HGH Transformation Results & AMAZING Before & After Photos

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Is there really such a thing as an HGH transformation?

HGH – human growth hormone – makes things grow, but this growth goes way beyond aiding bone and muscle.

Before even considering use of this strongly potent hormone, bodybuilders or athletes using it without a prescription or physician oversight should be aware of what it does and what it can’t do.

In this article, we’ll review everything about HGH to help you make a more informed choice regarding the benefits versus the risk of side effects.

HGH Transformation Review

When looking for your own personal HGH transformation, know the benefits as well as the limitations of human growth hormone.

The body manufactures growth hormone in the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland.

Levels of growth hormone are typically highest during childhood and adolescence but manufacture and secretions of the hormone gradually begin to decline as we reach adulthood.

HGH is a necessary component to a number of other body functions and plays a role in dozens of activities in the body that include are not limited to:

Digestive processes


Cellular development, differentiation, and regeneration

Development of lean muscle mass

Reduced in body fat stores

Increased energy levels

Enhanced libido

In such ways, HGH transformation is possible, but also relies on body type, genetics, diet, and exercise.

For example, an average sized male taking any form of HGH should not expect the drug to work all by itself.

An HGH “transformation” is only possible through hard work, an adequate and nutritious, balanced diet, and appropriate levels and types of exercise.

In addition, while growth hormone does trigger accelerated growth of muscle cells, it won’t make them stronger.

For this reason, bodybuilders often combine growth hormone injections with some type of anabolic androgenic steroid, which does make muscles stronger.

In addition, a person’s body type can only develop so far. Packing on an excessive amount of muscle onto a joint that isn’t capable of supporting that muscle can cause joint damage.

While growth hormone does promote muscle and connective tissue growth, tendons and ligaments don’t grow at the same rate.

Overloading a joint contributes to an increased risk of tendon and ligament injuries that can take months to heal.

Combining the two (anabolic androgenic steroid and any form of growth hormone) can contribute to a number of negative side effects.

Dosage Suggestions

When seeking your own HGH transformation, bodybuilders using HGH without a prescription generally tend to find dosage suggestions on bodybuilding websites and forum board discussions.

It’s important to remember that every individual will react to the hormone differently.

Often, bodybuilders will inject HGH at a dosage of three International Units daily. [1 mg of growth hormone (somatropin) is roughly equal to 3 IUs].

On average, a bodybuilder will inject 2 to 4 IUs daily (sometimes as much as 6 IUs), while a medical patient may be recommended 1 or up to 3 IUs a day.

Dosage recommendations can vary widely depending on the type of growth hormone, manufacture instructions and the milligram strength. Growth hormone injections can be given subcutaneously or intramuscularly; it depends on the brand.

Bodybuilders tend to inject from a syringe due to the lack of available pre-dosed pen or delivery devices intended for use in medical scenarios.

Regardless of the type or dosage, the half-life of growth hormone is relatively short, averaging less than five to six hours. However, the physiological effects of the drug can remain in the body for more than 24 hours.

The higher the dosage and the longer the length of use, the increased potential for undesired side effects.

Some side effects are short-term or transient in nature, while others are more serious and can cause long-term damage.

Side Effects of Growth Hormone

Before taking any growth hormone for accelerated or physique improvement, be aware of the more common side effects, which can range from mild to severe. Among them:

Headaches – often severe

Joint pain

Water retention (edema) – this can get serious if the fluid retention is built up around the heart

Potential for gynecomastia



Upper respiratory infections

Bone pain

Some of these side effects are nothing more than frustrating for bodybuilders. However, among these adverse side effects is the risk of developing impaired tolerance to glucose.

Growth hormone affects other hormones in the body, including insulin. Any disruption or imbalance of hormone levels can be difficult to get under control.

Insulin resistance or glucose intolerance can contribute to the development of Type 2 diabetes mellitus.

Another serious side effect of long-term use of growth hormone, regardless of dosage, is the potential for developing acromegaly.

Acromegaly defines a condition where bone, muscle, and connective tissue cells grow unabated, more typically in the joints of the feet, the hands, or the face.

In some cases, acromegaly causes permanent deformity and joint damage, reducing range of motion, function, and strength.


Before seeking an HGH transformation, use common sense. HGH is not an end-all to increasing either physical appearance for performance. For many, the potential side effects outweigh the benefits of use.

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