Hollywood Steroids Use (Famous People Who Used Steroids)

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The way you look matters a lot if you’re to feature in a high rated movie.

That’s why Hollywood steroids use is so prevalent.

While the body cannot remain the same forever, many celebrities have turned to use of steroids to boost their physique to fit for a role set in a short period.

Some of the body transformations of Hollywood over a short period have been termed as magical.

This article aims to look deeply into the celebrities who have been alleged or confessed to using steroids to enhance body transformation and to stay young and stronger.

Hollywood Steroid Use

Some of the celebrities in Hollywood who have come out to admit they used steroids include Mickey Rourke and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The two come out to admit that they used performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs).

Sylvester Stallone also likely took them as he one time got arrested in Australia for being in possession of 48 vials of HGH (human growth hormone).

While many allegations have been put forward to steroid use in Hollywood, only a couple of celebrities have come forward and admitted to using the drugs including Oliver Stone, Nick Nolte, and Dixie Carter.

They have all come forward to talk about the anti-aging benefit of HGH. Also, Charlie Sheen admitted in an interview to have used steroid for a role in a Major League TV show.

Apart from actors, major sports athletes have also hit the headlines with some of the famous athletes failing their doping tests.

Marion Jones and Neil Armstrong are some of the famous athletes who have tested positive for the use of steroid to enhance performance.

Which Steroids Are Used?

From surveys made, most of the commonly used steroids by celebrities are HGH and PEDs.

Many actors use these two steroids because of their anti-aging abilities, especially for old actors who still want to look good for roles, e.g. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone who are actively acting until now.

HGH has been alleged to smoothen wrinkles, reduce body fat, and increase muscle mass and bone density.

Some actors and doctors have described the effects of HGH on old people as providing a rejuvenating feeling where older actors feel younger and stronger.

While these actors may have used the steroids to boost performance, it does not mean the drugs are safe for use. PEDs are often legal in the U.S but only under a doctor’s prescription for some illness.

HGH is used to treat conditions like stunted growth in children and some nutrient deficiencies in adults.

Banning Steroids

In fact, many people have called on Hollywood studios to ban the use of steroids for their actors to strike a balance for everyone.

Apart from balance, the steroids have been known to have adverse side effects that may prove bad for business if actors get a breakdown that could taint the image of various studios.

Many actors especially the ones below the age of 35 years prefer other performance-enhancing drugs to HGH, which often appeals to older actors over 40 years.

The pressure to remain ripped even as they age pushes a lot of actors to turn to HGHs to enhance performance.

The bodybuilding community increases the likelihood of athletes feeling the temptation to try out the steroids especially since the board responsible is laissez-faire about the use of PEDs.

Schwarzenegger admitted having used the steroid when he held titles like Mr. Olympia, which acted as the launching platform for his movie career.

In the sports industry, PEDs are better known as anabolic steroids and are used mainly to not only enhance performance, but act as sedatives and painkillers.

Effects of Steroids

The real effects of PEDs and HGH steroids

The medically proved possible side effects of HGH include:

Nervous and muscle pains.

Swelling and fluid retention in the muscles that causes pain.

High cholesterol levels that will increase the risk of developing cancerous tumors.

While HGH is considered less dangerous than other steroids, it’s known to increase the risk of cancer, liver problems, and heart failure.

What’s perhaps alarming is that the more actors hear about them, the more they try the steroids instead of staying away from them.

Among the two mainly used steroids, PEDs have the most adverse effects on the overall person.

One of the main effects is psychological addiction, which leads to actors doing more but not seeing results even when everyone else can see the results.

In the recent past, there occurred an incident where a pro wrestler Chris Benoit had a psychological breakdown and killed his family before committing suicide.

An autopsy revealed that the wrestler had been using anabolic steroids and might have been responsible for aggressive behavior.

Other documented side effects include depression and suicide cases, especially when athletes stop using the steroids after a long time of usage.

Hollywood steroids use is harder to see because there isn’t the same level of drug testing that there is in sport, but it likely still exists and probably in a big way.

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