HONEST Equipoise Reviews of the Benefits & Results VS Side Effects

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Do Equipoise reviews found online provide all the information you need to make a good decision regarding its use?

More often than not, no.

Before turning to reviews looking for information about Equipoise results, dosage, or how to use anabolic steroids, at least start your journey with some basic information about Equipoise.

What does Equipoise do and how does it work?

Equipoise Reviews

Equipoise reviews are fairly limited to comments on whether this anabolic androgenic steroid works or not.

Like Finaplix pellets, Equipoise is an animal-grade steroid used for veterinary purposes.

The Equipoise definition is basically that it’s a brand name veterinary grade injectable steroid commonly used on horses.

In medical scenarios, it’s known as Boldenone undecylenate. Why would a bodybuilder use it?

Boldenone undecylenate/Equipoise is commonly used as an athletic performance enhancer. Bodybuilders use it to accelerate often impressive muscle mass.

This anabolic steroid is a thought to be a favorite amongst users. It’s generally understood that it is not as sought after as Deca Durabolin, Dianabol, and Winstrol, but it is popular nonetheless.

A user intending to purchase Equipoise on the anabolic steroid market may not experience a lot of trouble finding it. All anabolic vendors or sources will likely have them in stock.

Buy Veterinary Equipoise

Because it’s a veterinary product, a majority of reviews about Equipoise brands will center on veterinary grade Equipoise. Knock-off Equipoise products are considered to be widespread, so reviews need to be read very critically.

According to many advanced steroid users, pharmaceutical grade products are not as easy to find compared to more sought after anabolic steroids like Testosterone or Nandrolone.

The products to be addressed in this article will be veterinary grade Equipoise products, rather than products like Dragon Pharma EQ which are produced in underground labs (UGLs).

Granted, a lot of brand name products sold on the black market are fakes that are also produced in UGLs, but the scope of this article is too small to get into reviews of each of these manufacturers.

South America plays host to an Equipoise product brand called Ganabol.

Ganabol is a popular Equipoise product for users of anabolic steroids in America.

It is produced in a couple of different concentrations: a 50mg/ml version and a weaker 25mg/ml version. Both concentrations are stored in five individually-sized vials (500ml, 250ml, 100 ml, 50ml, and 10ml vials).

Knock-offs of Ganabol are also a big concern.

In South America, steroid seekers might find the brand name Equipoise product called Legacy, produced by Tecnoquimicas, which is based in Argentina. Legacy is stored in 50ml vials full of 50mg/ml concentrations.

As it’s a moderately new product, Legacy knock-offs have not been reported to be as widespread a problem.

Also situated in South America are Boldenona and Boldegan, produced by Gen-Far.

These are found on the American anabolic steroid black market and are quite sought after in the continent.

Boldenone and Boldegan are offered as 50mg/ml concentrations and are stored in various individually-sized vials similar to Ganabol. Knock-off products are not commonly held to be an issue.

How Does it Work?

Equipoise is a form of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a metabolite of testosterone.

Dihydrotestosterone is categorized as an androgen, and like testosterone, promotes the development and maintenance of male sex characteristics.

It’s more powerful than testosterone; depending on its presence in the body, anywhere from roughly 2.5[1] to five times as potent. [2]

How strong is it? Bodybuilders have long rated anabolic androgenic steroids based on their anabolic (tissue-building) and androgenic (development of male sex characteristics) potential. For example:

Testosterone (any form): 100/100

Equipoise: 100/50 – this means that Equipoise is capable of providing the same anabolic potential as other forms of testosterone, but it only triggers half of the androgenic potential (and related side effects).

The decreased androgenic potential is perceived as beneficial for bodybuilders. Anabolic androgenic steroids, because of their androgenic properties, often aromatize.

Basically, aromatization defines the conversion in the body of testosterone into estrogen. Estrogen hormone in men causes a number of undesired side effects including the dreaded gynecomastia.

Equipoise Dosage

Dosage recommendations found in Equipoise reviews vary widely. A beginner might not use as much as an advanced user.

For Equipoise stacks combined with other forms of testosterone or substances, dosage is often adjusted. Some bodybuilders tend to use extreme amounts for faster and more impressive results.

In general, Equipoise steroid comes in a 25 mg per milliliter or 50 mg per milliliter solution (oil-based).

Before following suggestions found in reviews and testimonials, it is recommended that any bodybuilder athletes start at the lowest possible dosage to see how the body reacts to it.

A bodybuilder may typically start an Equipoise cycle at 200 mg a week. You’ll also find suggestions on forum boards that recommend starting at 400 mg a week.

Regardless of which dosage you choose, divide that overall weekly dosage into smaller injections two to three times a week when first starting out. A beginner should never inject the full amount all at once.

Equipoise doesn’t work immediately. It takes time for results to show; three to four weeks is an average, so resist the temptation to increase the dosage because you’re not seeing before and after results right away.

Can You Trust Equipoise Reviews?

Bodybuilders using a veterinary grade steroid like Equipoise are not generally concerned with the fact that it’s an animal grade steroid.

When looking for reviews on bodybuilding websites, steroid shops, or forum board discussion groups, they are going to be fairly positive and often only emphasize the Equipoise benefits.

However, do make the effort to research other sources in regard to Equipoise.

You’re not likely to find many medical journal articles talking about Equipoise for human use, as it was never designed as such.

However, it can, and does, contribute to a number of negative side effects in both animals and people.

While not all side effects of Equipoise are extremely severe, high doses of any anabolic androgenic steroid can cause problems. The most common:

Testicular atrophy resulting in decreased production of sperm and a decline in quality and motility of sperm. All of these contribute to possible infertility.

Potential for gynecomastia

Changes in lipid levels that may negatively impact cardiovascular function

Women should also use caution regardless of positive Equipoise reviews. Equipoise does have the potential to virilize and as such can promote development of male sex characteristics in women.

Before turning to Equipoise reviews that laud the benefits of its usage, be aware of the less spoken and negative aspects of use.

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