How do you guys prep powders?

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I really don’t want to deal with liquids, it just seems so messy. I could never not get ecigarette juice everywhere, I don’t want to waste good shit like that. Is there an easy way to correctly measure mg doses and put them in capsules? Are blotters the way to go? What do you guys suggest?

Well laying powder to blotter requires a liquid medium, so you’d have to make a volumetric solution anyways.

But you can get away with a Gemini 20 mg scale as long as you are measuring doses of 15mg or more. Assuming 15mg is on the low end of that drug’s potency.

And Idk what you define as messy, but here’s what I do. Buy a cheep set of glass graduated cylinders or a volumetric flask, as to be able to make reliable measurements. Then I weigh the bag I got my powder in. Put the powder in my volumetric solution with my already measured out solvent (I use 180 proof grain alcohol typically.) then I weigh my empty bag to double check the amount I was told is in the bag is the same as I put in. Then I put my new solution into a dropper vile a store for later use.

As long as you don’t have fucking Parkinson’s or some shit, the only mess is cleaning the graduated cylinder, throwing the bag away, and putting things away lol.

I actually have bad nerves (diagnosed with an acute benign tremor) and I can 110% tell you its easier to use volumetric doses than trying to steady my had to **try** and scoop only 15mg from a baggie, and then handle the tiny amount of powder.

FTR I use almost your exact same routine the only differences is I use PG for oral doses and mix it strong enough that my does is under .5ml and I can add that much PG into a 00 gelcap. The solution is poured into a 30ml amber bottle, then into the freezer. Really there is no mess, rinse out your 1ml syringe after use and your done. I can see how this might be inconvenient for a 16yr old trying to hid it from Mom and Dad, but its not messy.

If I am going to vape something that strong I’ll mix it with 99% alcohol and apply it to some inert leaf of some kind and let it evaporate off leaving me with enhanced leaf to smoke.

Nothing wrong with those methods/mediums either. And yeah, I don’t cater to teens hiding drugs from parents, when I write a post about these things.

Liquid dosage is a godsend my man. Much cleaner and easier than dealing with power if you know what you’re doing. You should only be dosing powder in dry form if you have a miligram-accurate scale. Dosing with water or vg/PG solution is very convenient and much easier and safer. You don’t even have to smoke it, just dissolve a gram (you probably don’t need a miligram-accurate scale for this) into a liter of whatever solvent will dissolve the substance (you need to look it up) and use a dropper or scoop or something to drink as many mililiters as you would like to discuss in miligrams. The scale here can be changed however you like. For etizolam, most people seem to do like 2mg/mL when making their own. I found 10mg/mL online that I prefer, and I just take like a quarter of a mL per dose.

10mg/ml is perfect for etiz btw. Who wants to chug down big gulps of PG??? One suggestion I have is if you are storing these solutions for a long time, write a label showing the concentration, then use clear tape to protect the ink.

It never happened with etiz, but I found 2c-i and 2c-e solutions once that were 5-7 years old, and the label had worn off (the ink not the white label), no idea how concentrated they are?????

10mg is nice, 1/4 to 1/2 mL is a good starting point. There are other drugs, namely psychadelics and opiods, that are soluable in water. If I were doing stuff with these, I would probably lower the concentration just so that I know there is more room for error since my scale isn’t especially accurate.

Liquid man. Dosing LSD on sugar cubes is easy as fuck. You can do the same with benzos just drop it on some candy or you could use blotter. But it really depends on the substance. Something you snort you could just put in one of those bullets and get a bump out each time like cocaine.

I’ve never used a bullet, but when you load a “dose” in one, how do you know how much you’re getting? Would love to use one of these with dissos when I’m out and about.

The one my homie has is for coke and it has a little spoon part attached and it just gets a bump out for you instead of fucking with a bag or lines it’s pretty discrete and handy if your sniffing on the go.

And the dose probably depends on what bullet you buy. They make necklace spoons for snorting ketamine that range from 30-40ish mgs so you just dip the necklace in the bag and sniff it. They make different sizes. But it is by no means a replacement for a scale. For psychedelics and diss drugs I would use a scale just for accuracy.

You can handle a couple extra mgs of coke or ket usually but sometimes a few mgs of psychedelics can make the difference in a normal trip or a 3 day vacation lol. It would probably depend on how potent the substance is and how care free you are about dosing.

Buy some weighing papers and microscoops. I use a tiny Funnel to fill caps.

Microscoops are ridiculously inaccurate, lots of powders have different weights at the same volume.

I suppose so, but honestly most lower end scales can’t accurately measure under 10mg or so whether they claim to or not.

I like to use a scoopula in place of the micro scoops, then again i’m primarily making solutions since its just so much easier to accurately dose small amounts.

Scale with mg precision, fresh batteries, calibrate it. Then put rolling paper or similiar on scale to contain powder. Measure capsule, put pwder in capsule , once you have the correct amount int he capsule re measure it 5-10 times. Average them and see if you’re comfy with the average dose

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