History of paranoia when using Cocaine but not when using 3-FPM

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Can you recommend any other legal stims that won’t induce shadow people.

Shadow people are the result of taking too high a dose and not sleeping for days.

Not for me, if I do any amount of Cocaine I will start to get anxious and paranoid. Wasn’t always the case only started to happen in my later years of use. However I can be up for 3 days on 3-fpm and not get any paranoia and stay very lucid and tethered to reality .

Some type of kindling action on my brain that cocaine/methamp share but 3-fpm doesn’t currently trigger.

NEP is like a stronger 3-fpm, I don’t get any side effects and I can sleep pretty easily when I sober up since there’s not really any comedown (imo). But make sure it’s N-Ethyl-Pentedrone, not N-Ethyl-Pentylone.

The only other drugs I take often are caffeine and marijuana. 3-FPM is fairly new to me, I really like it…but I find it hard to put away, sleep is impossible without a benzo and I dont like to take them at all.

As far as the amount of cocaine, it is likely true that I have in the past and cumulatively done to much…But what happens now is that, if I take even one line of cocaine I start to become paranoid, specifically get a fight or flight response and become very on edge thinking someone is going to break in to my house or some other threat is around the corner an which only gets worse as the session goes on.

When awake on amph combinating with hallucinogens mdma keta, we got to tweaked after a while, and cocaïne after many days awake we got rid of the nasty stim feeling and relaxed.

Now is 3fpm a very mild stim only to make a clear mind and no restless feeling…. It stops jitterous side effects from amphetamin with methylphenidate. This works on hexen and dexamp, 2fa/2fma and other stims..

3fpm feels like a very clearheaded stim like cocaïne without any euforia or side effects. Its very functional and also one of a kind.

Btw The hexen jitterous feeling stops also after 3mmc…

My gues is to balance the serotonine and dopamin on a good ratio.

Some stims with cathinon related molecule without any serotonine of correct ratio serotonine are bad news, i feel tweaked and wide awake, but tired and nasty stim side effects… This can be corrected by take Some 3fpm or any stim with serotonine and dopamin in balans (3/4mmc).

On amphetamin jitters it takes away after one cup of Coffee

I dont think there are any stims on the marked with a clean and clearheaded feeling without the side effects. 3fpm is the only one right Now.

Binge on any stim can trigger side effects, even the medicine for add/adhd.

Try dex-amph oral and on the comedown take 3fpm mild dose(50mg) oral. Maybe other medicin for adhd can do the trick. Methylphenidate has always to much overstimulation and doesnt release dopa and serotonine, u need a release in good balans/ratio, not reuptake inhibitor.

Thanks for the detailed reply! Lots to look into!


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