Homeopathic HGH—Do HGH Supplements Work?

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What is homeopathic HGH?

Human growth hormone (HGH) is normally manufactured in adequate amounts by the pituitary gland, located in the brain.

In medical scenarios, and in the event that the gland is not functioning properly or manufacturing and secreting adequate amounts of growth hormone, synthetic or laboratory developed growth hormone known as somatropin may be recommended as a treatment to replace endogenous or body produce growth hormone.

The term homeopathic implies natural approaches to treatment for a number of conditions and ailments.

It’s often termed a holistic approach that treats the body, the mind, and the soul in regard to a medical treatment – in other words, a whole-body approach.

Does Homeopathic HGH Work?

Holistic medicine has been practiced since the late 18th century and is still practiced today by individuals looking for treatment methods that don’t require prescription-strength drugs.

Therefore, holistic or homeopathic remedies and compounds typically contain ingredients found in nature including herbs, fruits, and plant life.

Bodybuilders and athletes should be aware that many of today’s prescription-strength drugs are created by using the chemical and molecular structural foundation of many of these compounds.

The ability of homeopathic HGH to work or not depends upon its ingredients. Some of the most beneficial ingredients found in over-the-counter HGH supplements that can provide benefits include plentiful amino acids, minerals, vitamins, macro- and micro- nutrients, et cetera.

In regard to such ingredients, benefits can be found.

Homeopathic HGH is not as potent as an injection of growth hormone, because it doesn’t contain growth hormone per se.

What homeopathic HGH does contain – if it’s good quality – is ingredients that provide support to the pituitary gland, which is responsible for the manufacture of growth hormone in the body.

What’s the difference? Endogenous or body-produced growth hormone (HGH) contains 191 amino acids arranged in a specific chain sequence. Homeopathic HGH supplements or products should therefore contain as many amino acids as possible.

Amino acids provide the basis for protein synthesis. Protein is the foundation for building block for muscle growth as well as growth of cells in the body.

Homeopathic HGH can and does work, but of course, results and satisfaction will depend on expectations.

What Can Homeopathic HGH Do?

Bodybuilders and athletes might be surprised at how effective homeopathic HGH can be. However, results and efficacy also depend on other factors, depending on the user, such as:


Body composition

Height versus weight


Milligram strength of the product as well as frequency of dosage

Form of the HGH (drops, sprays, pills or tablets)



A study from Mexico determined that after five months of use, homeopathic HGH had the ability to increase IGF-1 levels in patients by roughly 160%. The study was relatively small (21 patients) aged from the mid-40s to the mid-80s. [1]

However, that particular study was conducted by the company that manufactured the HGH, and while claiming that the study was independent, may be suspect in regard to results.

Other short-term studies have also been conducted since the 1990s, but ongoing research has been sparse at best.

Opinions regarding efficacy continue to be mixed.

Bodybuilders and athletes looking for accelerated and impressive benefits in regard to muscle growth, performance, and appearance typically opt for prescription strength injectable forms of growth hormone.

Safety Concerns Regarding Homeopathic HGH

In most cases, over-the-counter nutritional supplements like homeopathic HGH are considered relatively safe.

However, potential users should always review the ingredient label, especially if any allergies to the components may trigger a reaction.

Also note that a pre-existing condition (diagnosed or not) can influence not only the efficacy of homeopathic HGH, but trigger drug interactions and side effects.

This goes for usage of prescription-strength drugs to treat a condition, as well as other over-the-counter supplements

Side effects associated with injectable, prescription-strength HGH can be serious.

While HGH supplements are generally considered harmless, the potential for developing a side effect or two is always possible.

Individuals with a diagnosed medical condition should always refer to a physician before taking over-the-counter supplements, including homeopathic HGH.

Any supplement that has the potential to alter hormone levels (up or down) has the potential to disrupt normal activities and functions as well as production and secretions of hormones throughout the body.

One of the more serious side effects associated with human growth hormone is the potential for acromegaly.

This condition is defined as accelerated and often uncontrollable proliferation or division of cells in certain areas of the body, mainly the wrist joints and facial bones.

Other concerns include the potential disruption of other metabolic hormones including insulin.

The risk for glucose intolerance is a possibility, and if ignored can contribute to a likewise increased risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.

While homeopathic HGH is generally considered safe, and is often used by athletes and bodybuilders who don’t want to inject prescription strength drugs into their body, always use any hormone or hormonal supplement with care.

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