of natural ingredients that provide support for the pituitary gland’s manufacture and secretions of growth hormone.

HGH pills support production of HGH. Such supplements are not designed to replace growth hormone.

Do HGH Pills Cause Side Effects?

Anything that alters, influences, or increases or decreases hormone levels in the body can contribute to a number of side effects.

In general, HGH pills (nutritional supplements) won’t cause side effects as long as they’re taken properly and a person isn’t allergic to one of the ingredients.

That being said, increasing levels of hormone production in the body can, and often does, contribute to a number of adverse reactions.

One of those is disrupting normal hormone levels, including that of insulin. Even short-term or erratic dips and rises of one hormone can have a negative influence on other hormones in the body.

Bodybuilders interested in taking HGH pills or injections need to be aware that the disruption of one hormone in the body can trigger a negative domino-like effect on other hormones.

They often work together to promote certain activities and functions.

Interrupting in any way these functions can contribute to metabolic and endocrine imbalances, conditions, and adverse reactions.

Watch for gynecomastia – after all, HGH makes things grow. Another unpleasant side effect to be aware of is acromegaly.

Before considering use of HGH pills or any form of prescription strength or over-the-counter HGH, use common sense and employ caution.

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