Hiking on 4-aco-dmt

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Hey all, thinking of dropping some aces and taking a hike sometime soon, I also have some 4-ho-met. Would 10mg of each be a good dosage? Mostly looking for some visual enhancement, nature appreciation and maybe was gonna set up a hammock and just chill with a joint. Anyone else like hiking on 4-subs?

I always find 4-ho-met to have a sorta stimulating yet shroomy vibe so it should be good I’d hope. People say 4-aco-dmt is exactly like mush but I disagree somewhat.

I do 4acodmt like every other weekend, it’s the best :p

I’ve done small 10mg drops before and basically all we got was the starting body buzz.

For a decent show of visuals I recommend 25mg to basically everyone. 30 minimum for a heavyweight. My friend discovered she wasnt getting easy visuals because she smoked weed too heavily, too often. (We tested this thoroughly and solved it successfully) No reason to fear a little more as thisndosnt have the powerful out of control headspace of shrooms.

Its very similar to eating caps, but yes it’s different. I would say the come up is smoother, and the headspace is more manageable. Likewise you may not have the solo religious experience on it like you could qith shrooms. But this also makes it more recreational.

I have found with set/setting and activity type, you can give yourself powerful headrolls. You can feel love and closeness like a molly roll, you can get bouncy to music, you can lay with someone and go deep into each others heads, or just fall in love with trees and birds. Classic tripping.

I would take 15-20mg of 4-aco-DMT if you’re comfortable with psychs. Should give you some nice energy and a great headspace to enjoy nature, but still allow for decent decision making. Have fun and happy trails

I find the come up on 4-aco-dmt kind of harsh – if it was me doing it I would wait until after the come up before starting the hike.

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