How do you get the RC out of the bag?

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Everytime I empty the baggy there’s Etizolam still stuck in it. Even if I cut open the bag I seem to lose at least 50mg out of a gram.

Is this just the way it is or is there a better way I could be doing this?

Mate I’ve dealt with a lot of RC’s and a lot of bags. I successfully used this method to scrape 100+ bags of ~50 RC’s during the creation of the exit bag. If you want ALL powder out then you’ll do it like this:

Get your bag

Get a hard and SUPER flat (I’m talking no crumbs no bumps no nothing, has to be FLAT) surface

Take some scissors and starting at the bottom right hand corner of the baggie cut a line straight up to and through the zip locking mechanism. Your trying to cut only the VERY edge of the baggie off, the goal is to remove the seal holding the two “faces” together.

Repeat the same on the other side of the baggie, bottom left hand corner, directly up and through the zip lock. (the more careful you are with cutting and removing only the edge the less product you will lose)

You should now have a baggie that is held together only by the bottom seal and upon CAREFULLY opening the zip lock, you should be able to unfold it and lay it flat out (so you’ll have a flat piece of plastic starting with half the zip lock, one inner face of the baggie, the bottom join which is now the middle/center point, the other inner face of the bag followed by the other half of the zip lock)

Lay this out on your super flat surface, take your preferred plastic card and line it up nice and snugly against the ziplock on one end of the bag and slowly bring the card across the first face, across the middle join and across the second face.

Done correctly, you’ll have gained two things, a small pile of your desired chem and an utterly spotless dissected bag.

It may seem like a mission based on my potentially wordy write up, once you have done this from start to finish and understand the concept you’ll be able to strip a bag in under 60 seconds.

Super carefully cut off the 2 x joined sides of your bag, lay the bag out on a flat surface and scrape with a card.

If you are volumetric dosing (you should) just take a syringe and put some PG inside the baggie, then after It disolves just take It to another jar or leave It there

I assume you mean when you first get the baggie. This trick isn’t useful once the baggy is “empty”, because you don’t know how much substance remains in there, so you don’t know how strong the resulting solution is. Unless you dry the bag thoroughly after and compare its weight with the weight before washing out the remains.

In all honesty I just mix the PG in the bag and drop it into my solution. When I’m making 1000mg solutions, I’m not too worried about +/-50mg in the entire solution. I have a good enough idea, and I’m a gambling man. Obviously not the safest route but a 1.05mg dose is the same as a 1mg dose in my mind (unless we are talking about something doses on the microgram level).

The true answers are always in the comments. I was always convinced this was what the extra 14mg in a 100mg baggie were for xD I still find random etiz bags occasionally… I’ve even thrown like 50-100mg in a bunch of them and hid them everywhere in my house when I have been blacked out for just this reason. Who knows where they all are. I’d bet a million dollars there’s more that I haven’t found.

Of course, 100mg in 10mL isn’t potent enough. So I’d put 100mg into 8mL and then keep the rest in the bag to toothpick it/use my tongue either while my etiz solution was in the heat bath currently dissolving or after I ran out

I haven’t bought etiz in over a year, it caused quite some problems for me. And I’d usually buy 1-5g after awhile and just make solutions 150mg into 10mL at a time. Sometimes I’d go nuts with the powder. But OP hasn’t ruined his life with etiz yet, so he will likely figure this out on his own the hard way.. or not. Maybe I should give him some credit. But I’ve watched every person I know irl go through very similar dark times with it

Lmao about hiding it I do the same I’m trying to find my last stash it just disappeared from my hiding spot. But doesn’t it always xD

I appreciate the cautionary tale, my plan is to be responsible and so far it’s working. I only use my Etiz solution on days when I’m at home and luckily I do have other real benzos for my everyday life. I am worried about blacking out and redosing, I understand how easy it would be to happen. Especially with Etiz which I have a high tolerance to compared to “real” benzos.

You could cut it open and scape it w/ a razor blade onto another surface. Wear gloves tho if you’re working w/high power benzos. No gloves can result in a nice long unintentional blackout if you’re not super careful. Talking from exp on that one lol

Here’s what you do.

Weigh the baggie with etiz residue.

Add a small (known) amount of solvent to the baggie, seal it up, swish around and squeeze to capture as much of the etiz as possible. (A volitile solvent is more accurate for reasons explained below but for a small baggie PG will be fine). I usually use 1ml but if you have a bigger baggie more may be appropriate.

Pour solvent out into a container of your choosing.

Repeat steps 2 and 3 (hereby refered to as “washes” of your baggie) untill you’re statisfied you’ve extracted enough etiz from your baggie. Make sure to keep track of the total volume of your solvent used.

There will be some solvent residue left in the baggie, here’s where the protocol diverges depending on the level of accuracy you want and what solvent you used.

5a) You used a volitile solvent like grain ethanol, iso, acetone, etc. Cut open the baggie and let it air dry. If you washed your baggie with multiple times the amount of etiz remaining will be small but for maximum accuracy it’s best to let it recrystallize in the baggie as your solvent drys so you can take it into account in step 6.

5b) You used a non-volitile solvent like PG, letting it air dry is not an option so you will have to accept the error in your measurement that will result from drying the baggie with a cloth or tissue etc (i.e. the weight of etiz in the leftover residue will not be taken into account and your resulting solution will be slightly weaker than calculated). If you do multiple washes this should be small enough that it can be made negligible.

6) Re-weigh you now dry baggie. Calculate the different between the 1st weigh and the second weigh. You now know the weight of the etiz extracted and if you kept track of how much solvent you used you can calculate the concentration of your solution you just made.

Note: If you prefer to use PG solutions but if you want to be maximally accurate you can use a volitile solution and recrystallize the etiz then add it to PG. In my experience though this is not worth the extra effort when a few extra washes with PG seems to get most of it out and the resulting error will only decrease the potency of your solution.

7) Now that you’ve extracted your etiz into a solution, it may not be of a concentration you’re happy with, if it’s weak you can add more etiz powder from another baggie, if its strong you can dilute it with more solvent, or you can mix it with some already made solution. In any case make sure you do the math correctly and if you’re not sure about it don’t be afraid to ask.

Please practice harm reduction and be safe. Etiz is a highly addictive and physically dependence forming drug. Blackouts are unpredictable and not fun. Etiz takes about 1 hour to reach peak blood plasma levels so if you don’t think it’s working make sure to wait at least an hour. Delusions of sobriety are common so seek out a second opinion about your sobriety before taking too much when thinking it’s not working. Please don’t drive while on this shit.


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